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relahxe Mar 2023
Accarezza le mie guance,
come fai sbocciare i fiori.
Essi si aprono per te e
svelano i loro segreti.
Ti fanno tremare.

Accarezza le mie guance
come la brezza
accarezza ogni albero
e le foglie su di esso.

Invece, il vento della tua anima
fa cadere gli alberi,
distrugge i giardini
e i fiori dentro di me.
relahxe Mar 2023
Quando sono sola
e non riesco a pensare,
m'immergo nell'idea di te.
Nuoto finché
non riesco più a respirare.
Non riesco ad amare,
non riesco ad aprire i tuoi occhi.
Nuoto finché
non trovo il coraggio
di dirti che vuoi volare
ma io voglio soltanto nuotare.
relahxe Mar 2023
A car in the distance

the fridge making some noises all night

me, myself and I

someone showering and I could hear the water

I am closing my eyes

all the sounds there are

yet nothing can stop me

nothing can save me from feeling

It is as if someone’s squeezing my heart

(a buzzing sound the source of which I do not know)

My heart is squeezed yet my mind keeps on going

convincing my whole being that nothing’s wrong

How can I function when I know the sun precedes

the darkness of the night

My laughter and smiles

are there until they’re not

How do I go on knowing no one

will come and save me

and to have the courage to trust myself

with the most important task in life:

to find meaning and peace

now, and no later

here, and not there

within me, and not with others

while my heart is beating

and the fridge is running

and the water’s flowing

I am here, and I am safe

Safe, within myself

And no one else
relahxe Mar 2023
When the last drop goes through the sink

and you are left with nothing but your own

way of producing liquid

Liquid that’s an expression of all the pain

all the trauma

you have been suppressing

The trauma that resurfaces every time

a drop forms at the bottom of the faucet

and falls down

down deeper and deeper

through the pipes

and the other parts

all of the parts of the sink

I don’t know

and never will

when the drop falls through

and you know all is left is you

when you look down, deep down

you wish you could wash your face with the *****

muddy water in the sink

that you deserve

How dare you shed a tear

that would drop in the sink

and stain all the rest

innocent drops that became one

One whole

something you never could do

How dare you be superior

superior to a drop that formed

at the bottom of the faucet.
relahxe Feb 2023
When you open your heart to someone new
You give them your all
Then it subdues
When you hope it will change
And the night will be bright
When you fear they’ll run away
And they stay by your side
When you know that they love you
But you can’t love them back
That is all I know of life
And I would want to retract
relahxe Feb 2023
The only certain thing in life
Is that the sun will rise and shine
The bees would fly around and grasp
Whatever they could find at last
The moon will shine as well tonight
And all the stars as diamonds bright
I shall tell you one thing only:
The only certain thing in life
Is that you will live
And you shall die.
relahxe Jan 2023
Lost in reverie
Crying - a natural response
to undeserved love
"Soulful abysses"
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