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Faith Jul 30
slowly crackling inside,
shattering little by little,
while I'm sitting.
but not really paying attention:
noticing but not focusing.
Khoi-San Jul 27
After thorough introspection
I found a cataclysmic difference
Of what I am
And who I needed to be with
As a cure
We can learn through polarities
In our relationships and by encompassing
Both sides we become one
Shofi Ahmed Jul 26
The truth is
it can't be created.
It can only be found.
Jo Barber Jul 26
If the work breaks your back,
then laying down shall be all the sweeter.
And if the noise deafens your ears,
then listen for what cannot be said.
If your skin grows raw from the sun,
make all your touches light and gentle.
If the food tastes of filth,
find joy instead in the fullness of your belly.
If the air is polluted with cigarettes and gas,
then plant a flower to fill your nose with sweetness.

If you find yourself alone,
just focus on finding yourself first.
If you are unable to live for yourself,
live for others.
Qwn Jul 26
Should I live or should I die?
Should I fall or try to fly?
No matter my will, my feet hit the ground,
So I bury my heart and hope it gets found.
Arcassin B Jul 17
By Arcassin Burnham

I wonder here from this seat with dimensions on my mind like I got a one track road , ain't no way to go,
But I smile again.

I wonder how someone could ever love a person when they really lied and told them that they'll be there forever, yeah whatever,
I smile again.

I wonder how many times could take when your parents always say that you will make a mistake in their eyes,
I hope you smile again.

I wonder will I ever see the hands of God in front of me on a new plane of actuality,
Heaven will make me smile again.

On the country roads,
Angels come to life,
Is it time to spend,
What to sacrifice?
Finding happiness,
While thinking too much,
Trying to make a mends,
But you ain't had enough,
Instead you smile again.

Naomi Jul 11
Somehow, life drifted me away from the ones who knew.
Somehow, bliss  remained when all I knew echoed away.
life seems to always miss my direction.
While time ticks  clockwise towards the end... I counterclockwise - towards the beginning.
I never really followed lifes rules.
Or maybe those rules never really followed me.
I leave when I love the most.
I miss when they hate the most.
I give when I  lack.
And I lack when I  flourish.
I miss who I am when lost.
I forget who I am when  found.
there's a girl that i met
her name was kate.
i knew her very well
but only by first name.
hers was the face
that i looked for in a crowd,
she was who i talked to
when i didn't know
my way around.
i remember her
by her name and face
and the feeling of her embrace
but nothing else.
not even her last name.
i'll find her eventually, i know she's looking for me too.
Aroody Jul 5
Sometimes we just need to calm down ,
sometimes we just need a hug ,
and a whisper in the ear ;
Saying " it's gonna be alright "

Once in a while we need to run ,
run to where we can't see fault ,
an escape to where perfection exists ,
down to the rivers,  beneath the clouds ,

Maybe we just have to take a walk ,
just a moment alone with a thought ,
away from where conflict starts ,
strolling under the lights alone ,

Sometimes we should pick ourselves up ,
and dust off from the footsteps of those we love ,
and accept that it didn't work out ,
" well it's life " I would say , " not everything is in your hand "
Calm down and find yourself
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