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Phia 5d
I will drop everything,
and stay,
all you have to do
is ask.
Phia 7d
What was supposed to be a life time with you
Will now just be a lifetime of what ifs
Should have beens
And memories of time spent
That’ll never be again
Phia Jan 16
i whisper
"you are my everything"
into the darkness
in hopes that one day
you will echo them back from within
Phia Nov 2023
You will always be
My favorite form of self harm
Phia Oct 2023
One day
Driving in the car
Her hand in his
She started to cry
“What happened?” He asked.
With happinesses in her eyes
She smiled and said
“You did”
Phia Oct 2023
I love you,
Ask me to stay and I will.
Tell me you love me
And I will drop everything
And stay.
Phia Oct 2023
Every time I opened a door
I pray that when I walk through
I’ll be transported to another universe
Where you’re at home waiting for me
On the other side
I can’t tell you I love you. I can’t tell you I miss you. I can’t tell you I want you back
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