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Tell me,
Was my love not enough?
No, of course it was enough,
I loved you with everything I had.
You were just to blind to see it.
And now as your world keeps spinning on
Il be stuck standing still
Waiting for you to come unfreeze me
It's 1:17 am now. I'm tired, this one's for you jack
You beat my heart to dust
Then used it too make a wish
For the heart of another girl.
It's 1:03 am here on the east coast of America and I can't sleep. It's finals week for us seniors so I should be sleeping but I feel like I have something in me that needs to come out. I guess this one's for you jack, another poem for you that you'll never read.
What happened to the little girl
The one who dreamed of fairytales
What happened to the little girl
Who played make believe
Who wanted to grow up to be an
What happened to the little girl
Who thought the world to be a magical place
Who dreamed of reaching the stars and keeping
Them in a jar to light her way
Who dreamed of prince charming on white horses
Well she now lies in bed with tears streaming down her face
Begging to die.
She now paints pictures on her skin with a metal paintbrush
She's more broken than she is beautiful.
She no longer dreams of stars and fairytales
Now her only happily ever after is

Sorry I'm a wee bit rusty with my poetry.
The worst part about it all
Is that it stings in the shower,
And I'm so sorry, if you're
One of the poor unfortunate souls
Who knows exactly what I'm
Talking about
I've recently self harmed, within the last 10 minutes of writing these few little thoughts. I need help. God please send help
I knew he didn't love me
But I adored him anyway
And even though my heart was screaming
I just couldn't stay away
Maybe one day I can stop simply dreaming of happiness
and find it for myself.
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