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  35m Khoi
Universe Poems





Here a woman is spelt
Is the importance,
of the letters felt.

Happy Women's Day to all.

© 2021 Carol Natasha Diviney
Khoi 44m
time slips away
images fade
once was green
somehow turns grey
live every minute
love each day
snug a hug
life's face.
  1h Khoi
When He loves
Its never meaningless
He does it unconditionally

When He provides
Its never insufficient
He does it exceedingly

When He takes on your battle
He doesn't send angels
But He does it himself willingly

When He forgives
He doesn't only do it fourteenth
But He does it seventy times seven

And when He breaks you
He doesn't destroy you
But He does it with grace

I call Him one of a kind
  3h Khoi
You taught me to accept that one can never know everything because
if we had the answer to everything
and a written explanation for every star in the sky
and why flowers bloom and die repeatedly within every season.
Then life would be no fun and the excitement of the unknown would only be a concept.
I quite like it that I can look into your eyes and can’t pinpoint the feeling in my heart, yet I know it’s called love.
As if it flutters at the mystery that lies behind it.
A love that comes alive every spring.
  3h Khoi
No one is following me no one likes my poem
I'm just so sad
I know that is not a poem but plz follow and like my poems and comment on my poems plz 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😄
She was a written love letter
              in a text message world.
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