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How are you?
If anyone asks

For once
Looking at their eyes, reply
50% Off

They will be
Genre: Observational
Theme: Obsessed with shopping || Strategy
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2018
She is
A healer and
A poetess

Who takes care of your body
And beautify your soul

If anyone searching
Opportunity to stay

Drop your
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Limited December Offer
Youdont Needthis Dec 2018
I'm here
To entertain
To play ukelele while
****** addicts in Prague score plump ***** poppies
Under a lazy summer sun
And their flirtations with death and their pursuit of high doses of deep oblivion
Are reduced to a journalist's article submission and the breathing, sweating, bleeding men and women are now
Still lights and colors in an image we can cast blank stares at
I play guitar
And the sound of riots that burned and looted chunks of Baltimore is now poignant accompaniement
For my dainty melodies
The hurling of insults, bottles and teargas
Are just the blazes of Rome for my fiddle
I'm here
As your fellow Rwandan and neighbor
to **** your daughter when our party has declared war upon yours
To chase you and your surviving family with machetes through the thick marshes that surround our farms
And then later mold that nightmarish scenery into a short video in which I
Beg you and the world for the sweet relief of forgiveness
In the background
I'll play a grand piano
I'm calling you
To perform my executive duty and express my heartfelt condolences for the death of your young husband
Whose name I've already forgotten and need to ask you for
Your reaction will be televised between toilet paper advertisements and blatant social conditioning

The pretty melody will continue throughout the daily openings of
And I'm not bitter or mad and I dont want you to be either
You think I'll leave you because a client got you pregnant but I wont
I'm here to take care of you in your 60usd hotel room when youre too sick to work
I'm still holding you tight after your close friend overdosed in the bathroom and died
I'm keeping my composure when the interviewer casually asks me if I hate everyone who doesn't look like me
I'm cheating all of my factory workers out of ever getting paid well
And then I'm sending them overseas to steal the jobs of college grads we hired
I'm being born while hundreds of people drown on the MS Estonia
And I'm dying from choking on a salty tortilla chip

Yet Still
The notes will calmly drift
Amidst the gunfire between rebels and regime in the rubble-laden deserts of Syria
Amidst the firm commands from Green Beret cadre to candidate in the lush woods of Camp Mackall
Through the inconviently fatal exit wounds in my teenaged chest
and the large caliber bullet holes in cheap beer cans I'm shooting for practice
I'm not telling you this so you can squeeze our experiences into a mondo film that ego-tripping critics will loathe
I just want you to not fixate so harshly on the particulars of how the codes you ***** end someone's life on the other side of the world
And realize for a moment how many of your relationships are just thinly veiled plays made between you and your rut-enabling neuro transmitter dealer
I just want you to walk across this beautiful, extraordinary earth where giant beasts stomped and loving parents were murdered
Walk right over to where I am
And strum these strings
While this world lives and breathes and pukes and cries and sings
Salmabanu Hatim Nov 2018
Love is a feeling
that cannot be erased,
Love is a mountain
that cannot be bent,
Then what is love?
Love is the most precious diamond that is not for sale.
Linus Stevenson Oct 2018
one Muse
never used - like new
possibly broken
never been able to get it to work
serious inquiries only
There's no point in splitting hairs
No point in pointing a finger
It's done
The pages are all torn
Trashed and scattered
And dragged through the gutter
Like yesterdays garbage
And all that rope
I supposedly gave
A phantom
There never was a rope,
A leash, nor a chain
Those things are not for sale
At the well
No there never was a rope
Except perhaps
For  the one attached
To the water bucket
From which
We still
Quietly sip
The miles
Of sea
And storm
And time
As long as we stay
This way
This well
Will never dry up

2016-2017 for the attempt to make unconditional, the conditional.
From my collection Bits And Pieces/Slamming on the Hollywood Freeway 2017 amazonbooks
Temporal Fugue Dec 2017
House is on the market today
may be sold, maybe not
hoping it gets a bidding war
hoping the property, hot

Floors are done, kitchen plumbed
all the walls, new paint
baseboards clean, and pristine
a money pit, it ain't

Thirty year roof, hardy plank
one hundred percent of stone
landscaped yard, was pretty hard
and didn't do it, alone

Replaced the doors, yes, all four
portals to the outside, garage
granite countertop, farm kitchen sink
a worthwhile home montage

C'mon by, and peruse
a show of an older home
take a walk, and see it through
and maybe, call, your own
Yup, all the reno's complete!
Vexren4000 Nov 2017
Parks sprawling through the city,
Sitting stalwart in designated locations,
Some sanctuaries for the animals,
Others playgrounds for humanity,
The plots of land,
Sitting for sale,
As I see the coyote,
The turkey,
The deer,
Living in a place,
That man has designated the sale of.
That man capital is more vital,
Than nature herself.

Janae Jul 2017
You quickly unraveled
my fragile heart
like a yo-yo.

My heart was the axle
as it was dropped to the ground
when the string snapped.
something old that i found
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