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Lee May 23
pain --
a level of hurt
so severe
that we gave it another name.
Stewie May 23
Sometimes I feel as if no one will understand me.
I am complex. I am me.
Afreen May 21
Why hide behind,
the shadows?
there's so much to see,
your heart's blazing,
with dreams,

They won't get it,
it's okay,
to be that lonely star
in the dark,
shadows of the world.
It's okay to think differently, but not indifferent.
3 am thoughts upon introspecting myself.
Lara May 19
The world

What is the world?
Does it describe our world?

The world of every single one?

You might be my world or I might be yours.

Everybody has their own perspective.

Everyone’s is the right one.
It might be different of what you’ve imagined but it is your world.

You can change your world
and you can have an impact on the whole world.

You can make the world a better place.

You have the impact
Use it
Make it your world
Remi May 15
I am the maneless lion among the pride
The white horse among the herd
The black swan among the flight
The hornless ram among the flock
The flightless bee among the hive
The clawless kitten among the litter

Yes, I am different
But that's what truly makes me a wonder
Being different isn't always a bad thing. If you're different from everybody else, embrace your difference. Its what makes you a wonder 💖
You do it again and again and think it'll be different
That you'll be different
But its just a monotonous path of indifference
And resentment
be different,
doesn't mean you're
right or wrong, the permission to hurt,
just finding your place
Anon May 8
Just take me for what I am
Useless qualities and all
Don't decide how I should be.
Get to know every part of me.
Escape from negative thoughts,
Expectations from society.
No one but you can decide
To see beauty instead of imperfections.

Don't let yourself become a bully
All of us should stand together.
Yesterday is gone but we can try to be better tomorrow.
Nylee May 8
Previous versions of me
are just another story
not my point of view

the vision is different
the words spoken on another rhythm
I hear those whispers

Naivety and innocence
combined with different aura
the photographic me don't know
what is in store.

Each age, terrible mistakes,
every step is a regret,
I learnt from few but have not
stop making some new.

And I know that old me
would never want to be me
and I don't want to meet my future,
I would disapprove of her

The lens of eyes are aging
the glimpse of back are just flashes
they are distorted pieces
the reasons.

You should see me differently now
if you knew me long time ago
the person you are looking for
is not me anymore.
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