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lua Sep 2019
My heart pounded against my chest so hard
It felt as if something was punching me
We ran,
Hand in hand
And never took a second to look back
For there was nothing left to look back on
But the charred silhouettes of memories
Soon to be forgotten.
we left it all behind when the fires started
Amanda Dec 2018
Is it fire seen flickering in your eyes?
Calls out to me in the frozen midnight hour
Mistaking your raging inferno for warming embers
Hate discovering how wrong I was

You body was hot to the touch
Your passion lit my soul in scorching flames
Our love was fire

But inside your chest your heart was black and charred
Fire is beautiful to look at but painful to feel
Christian Oct 2018
Blackened heart that longed too long
charred to coal in smoking flesh
make ammends within this song
and cease the mind of this unrest.

To these weights do not cling more
the rusting chains that held you back
the sinking bonds beneath your pores
that made your feeling sadly lack.
Tiana Marie Mar 2018
She had eyes like coals
dark and hard
large but charred

She had a smile like pearls
nice and white
small but bright

She had a heart of gold
strong like oak
huge but broke
Behind the narcotic haze,
can you even see yourself?

Can you recognize yourself,
under all the scars and smoke?

Can you sort something other,
than the pills you've taken?

Or filter out something,
other than you ***** you're drinking?

Can you say with one hundred percent conviction,
that this is better this way?

Can you say without any ounce of future contradiction,
that you'll never see better days outside your drug-induced-haze?

Starless eyes,
blending with empty smiles..

Hidden beneath,
is the indifferent, callous, leering, and charred remains of a heart.

One covered in diamonds in gold,
now singed ad cracked,
constantly under attack..

Finally you have come to realize,
that nothing else remains.
Found an old poetry notebook :)
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
When life gets to hard
And everything feels charred
And this world gives you nothing but ****.......
Dung beetle it
Silence Screamz Jan 2015
I am burned into you
Scar tissue hurt
Did you really care?
Did you really love?
Was it about the pain?

Cast burn on the wall
Silent and empty chair
Charred my life
Emptiness complete
You lit the match
Another look on cheating

— The End —