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  Jul 31 Heather
Nico Reznick
I am a
Cold, stiff and
ashen, I am
ready for
autopsy and entropy.
Heather Jul 31
I tried to close my eyes and escape
But you and all the sadness surrounding it flicked behind my eyelids
The anxiety keeps me awake for days  
Flickering lights dance on the ceiling
Teasing my blank mind
And I’m not sure what’s worse.
  Jul 31 Heather
You keep loving
Terrible people
And then asking the world
Why it keeps destroying you
Heather Jul 31
And like the click of my front door something shifts
And everything goes dark
And everything goes blurry
And I’m not sure where I went wrong
But I reach for your hand every time
Heather Jun 13
For all my life I’ve been a woman obsessed
With taking up as little space as possible
To shrink my waist
And sink my cheeks

I’ve been a woman obsessed
With being heard as little as possible
To bite my tongue and not interrupt
To keep the ******* curse words in

I’ve been a woman obsessed
With winning the hearts of others
To see the twinkle in their eye when they smile at me

But I am thick, and I am loud, and I forgot to love myself.
Heather Jun 13
And even though I don’t want to be hurt
I sunk my teeth into your flesh
Let your nectar fill my mouth and dribble down my chin.
Im hooked at first taste
Happy Pride
  Jun 13 Heather
Her DNA was laced with poison
Her tongue was covered in venom
But she looked like heaven
And so he risked his life
Just to love her for awhile
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