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He’s lovelorn
Because he’s loveless
He’s well versed in deceit
He’s spotted Cupids arrows
Down around his feet
He is broken, he’s been shattered
He’s wallowed in defeat
Avoiding every obstacle
He’s ever had to meet
Nearly given up
Walks around discreet
Living in a cardboard box
Somewhere down the street
Under tearful angels eyes
Praying as they weep
Falling Up Feb 2022
Time passes slowly
The pendulum barely swinging
I loathe and I love the feeling of being lonely
But I hate being stuck in here instead of being
out there living
Falling Up Jan 2022
You need to stop lowering your standards,
I tell myself
Don't fall down to their level.
I look up at the podium I once stood on and reply,
It's too late. I've already fallen.

I look myself in the eye and say,
Stop refusing to dream in the clouds,
just because you're afraid of tumbling back down to earth.
Stop thinking that you're not good enough,
just because they can't see it
Stop looking for the shells at your feet,
and look out at the ocean instead
Pick up your head and
face the challenges head on

No. Stop. What are you doing?
Why are you backing away?
Why are you constantly standing down?
What are you afraid of? Failure?
When are you going to stop talking the talk,
and start walking the walk?

No one's going to remember all the times you messed up, ok?
And if they do,
then ***** them.
You don't want to be around people who
make you doubt yourself.

Listen to me.
You need to stop slacking off.
You're never going to make any progress
if you refuse to try and move forward.

Now, go.
Falling Up Jan 2022
Control Z
Undo this,
I want to reset the last few days
I want to hear you laugh
Not glance at me and look away
I was too engaged in winning this race
I was focused on the reward at the end
Without noticing you weren't matching my pace
Take back
I left you behind and we grew distant
I wish I never had
I hurt our friendship and I miss it
But it might be hard to get it back
I made some mistakes and forgot that my best friend is the most important person in my life
Falling Up Dec 2021
I look up at the stars
Because they are the only ones that will listen
I can hear them talking from afar
But the rest of you just see them glisten
They know so much
But you just go on and mind your business.
Maybe if you hush
If you let me spill my secrets
If I give you my heart
And you have the grace to keep it
Then you could be my star
But I know you'll never be it
Falling Up Nov 2021
Choose your words carefully
Tread with caution around me
I'm a soda bottle about to explode
A grenade about to blow you to smithereens

I'm done listening to you
Stay away from me
You shook the soda bottle
You pulled the pin on the grenade

Don't leave.
I want you to go away
Hold me.
You held me back
I pretended that you were helping
While you made my world go dark

Do you know just how successful I'd be
If you hadn't chained me down and
Held me back
Falling Up May 2021
Honestly, I don’t know what I’m acting for
I thought I could be true to myself
Because the cameras aren’t there anymore
But is my acting who I am now?
Have I permanently become my role?
I swear I got rid of the script
But it still feels like I’m in the show
Don’t be who people want you to be. Don’t follow their script. You’re the director of your life, so act like it.
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