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Rex Verum Regem Jul 2018
Depression you hear is deep in my gut
I feel it
I know it ain’t clear
The message is rough
Dismiss it my life is turmoil
Crashing and burning all around me
Think I’m about to fly
I hug the ground
A different kind of landing

Tell my mama that I’m sorry
Tell my brother I was too week
Tell my little sister she’s a queen and never ever do this
Walk in the footsteps of our forefathers
I’m a bad imitation  
About to finish of my sermon
Place it under my phone, passwords deactivated
Because I want someone to know
I want someone to care
I went everyone to learn
4 tick to midnight, I hear it ring last chance
maybe god still loves me
Maybe someone remembered my name
Maybe someone is reaching out to me
Stop, hold on.
I pick up...

Hello there I was looking to speak with Mr kingsley In regards to the newest and
peep peep peep
I hung the phone
I hung my soul
I hung.

                            Rex Verum Regem
Depression is not easy
Depression is not a choose
Depression is real
Suicide is real

Sometimes we don’t pay enough attention to those we claim to care about; we see them everyday with smiles of gold and never going benith the surface why:
We are scare of what we will find
We don’t want to be the one to burden a discovery
We don’t want to be accountable

1 minuet if all it takes to call, send a text get involved.
Be accountable for those you love...
Leah Oviedo Jun 2018
Practice accountability so I can
Take control of my story and
Visualize what I need to
Build a discipline of conscious decisions that
Value the resource rich life of
Leaning into what matters most of all
Includes stretching myself in sticky situations to
Create healthy relationships with boundaries that
Support each individual and forming stronger bonds so when I am
Aware of the lack I can be
Grateful for the abundance.
I wasn't ready to be an elder, it was pushed upon me by the heavens. Now, it's time for me to act like an adult and hold myself accountable for all my actions.
Cameron Banowsky Apr 2018
When do you find the urge to write?
Often I am asked
after someone has given a poem or two a pass.
When I need to I reply,
which isn't far from the truth and isn't a lie.

So why now?  
Why continue utterances to crowds of one hundred and ninety six
and feel ashamed when my heart speaks before my filter hits.
I guess it goes back to my urge to write
To let it all out.
I can't bare these feelings alone so I put them out to scouts.
Hoping that someone can see
That I am not the representation of insanity
That I know you want me all to be.

I am afraid.
Like a child in many ways.
I don't enjoy not knowing what's ahead
Which is why I have found myself closer to dead.

I reach too far and I assume
Rain sleet or shine,
Doesn't matter
I won't see flowers bloom.
And this is the persistent gloom.
That weighs on a soul like a scary cartoon.

I had a lot I could have turned out all right.
****, look at my past: one thing I know is fight.
But every battle takes its toll
And exponentially it seems i'm missing the bowl.

Ironically now I am level headed
Clean shaven
But by no means in heaven.

Perhaps for people like me
Who won't accept mediocrity
There are but few retreats
And hello poetry is a good one for me.
Hello Poetry homage

— The End —