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Jellyfish Oct 2023
Another month has gone
And my cards have been drawn,
I look them over and wait
until I can feel what they say.

I've felt so overwhelmed lately,
Life can be so challenging.
It makes sense when I see
The nine of swords in front of me

I'm surrounded by triggers of anxiety,
People I want to please,
A job I intend to keep,
Time continuing on, forgetting about me.

It's stressful.
But I know things will change,
Eventually I'll flow like a jellyfish
Because the empress appeared today.
he asked a question
and without waiting
for a response
drew three cards
from that divinatory deck
usually carrying as little
meaning as a tossed coin
scoffed at and swiftly ignored
this time seemed to tell
a recognisable tale
unexpected in its providence
a fortune perhaps
to favour the brave

the hanging man
with his eight swords
and his eight wands
these cards showed him
the start of a journey
not necessarily a life
turned upside-down
instead that a change
of perspective is needed
the octet of swords
unveiled his cage
of indecision
uncertainty and fear
a need to upset
the balance of the inert
a reasoning for destruction
in order to create
and those upright wands
carrying with them
such signs of movement
a willingness to decide
a commitment to progress

either that or
the pack was simply
reshuffled and dealt
again and again
until it foretold
that which needed
to be heard
lucidwaking Jan 2023
Eat a deck of tarot cards for breakfast.
Squeeze a little ketchup on the upright hanged man,
And try to figure out where we've gone wrong.

We don't know who we are,
So we try to box ourselves into
Cute little archetypes.
We don't know what love is,
So we kiss, laugh, and cry
Until we're exhausted.
We turn turn the card...
We don't know what to do with our lives.
sorry, i've been posting shorter stuff lately. here's an old one that's been sitting in my notes app for a while. feedback is welcomed!
LeV3e Nov 2022
If ignorance is bliss
And knowledge is power
I'll conquer the abyss
And defend my Tower

If Babel did spiral
And cursed all our people
I'll learn occult symbols
And cast out this evil

If Zeus blasted my crown
And reduced to rubble
I'll flow red from your brow
And rip through your muscle

If Prometheus ran
And flames danced in his eyes
I'll pluck two apples and
Hand you our sweet demise.
fray narte Jul 2022
“i set my deadfall hands on fire —
swallow the ashes,” i wrote and laughed
as these words turned black with rot

in two months,

i am no longer inside the skin
burning away vividly at the feet of the sun god.
i am not a body at the crematorium
with matchstick-fingers and gasoline;
my bones are whole, pure, pearly, quiet white.

i have been holding my breath, waiting
for the smoke to clear without choking.
i no longer want to write about the flames and the embers and live-coal hearts;
i put my poems down, my cigarettes and pitchfork
and step into a gentler flare,
and stick my tongue out to lick the sunbeams —
they’re warm against my taste buds,
like honeyed milk and hibiscus stews.

i am four years old once more,
sleeping soundly on my mother’s lap.
Written last May 16, 2022, 9:10 pm
I S A A C May 2022
les enfants jouent dans le jardin
c’est dur, je ne comprends pas
tes vies sont différentes de mien
je me sens comme un méchant
comme un adulte, mais en même temps non
c’est trop pour moi, je suis occupé
je ne suis pas bien, je ne peux pas t’adorer
les enfants jouent dans le parc
je guéris avec mes arts
avec des cartes de tarot
je suis empereur, un magicien
j’ai connu les règles
mais je les ai cassés
c’est dans au passé
tu ne me comprends pas
je suis un nouveau moi, je suis un roi
tu ne pourrais jamais me comprendre
depuis le début
j’ai vu, je t’ai vu
mais tu ne pourrais jamais me voir
I S A A C Apr 2022
2 times 2 is four, as my life path
always wonder if I am on the right path
wish I could calculate my path, extract the unknown
prove it with words and numbers, not just inner knowing and tarot cards
math is more believable to the severed body
I use other means to understand my body
holistic, artistic, there's always another way
deterministic, statistic, no place for the grey
calculate how best to waste your days
I S A A C Apr 2022
so many choices, I am riddled with doubt
eight of cups, which one is the one

so many chances, I am riddled with dread
eight of pentacles, build myself up again

so many crooks, I am riddled with trepidation
eight of swords, I feel powerless just waiting

so many critics, I am riddled with consternation
eight of wands, I knew you were coming all along
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