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In my arms you'll be
Falling in love with me
Watching the stars shine
Bright she's in my arms every night
A passionate kiss under the moonlight
We fall in love tonight
It's so beautiful and bright
We'll remember this night
Forever in our hearts
The night we fell in love under the moonlight.
True Love ❤️
Kashish Lahrani Oct 2020
Our souls were intricately woven into intense love, our souls deep-rooted
Not for a moment I ever hesitated
I gave you all of me, you seemed to have given too
I still remember you saying, 'To be lovers, we are fated'

I am so tired of the gnawing pain that has been wavering around me
From the moment you left me jilted
The tears of happiness that once rolled out of my eyes
Now cry out in agony. I am no longer jovial, just wilted

I wonder if you ever loved me. The air of agony I am surrounded by won't take away the pain
You spilt your love in my life, I was spoiled with stains
But now that you are gone, the stains you caused will never faint
And I have come to realise, all that I am is an abyss of your remains.
In my infancy
  I still believed.
  Nuns taught me truth.
  Jesus died for our sins.
  Drink His blood and
  eat his body in wonder
  of what? I'm old and wise.
  Jesus is my gardener now.
Kashish Lahrani Oct 2020
Weeks passed, so did days and months
Half drowned in your love, I am now living a barren life
The shards of hope that once glued us together
Are now crushed to death, reflecting my shattered self

The echoes of deep silences no longer scare me
They are way better than your silence
Your last hit is etched in my mind like our first kiss
It haunts me so much that nothing at all makes even a tad bit of sense

I don't shy away from darkness. I now try to live with it
Even if I am free from your shackles, my mind is lost
It is trying to find enough strength to gather hatred plenty
So it could stitch the bruises you caused

No longer in your arms, in an empty hole, I feel trapped
Getting out of which seems completely unimaginable
So drenched in the rain of emptiness I am
That even in the heaviest downpour, though alone, I aim at being stable
Kashish Lahrani Sep 2020
In a shell, I have been. My petals closed for long
Shattered since your departure, I haven't sung a song
In the breeze, standing tall, dancing to the rhythm
Amongst all the other blossoms, white; blue; and crimson

Bruised and blanched I might seem on the outside
On the inside, I know I am lowly wild
It's just me who thought the tears I cried
Washed away my colour, canary yellow and so bright

The scars I wear cannot obscure my grace
For I know, the clouds of these blemishes will be the ones stopping the chase
And when they do, I will be free from the shackles of my mind
I will bloom brighter than ever. Not for a moment, I will feel confined
Kashish Lahrani Sep 2020
Emptiness is devouring me alive
I feel alone, even when I have a company
Of the people I love of the people I don't
My mind is drowned in the thought of self-doubt of which from long I had no epiphany.

I am having a hard time expressing myself
There are loads of things I have to say
A sense of inferiority has settled into my bleak thoughts
Knowing there are many people to whom I can, silent I stay

Anxiety has me trapped. I feel suffocated
My ribs are strangled. I cannot breathe, I am in pain
I no longer know whom to speak to and whom to not
All my efforts towards all the people have always gone in vain

The people I once had a close touch with
Have now become mere memories. The ones tickling me bliss, the ones inciting grief
I am invisible to all though, I am always right there
I am tired of getting ignored. I feel like I am an ugly withered leaf
Kashish Lahrani Sep 2020
I live with my skull crammed with too many thoughts
My body half drenched in the sorrow of your absence.
I live with my heart stitched with enormous strings of hope
While my soul lingers in the shadows, awaiting your presence.  

Camouflaging all the woes, I tried to love you with all my heart
I knew my body and not my soul was your greed
Every time I looked for a reason to love you;
You gave me another one as to why not, I perceived

Yet, all this time, I kept lingering in the shadows
Waiting for you to come find me
I kept hiding behind the veil
Hoping one day you'd see the world, the way I see
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