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VI of Cups
Connection to the past

There is a generosity in your eyes
You give what can't be given
To heal the past, to heal your friends
A childlike innocence keeps you driven

Before it heals, it haunts you
Your life is stiff and without play
To forget you must forgive
I feel nostalgia for today
A poem every day.
Azathoth Sep 2021
I am staring to feel that Salem sadness,
That I felt last year in the dorm,
I guess you can call it mental illness madness,
But it sure doesn't feel like the norm,
Lucy dacus says that she could **** him if I let her,
And Dan Barrett says no one will ever want me,
I don't understand the allure,
Of becoming who everyone wants me to be.
I got a tattoo at the end of last year,
A serial code for a replicant I love,
Sometimes I feel the same fear,
Illustrated in his face while holding a dove.
Bloodhail playing as I waste time,
In my new dorm,
Doing nothing while healing from surgery was so sublime,
But now I have to face the oncoming storm,
Of work and responsibilities that I hid from for so long,
Faces sweaty arms and legs what a glorious set of stairs this song makes,
I gained too much weight and no longer feel strong,
Guess I should have gone back to work and stopped indulging in things like cakes,
I'm trying not to eat that much anymore,
It isn't worth it when I feel too round and fat,
Just enough to sustain me and restore,
The energy that I spend doing this and that.
I no longer have hyperfixations on things I love,
it makes me feel so horribly empty,
I don't know how to fill my brain up with stories and men from above,
When it no longer brings me joy and won't tempt me,
Is this a part of growing up?,
Losing all the things you loved as a teenager?,
I draw a tarot card and I'll get the cups,
I can only sing in c major.
I guess I'm just starting to grow out of it all,
As scary as that sounds,
Will future me mourn for the current me,
As I mourn for the teenager that had created stories since he was born?
Isaac Sep 2021
flipping cards, interpreting the message
but too scared to just shoot you a message
and ask you a couple of questions
too worried about repeating lessons
thought you were my blessing now I'm second-guessing
Isaac Aug 2021
my thoughts are tangled like your hair
flashbacks of that euphoric night at the fair
spilling out our guts underneath the setting sun
oranges, pinks, and violets fill the sky
your diction tickles my mind
underneath the violet skies and your arm around me tight
a dream, never thought I would wake up
but then I did and the ground I hit hard
but then you did everything you knew would rip us apart
I tried to stitch and mend the pieces
I tried to pitch new ideas
I tried to rip my own heart so you could finally feel again
but we will never feel again, the way we felt
the cards are dealt, this is the end of us
never liked to say goodbye but you were never mine
just two ships that crossed underneath the setting sun that night
Johnnyqu33r Aug 2021
Prophecies in the scrying mirror
Something had gone totally awry
I'd taken the wrong prong in the fork
And have been obsessively wondering why
My dreams and intentions were simple
Build a galaxy and life with my love
But he was just a crow painted white
The peaceful milky shade of a dove
This dream must come to a flat line
A ****** from within must ensue
This secret depressions gone on too long
A rewiring and new outlook is due
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2021
I thought by now I'd feel better
The past few months spiraled hard
For answers looked among constellations
My faith put into a tarot card

I have been shook by superstitions
Seduced by the way they sound
Agony altered my belief
No longer a skeptic without you around

Haunt me until I cannot find sleep
Forcefully frightened by your ghost
Your absence spooks instead of strengthens me
Facing the reality of our love reposed
I have always been a believer in the supernatural/mystical elements of this world
I never realized until now.
How much you really changed me.
How much you really hurt me.

Its when I think about loving someone else.
I can only think of running away.
No matter how much I feel.

Even after everything.
I'm still trying to erase the memories you left behind.
Your shadow looms in my every step.

That maybe I do not deserve to love.
And maybe I never will.
I want to believe that I am wrong.

But not even the cards I shuffle in my hands will be able to prove me otherwise this time.

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