(a) Cosmic
kind of One (Time) Find
your Soul keeps (return)ing
to sneak-peak my m(i)nd
we (exist) beyond time
with an ach(in)g unkind
i just want (to) hold you
so my Soul can (Rise)
a Time-return i exist in to Rise
Jason Drury Jan 31
I'm an eagle,
that flies high above the basin.
Or, am I a snake navigating the forest floor.
Fate is what answers this.
It's cold reaches high and low.
One strives for the sky,
but walks among meadows.
Not knowing of the twig they break,
or the path they wield.
I'm I an eagle?
I would like to be,
high above the heavens.
Far from the roots that hold,
and nourish.
I'm I a snake?
Meekly making way through thicket.
Always finding passage,
through life's perils.
Yes, only fate can answer this.
Fate will choose.
Sin conocerte,
Me escape de clases,
Bajo la lluvia por el centro,
Recorri las cuadras
y los rios de la ciudad
sin en realidad saber
donte estaba tu hogar;
Hasta que te pude llamar.

Estaba mojado
Y tan lleno de amor,
Con el corazón intacto
Buscando el primer amor.

No se si imagine tu voz
O de verdad te llame,
Pero cuando te vi salir
De la puerta azul,
Corri sin preguntar,
Corri sin conocerte de verdad,
Te abrace mojado,
Y tu preocupada por mi
Y yo al fin tranquilo
De encontrarte al fin.
Amanda Jan 23
My mind is lost I can't find it,
I've searched the world high and low,
Wandered mountains and valleys,
Dragging my feet with my heart in tow.

But it's nowhere to be found,
I've looked in every single place,
Located on any map,
It vanished without a trace.

How long will I survive without it?
Every day feels like forever,
I keep asking when it will come back,
But I know the answer is never.

I no longer dream of your face,
Or your voice, I wish I could,
With nothing inside of my head,
I can't remember things I should.

I'll continue to comb the earth,
Hunting for my mind I roam,
Hoping that one day it will appear,
Finally ready to come back home.
I think the title is kinda silly but other than that I think the concept I had worked pretty well. What do you guys think?
Lyn-Purcell Jan 22
Make sure that you find
before you seek.
I know this must sound strange...What this poem is about is belief.
Basically, be sure to discover and understand before you look for what you want. Physical or not
Nateive Son Jan 14
You know me by my words,
But you can't find me.

There are no pictures of videos of my likeness,
And the large portrait in Tienamen Square,
Is a double,
Some sap that I got in front of the camera,
To throw you off my trail.

If you knew what I smelled like,
You'd never eat cinammon cookies again,
Without cursing my name.

I'm mysterious,
Like the man at Target stacking canned soup.

But I'm here right in front of you,
Bleeding and laughing and dead,
A rose in full bloom.

Just because you can't find me,
Doesn't mean you don't know me.

George Krokos Jan 10
There's perhaps nothing more that we would rather all do
than to look for and find something that's absolutely new.
From "Simple Observations" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Lure Pot Jan 9
I am still trying to find him
I am still crying for him
I can't stop caring about him
because I still love him!

I still miss him with school bag
I still feel his sweet loving hug
I still hear his melodious song
I just can't forget his first poem!

Oh sweetheart, where are you?
How are you doing now?
My tears still miss you
my heart can't erase your name!

I have loved you, love you still
I always have and always will
No one knows how I feel,
but I need to tell my mom.
Chanel Tatum Jan 5
I didn’t know how crazy you could make me, until you left me with a broken heart and tears running down my face popping pills like they were balloons and i was an eager child.
I didn’t know how emotionally attached i was to you until you told me you were leaving me and you said “you can’t do anything to please me”.
I didn’t know how we could possibly end when this was just our beginning how we could start this life and stop it right in its tracks.
I didn’t know how leaving could be so easy for you when all i did was try to make life easier for you.
I didn’t know how to tell you my feelings so i bottled them up thinking you could hear me screaming, begging, and pleading.
I didn’t know.
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