Khoi-San 10h
You're such a beauty
an underrated abstract
only they can't see
I stuck out my tongue
In the falling rain
I soon found myself
In a *** mans parade
I was offered a lift
Had whisky and cane
I Do know what happened
They respected my name
I was wearing a pink vest
None called me Jane
We are all human don't make fun of
Other humans ****** and gender preference never mind our religious
Affiliations we were all born human
and humane respect goes a long way
We are all searching for a *** and the *** that we find would hopefully have taught us all to treat all humans as equals
Time with means
Real routes of simplicity
True to our senses, and the irony we glean
As shrewd as a call to it is, the role of indemnity

Places we hid, a source of bright news
Tastes of humility and dour forces, to live
With a grossing guess, the exaction of an excuse
Well to say, the known desire of almost, even and is

Torture to an average soul, waiting in another's light
Tradition and the marvel of success, a toil in cares
So far away from the risen more, right now, might
The collapse of heaven, in our hands be the gift that fairs?

Weak treasure, in the name of a doting virtue
Taken for a fool every time, if a lip has seen it all
In the grip of enemy's sublime, or the muster of curiosity
Known to be, the guidance of essences and riches, of the fall...

Worthy little key, saving me from a lucky reality
Paces of in and its atone, to live once more, is my stead
The count of urges and the jump to sight's welling in heat?
Of a new friendship of labor, if not the callous reproach, we saw us, in the cares we lead...
  1d Khoi-San
The hills beckons!!

In it's ethereal beauty.

Bringing it's surroundings to life!!!

The blessings of Mother nature in its total richness.

The intricate layout of the earth's crust.

The flamboyance of creation.

An artist's inspiration, a poet's muse.

The rocks adjoined hip to hip.

Serendipity in these hills!!!
Akure is a town in Ondo state, Nigeria, in the continent of Africa. Made of beautiful hills and picturesque views
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