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Khoisan 6h

gold and clovers

Daisy's and Roses


Become a Tanka poem
Can coexist like the Nature of an Irish myth
Khoisan 7h
Lamentations drip
feathers - ply
Pigments of the imagination
The universe
Will speak to you,
In between silence
And forgotten words,
In the movement of
The branches of a
Full crowned tree,
In rushing water
And the color
Of the sky,
It will answer
With rays of sunshine
That mark your skin,
Love the Forrest,
And the mountains,
And the ants,
And the spiders,
All the creepy crawlies,
And animals,
Smell the flowers that
Bloom this spring,
Feel the rash,
The bite,
The sting,
They all deserve
To be happy.

We all do.
Khoisan 8h
The gravy is good,
'tis true,'
what they say of the heart,
stays in the HOOD.
Khoisan 8h
North, South, East, West.
A bad brother
automatically abused
a drunk father
fundamentally removed
a twisted sister
consciously refused
a dead mother
genetically re-used
by people
who eat people,.
Kings and Queens
of the Zombiglobe.
  1d Khoisan
The evening twilight.

Tipping up, I see the white --

scuts of the rabbits.
Novel "Buiten is het maandag" ("Outside, it's Monday", 2003, J. Bernlef), part 6, chapter 2 --- Collection "SoulSenseSun"
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