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Brett 1d
How it feels to realize
When you are dead and gone
The Earth just never ceases to spin on
To play the role of a pawn
Never to be king
Rally a feeling to find the highest peak
And jump
In the hopes of finding your wings

What is life?

To live and to die
Years lost in search of why
The truth lies in those weary eyes
Our broken hearts tattooed with the fading ink of foolish pride
Divided by battle lines
Of our shared scars
What is yours is mine
We are all just parting souls
Endlessly floating down this river of time
So, ferry me away
Just past this life’s horizon
Lies better days
Brett 1d
I write these words down
For I fear how they may sound
When I speak them aloud
Fear of being painted as the clown
Maybe I’m talentless
Walking this tightrope
With no balance left
I try to break free
But I know life will be the death of me (ha)
I guess that’s true for us all
Falling endlessly
Its ten past three
These voices in my head are trying to get the best of me
“Just cry”
“Curl up and die”
“Find the highest roof and jump, lets see if you can fly”
All these bellowed cries have me forgetting lines
Same song on repeat for the hundredth time
I used to see a problem and jump in with fire behind my eyes
Now I shy away
Lock myself inside
Retreat to the deepest recesses of my mind
Like there is some hidden treasure I may find
That would allow me to rewind time
And make the same mistakes twice
For the sake of this rhyme

I used to worry about who I may be
Now I know
That I am just me
A fleeting breeze rustling through the leaves
A crashing wave
Another fish in the sea
All out of tricks
No more keys hidden up my sleeves
Now its half past three
And I can’t tell who wrote this
The voices in my head
Or the face in the mirror staring back at me……
Brett Dec 2020
Had a vision of this year we lived in
Tougher than leather
We all seem a little weathered
Misery and company
Birds of a feather
Acting like midnight will come
Make it all better
Like pain asks for the check
And leaves with December
Like Corona is a broker
Who gives back life
To every evicted homeowner
Like this six-hundred-dollar check
Will reverse your debt
And breath life back into every soul who left
Praying for a new year
Does not protect
The nurse crying on her steps
Thinking about every patient that never made it home
New Year
New Me
Same song
Same beat
Lost in this heart of darkness
Still hungry humans begging in the street
Young kids clutching tight on the heat
Because it’s cold
And mommas got to eat
Parents devoid of sleep
Not knowing if they can pay rent next week
Approaching depths so deep
New Year
New Me
Same You
Same Sheep
Playing the same old record
On repeat
Love Each Other. Don't Hope for Change. Be the Change.
Brett Dec 2020
Traveling on this broken road
My wandering mind
Gets lost in the rows
Of all these written lines
What lies below?
Black crows
And a vision of home I will never know

The night is dark and full of terrors
Or so they say
These nights I play psychology professor
To keep the darkness at bay
What lies beneath?
Gritted teeth
And a thousand crumpled pieces of loose-leaf

I hold the key
To the doors
Of whom I’ll be and what I was before
One last metaphor
What lies in the deep?
One last sleep
Eternal peace
Brett Dec 2020
Why does it always feel
Like I am drifting away
Slow decay
Seems like a steep price to pay
For seeing the crowd
And choosing another way
My soul fades
Like letters in the sand
With each crashing wave
To meet my own demands
How can I use this gift of gab
To string words together like strands
And stop hearts
From always feeling sad
A pen
A pad
Mixed with the best memories I have ever had
Maybe I find a rhyme
That properly pieces together your peace of mind
And helps recall times when you didn’t feel like cryin’
When you weren’t dyin’ inside
See there’s nothing wrong with driftn’
But listen
Give yourself permission
To find all the things you feel are missin’
Brett Dec 2020
The Christmas lights seem to twinkle a little less
As if synced with the fading fire
That once burned bright inside my chest
Maybe I'm blind
Maybe I'm blessed
Maybe the time just came and went
Maybe its me
Maybe I'm the reason
Every trip and every stumble
Every smile
Every love you
Each minute missed
Maybe this is what it feels like to not exist
But I dont trip
And I could never cry
Because maybe this is what it means to be alive.
Happy Holidays
Brett Nov 2020
I hope he can express himself
Without breaking her boundaries
It is easy to forget
It hurts to remember
That he became a better man
On the day that he met her
A heart once cold
Ignited by her ember
How she turned his heart of leather
Into something tender
He sits on this lonely cold November
Pondering how a stranger
Could make his soul feel like he met her
In another life
In the depths of his dreams
Alone in the crowd
How the stars in her eyes
Made him feel seen
The monkey on his mind
She made him believe
That love was the gravity
That pulled on the seams
Of his stoic façade
If there is a god
She is the essence of a pretty blonde
Sundresses and scars
She taught him that perfection
Is the product of our flaws
She is the songbird
Singing melodies through the jungle trees
The butterflies in his gut
The weakness in his knees
That is her
The universe could never do her justice with these words
Let him be frank
He owes you his life
A message of my thanks.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. Hold Your Loved Ones Close
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