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Isabella Nov 2020
A shallow wish to be memorable
While the truth is she’s forgettable
They move on nearly just as fast
As the time it took her to get attached
It seems that people never last
And neither does the past
messy, but it’s just a rough draft
I'm mirror-like sometimes
reflecting back the faces that I see,
all of the faces and emotions around me

I'm mirror-like sometimes
shattering into fractals,
my own emotions ever-so-fragile

I'm mirror-like sometimes
I show you what you want to see,
cursed forever to agree

I'm mirror-like sometimes
vapid and forgettable,
not inspiring, but rather regrettable
Sometimes I just blend into the background. Sometimes when people don't notice you, it's easier to get through the day.
Riley Cartwright Apr 2019
I am
just a
little lure
in the universe's
tackle box
If it
to get me stuck
on some rock
and leave
me there,
then so
be it
I'm tangled in some brush and rocks
Sophia Mar 2019
Isn’t the human mind interesting?
It could take years to forget someone...
But a second will make you remember everything.
She had that passive presence
Like the ticking sound of a clock
Sometimes you might notice her
Most often at times you do not
Like a wallflower, she is
You notice her on the wall
But then you get use to her
And don't care if she's there at all
As if she is just forgettable
You can't help it if you forget
She is use to it, it's understandable
It still hurts her nonetheless
Hope White Jun 2018
It's taking everything I’ve ever had,
not to crawl into the crevice between your arm and hip.
I want seep inside of you
and live with you,
like the parasite I am.

I’ve bribed to God to make you love me,
And bargained away my future sins.

I want to forget the golden retriever
You took on walks longer than our love-making,
And the way your body writhed beneath my touch
Like a body bracing for a car-crash,
And how with every kiss
I could feel your rigor mortis set in.

I want to read you poems about Kurt Cobain,
While we do ******* at midnight in Golden Gate Park.
And watch you have a visceral reaction
To the memories
Of the times you tasted someone else’s skin.

Instead I’ll
dye my hair black,
Cancel all my credit cards,
And run away to Chicago
to Cheapen myself
and reek of Popov
In a dive bar next to the railroad,
That no one’s heard of
so you can tell strangers
in the subway
and at the New Year’s party,
(at which you’ll meet  your wife)
how much I’ve always meant to you
and how
You will always wonder what happened to me
(Even though
 you won't.)
Phoenix Jan 2018
I wave but you can’t see me
I speak but you can’t hear me
We touch but you can’t feel me
I’m getting panicked now
Why can’t anyone recognize me?
I scream but you won’t turn to me
You search your memory
for any remnant of our history
but you seem to come up…  empty

I finally realize
I’m missing from your memories
You don’t remember
all the times I’ve wiped your tears
You don’t remember
all the times we’ve laughed together
You don’t remember
all our peaceful years

I know this is just a waste of time
but it’s hard to watch
your future sprinting past our crime
We were always easily divisible
but I didn’t realize
I was so invisible
This is supposed to be a spoken word poem.
splvrry Dec 2014
To bear the pain of the remnants of us is to move on,
take a step forward
and forget about the unforgettable.
Because as it goes:
"Nothing's impossible.",
the unforgettable becomes forgettable.
sad because i have to leave you and you left me but i can't forget about
Awesome Annie Jul 2014
I don't know why you're so painful to me.
Breaking me down,
every time you come and go.
I'm regret to you,
a sore spot on your heart.
You only see your past when you look at me,
A reflection of the destruction your leaving caused.
Ultimate ruin in your wake.
I can never shake these shoes,
Worn Maryjanes of a girl who doesn't know how to stop loving you.
I reach for you and you pull away,
So I stopped wishing,
Learning that it never has been about me.
You called today,
6 years of absence leaving me hollow.
I don't want it,
This time I just can't.
I don't know why you're always so painful to me,
Or how I can be so forgettable.
Kay Tailor Jun 2014
“What do you want people to remember you for?”
That question has been haunting me for a while now.
What *do
I want to be remembered for?
I've never really been outgoing,
Or funny,
Or confident.
I've always stayed by myself,
Alone with my thoughts.
I don’t go to parties, or do wild things.
I don’t have a lot of friends,
And it’s hard for me to get close to someone.
I’m not popular.
Not known.
You ask someone in the hall if they’re seen me
And they don’t know who you’re talking about,
Because there’s nothing noticeable about me,
Nothing I’m really good at,
I’m easily forgettable.
Just another face in the crowd.
I guess part of me doesn't care,
Because that part of me knows that
No one else does.
But the other part
Wants to know,
What will I be remembered for?
And will I even be remembered at all?
Creative writing project for school.
It had me up all night trying to write something that meant something, not just something that I thought would get me a decent grade.
Two of two.

— The End —