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  Jan 2022 Heather
On my silent days,
I miss you a little louder.
  Jan 2022 Heather
Carlo C Gomez
Not to string you along, my dear

but we cannot simply cut ties with the past

even the inconsequential have its consequences

You might outlive regret, but that doesn't mean all is forgiven
Heather Jan 2022
A year of this mental tug of war
Trying to be better than last time
To walk the line between demure and powerful
I tried to distract myself with the glitters of others
Yet still you’re always the light
But I feel it growing darker around me
Familiar and horrific
Heather Jul 2021
Without you there is no reason to wake
Heather Jun 2021
When someone is bitten by a snake
You must **** out the poison from their wound
Even if you are the poison.
Heather Apr 2021
Lately I find that my life is shaded in many colors of grey
I neither love him nor can live without
I love the idea of another, but the way he treats me makes me hate him
I feel seen but also burdened by the later
And somewhere in the middle of this tangled web of half truths lies my lonely soul
Always alone.
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