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Asominate Jan 2020
The light casts a shape into the darkness
The moisture seeps, fluid trickles into every crevice
If the sky's no longer blue
And the grass shall lose its green
My love for you
Forever will be aquamarine
TheMystiqueTrail Sep 2018
You always transcend my sadness
with your hypnotic stillness,
your entrancing symphonies.

My thoughts go back to the banks of Langat*,
where one day a little boy sat alone,
just only five,
bewildered, in a canoe.

From the sea,
from the streams,
from the rain,
you chanted a calming mantra to soothe him,
calling him to dissolve
in your awe-inspiring presence.

Your aquamarine sheen paints
the intricacies of all that I'm.
In the cool blue depth of your stillness,
I long to create the tabernacle of my being.

Never I thought
your melodies could become
the war cry of a devilish psyche!

Today I'm perplexed,
when I hear the anguished human cries
from the twirls of your turbid anger.

I realise
you’ve become an enigma
that pulls me to the depths of a
crazy conundrum.

How many more shades of anger you hide
in the burning red heart of the mantra you chant
to give me a heavenly bliss, Oh Water?
* Langat is a river that separates Carey Island (Pulau Carey), an island in Selangor, Malaysia, from the Selangor coast.

NOTE: My love affair with water started when I was in my mother's womb! It continues even today. Water has become so integral to me that it sustains my spirit in its fullness!
Banan Aug 2017
Flying off my aviary
Landing, wandering in your garden
Ambling about,
raking the leaves
Tasting your season
Tasting the merging
Of your essence
into me
We became the sky,
The oceans,
and whats in between
We glow, and
we glow again
Like diamonds we
cut into glass
As clear
As bright
As aquamarine
Put the sun on a necklace
And gave it to me
I drank the reflection of the moon
So its hidden side is mine
To thrive by and see
iamtheavatar May 2014
I hear the ocean make music
Like the rustling of autumn leaves
The sound of them gently rubbing
As she swept my heart like a wind

Singing every word she breathes
Upon a haystack full of needles
With no rhymes, nor pauses
Neither masquerading riddles

Simple and unassuming
She is a beautiful mess
My heart keeps swooning
But I couldn’t care less

Her flaws are fascinating
Like ribbons on her sleeves
Her charm is perfume
Her name is a spell

A graceful soul I see
Inside a feeble shell
To me she’s one and only
And that I can tell

My heartbeat thunders
And chased her nightmares
Like aquamarine
Calm and serene

A thousand, ten thousand words
Isn’t enough to create one phrase
But surely, I wrote a love song for two
Must I recalibrate, I can’t undo

**iamthe_avatar ©2014

— The End —