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Peter B Aug 18
Maybe I would have stayed,
if they told me the truth
why they are there for.

And maybe, if they tried a bit harder,
came clean and smelled nice,
maybe I wouldn’t have minded.

If they knew how to speak to me,
if they were gentlemen, not ******,
maybe they would have had me.

If they showed a bit of decency
and a bit of courtesy,
an ounce of a dignity,
not only lust in loans,
maybe they'd have me all.

If they bought me flowers
or sang me a song,
or played a sweet tune,
made me feel like a Princess,
I wouldn't have said No.
Inspired by the painting "Susanna and the Elders" by Rembrandt.
Old oak heritage
Ancient tree lingers on
a living relic
@LadyRavenhill 2019
Haiku 80
AditiBoo Sep 2018
1: The Search

From across a world, they breezed each other
One spotted by youth, the other crumpled by experience
They seemed to move along the same circumference
Staring in the distance, searching for the other
Never had they met, never had they spoken
But death was what they had in common

2: The Old One

The old one was child-like in form as in mind
Sometimes scared, sometimes selfish but at most times kind
The old one knew of the hardships awaiting those treading his path
His wary heart understood as his own burdens weighed down on his staff
Compassion flickered through his eyes as he watched children become men
"We go through life seeing a moment of sorrow as equal one of joy times ten
A hurt stings a thousand times more than a laugh
Heartbreaks cannot be washed away with a long hot bath"
But the old one had nothing to regret, no complaints to file
Throughout his life, he had always found pleasure in a smile

3: The Young One

The young one was the very image of a greek statue
Sturdy on the outside, impossible to see through
But if you got too close, you could see the cracks
Its mind an abandoned city protected by ruined barracks
A rigid exterior, naive, eager to learn and please
A cocky attitude, arrogant, always on the ready to tease
"We live to experience, a step forward disassembles the shadows
Let go, be that leaf dancing in whichever way the wind blows"
Because the young one yearns for adventure, that legendary rush of adrenaline
Afraid to accept that the blurred lines of his future might never be determined

4: The Lesson

At the centre of that world, old and young met
The wiser urged the restless not to fret
"A long life is not a matter of years
It's the amount of laughter, strife and tears
Once in a while, take the time to be outrageous and wild
And now and again, take a breather and be mild
Intend your actions but beware the consequences
Be judicious in your blames and man up at some instances
Hurt none and none shall hurt you
It is karma and not religion that you need to stay true to"
my ears have been blown,
like shrapnel
by the elders always
their complex tics of
indistinguishable versification

“energy is wasted
on the youth.”


the youth need that energy
to patiently wait on the elders
as they buy an over abundance
of lotto tickets and hold up the line
at the local convenience store
because they don’t know what
else to do with their money
while they’re waiting to die
Saint Jimmy Nov 2017
Respect your elders I spit
Respect those who've lived and work decades before you I snarl

I show no respect to you
I show respect if you earn it

The entitled generation that is anything but vs the old generation who believe themselves better.

"Respect your elders!" The shout that answers my "*******"
I'll show respect when given.

Respect your elders, but only if they respect you
Treat people right bros, but don't let them walk all over you

St J
zero Oct 2017
The chugs of the city train,
on collapsed lines, abused
by youth.
Rebelling against the generation,
their snobbish comments to deaf
wholesome, yet lost.
Views, taken, finally laid to rest,
let the new world take over.

It is coming.
Goodbye to the elders,
Ether is your love now.
Tyler Matthew Aug 2017
I'm too young to be thinking
the good days are gone,
to feel lost in a crowd
of people my age.
I'm too young to want nothing
but a moment alone,
or to skip through the book,
not minding each page.

I'm too old to ask help
from kind souls who offer,
to crawl on all fours,
or to cry in my sleep.
I'm too old to be dreaming
of peace in my mind.
But no matter our age,
dreams are all we can keep.
Quick write - after reading it about 6 times, I have deduced that this poem is ****. But I'm going to leave it here anyway.
Jayantee Khare Jul 2017
The story of their life
is nearing the *** end,
The graph of the health
has a sharp descend.....
The world is rushing
it's own race,
Their lives don't flow
at that pace...

Possessing a rich and gorgeous
past to share,
But hardly find anyone
to give an ear.....
Chicks flew away
in pursuit of their quest,
The elder couple
is lonely in their nest....

Meditation, yoga
and the doctor's visits
Are prioritizing their
"to do" lists....
Waiting for festivals,
when kids pay visit.
Their childhood moments,
the minds revisit.....

Memories fading,
limbs poorly coordinating.
Hearts are weary,
yet pulsating....
Unknown emptiness,
deep melancholy.
Splendid dwellings,
screaming loudly.....

Eagerly wait to meet
with other elderly,
To accompany on the walks,
and to talk heartily......
Relaxing and rejuvenating
laughter at the sunset.
The sun sets daily,
the hopes are alive yet...........
On my daily evening walks i come across many elderly couples and singles.
Most of them have their children settled elsewhere mostly abroad.
I see them strolling and laughing together but i could perceive the shadow of loneliness behind their laughter.
I was inspired to write this during one of my evening walks when  i saw them celebrating birthdays together.
MU May 2017
Dear Earth,...*

Eighty seven times
 Did you circle in your dance
  With grandpa the golden sun
   Many thousand times
    Did you spin him round and round
     And your dance keeps going on
      But you dance so wild!
       Ignoring that he is tired
        And his uncountable pains...
         Let him catch his breath!
          Can’t you notice his bad cough?
           Why being so rough?
           Where’s the fun in that?
           He is dizzy now!
          Let him rest the night.
         Why not dancing slow
         Like most ladies love to do
       And let him for once
      Be the man he always was
     Let him lead the waltz!
   Why on purpose step
 On his foot and let him limp
Loosing his balance
While you continue the dance?
Why the need to sing
Almost scream extremely loud
Making his ears ache
 On the fringe to become deaf?
  Why not hum along
   While you dance to moonlight songs
     Like most ladies do?
      Why stealing the dance
       With his wife during their song
        But give her away
         To some strange and lonely star
          Quickly getting back
          Not letting him do some talk
          And mingle to share
          Some of his dreams with others?
          But you are selfish!
          You will keep him for yourself
         While we know that once you’re bored
       You’ll do just the same
      With him, like you’ve always done
    With others and let him go
  After he’s tired and soar
  Let another star take him
And then once he’s gone
You’ll keep going on
Looking for more fun..
Dancing with others...
Slow down...!
I've been living with my grandfather and aunt for more than 3 years now. While doing my graduate studies here in Iran, I chose to take care of them instead of living in the dorms (which is not a great place to live anyway).

Its always painful to see my grandpa's health deteriorate day by day, him suffering from insomnia, bad coughs, dizziness, disorientation, hearing difficulties, back pain, difficulties in walking, isolation, the loss of control in many aspects of his life, and all kinds of other pains. And on top of that, my grandmother's death to whom he was married for almost 60 years.

Sometimes, we wish that time would go slower and that it would give us a break, because the thought of loosing someone we care about, despite being inevitable, is really terrifying.
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