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Elemenohp May 12
Yes I see these memories,
But was I really there?
Body and mind both there in time,
Though soul and thoughts, were where?

The past a story written down,
The pages in a book.
Photographs on camera roll,
The ones I never took.
Elemenohp Feb 8
What lie in your home,
In corners, undisturbed.
Are there thoughts, feelings, of things unknown,
Or one's that may preturb?
Have you ever felt a draft blow through;
That shiver of regret.
Or is your heart hidden from outside view,
Unseen, by even you.

Saftey in shelter, in secrets kept,
I see you, tall and proud.
I also peer through veil and shroud,
Seeing loss for which you've never wept.

How can you expect, to be love adept,
Shunning all feelings which have crept.
Elemenohp Nov 2019
I've fallen back into the abyss,
After swimming in a sea of light.

It's much darker here than I remember.
Elemenohp Oct 2019
A shadow drapes itself across my naked body,
Weightless.. yet, heavy.
The shilouetted form cuts itself a share of my light.
Leaving behind a darkness.

Empty space.

Peering eyes, unseen.
I wish this were a dream.
Another sleepless night
Elemenohp Aug 2019
Come out now, I beckon and coax.

Turmoil; twisted and tethered,
like tendrils on my subconscious.

They grip.

It's my only goal to make them slip, unclip, and submit.

I am to wash away all negativity and dismay, to make my world anew by light of day.

In my mind, my soul, my body, my whole; these things I will not let stay.
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