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I’ll take my cue and talk about waiting
fidgeting, fumbling grumbling
Round the corner
For hours
But where would we be without the queue?
keeps us in line
Keep us in order
noren Mar 26
Foreheads with lines of anxiety shining,
Feet lost in search of a path unknown
Faces bearing a familiarly strange look
Bodies bustling in a crowd of chaos            
Hearts strangled by the noose of stress.

They stand in a queue
which follows rules of the daily grind.
They board a train
which has no steam left for new journeys.
The wheels run on tracks
that are too smooth to feel the weariness.
Aa Harvey Jun 2018
Waiting in line

All that I knew.
Simply a lie.
Waiting in line, for all of my life.
Waiting in line;
Behind all of those,
Who are still waiting to fall in love.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Chris Neilson Feb 2018
Supermarket checkout woman
you have a beguiling smile
to see you scan my can of beans
I would walk the extra mile

Your smattering of small talk
rivets and raises my day
the weather and price of fish
and how would I like to pay

My plastic pint of milk spilled once
on to your pristine conveyor belt
your dexterous cleansing hands
then made my heart melt

Kids are screaming through the aisles
doing nothing for my headache
but seeing you in your uniform
is the best pill I can take

The fish counter women are OK
but their fragrance lets them down
while your seductive scent fills the air
I will never wear a frown

I'd rather join a long queue
to see you again at your till
than to have no wait at all
for that boring bloke, Bill

Don't worry I'm not in love with you
I am a full shilling, not a crackpot
I'm just a big fan of your work
a stalker I most certainly am not

Please supermarket checkout woman
never leave my local store
I couldn't bear the painful misery
of seeing your face no more
Steve B May 2017
Insomniac routines of cyclic obsessions and thoughts, of the one... I'll just wait here, for my number, from the other side of an oh-so familiar queue  ... Is this even the right queue?
Sum It Apr 2014
म युद्ध लड्न चहान्छु
संसार एकातिर राखेर म सारा जगत
थर्काउन चहान्छु
राम्राको अनुहार कोपरेर
बोल्नेको मुख च्यातेर
चल्नेको हात खुट्टा भाचेर
सारा जगत मास्न चहान्छु
आइज सिङ्गल सिंगल॥

कुकुर होस् कि होस् बिरालो
सागरको मुनि होस् कि सगरको उकालो
मोटो, पातलो, होचो होस् कि अग्लो
चट्टान जस्तो साह्रो होस् या फुल जस्तो कमलो
केही, कसैलाई राख्दिन म बाकी ं
अाज, अहिले नै म युद्धको शंकघोष गर्न चहान्छु
चहान्छु हैन गर्छु। आइज सिंगल सिंगल।।

काचै खाइदिन्छु सबलाई
मलाई अघाए बाग्मतिमा ढलसँगै बगाईदिन्छु
तर कसैलाई आज बाकीँ राख्ने छैन
आज दया नि छैन माया नि छैन
कि म छैन कि तँ छैन
लाटो रिस उठेको छ
यो रिस खेर जाने छैन।
आइज सिंगल सिंगल॥

को हो अगाडी आइज!!!
मेरो पेट्रोल चोर्ने को हो?

— The End —