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Grey Dec 2019
As dusk falls
and night conquers yet again
I dream of dawn.
Aaron Barden Nov 2019
When everyday is harder; Fight!!
When you grow tired of this world; Fight!!
When everything goes wrong and nothing
seems right; Fight!!

Make your mark on this world;
We deserve you and everything about you;
You are important even if sometimes you
feel turned.
One day we will build you up and make you anew.

Do not deprive us of you because you would only make the world a darker place.

So fight!!
SY Oct 2019
Build you everyday
Most battles are inside your head
Don’t let your mind confine you
Defeat your demons
When you feeling weak
That’s when you are your strongest
Pain is temporary
Every scar
For every story of its own
Losing some
To gaining plenty
Trust your intuition
Remember that
You were made to win
You were made to conquer
Dawn Sep 2019
Just thinking about it,
how simple this specific happiness is.
No obstacles or intricate riddles.
Just being able to look at happiness front and center, as if its an object that can be touched and obtained.
A material that stretches to skin and holds in place.
for a while it seemed beyond recognition; attempting to forwardly search the horizon, no able identification and completely hollow.
Now hands hold.
Many forms can be seen, whether its his, hers, or self.
It stretches miles, a face that can be memorized. Associate it with content things.

However, there are faces that shake the earth completely. Etchings that run deeper than they appear, stabbing pridefully; plunging over and over again with no remorse, even though their battle had nothing to do with it, a battle within themselves.
Thinking about it
and how irrelevant it all is. How ignorance threaded through enough to believe that their actions or acceptance actually meant anything.

See them front and center and feel nothing; association fleeting and less vivid than what used to be seen.
Now the vivid colors lie with what is important.
It took time, to understand its access.
thoughts too clouded to reach; thinking hands couldn't feel anything but emptiness.
Now they reach and feel warmth.
Rickey Spence Sep 2019

Procrastination looks good,
But only on paper.
In hindsight, I knew I could.

Suffocating in atmosphere,
My own thoughts – toxic vapor,
I can’t breathe through the fear.

But what am I fearing?
Strangers? A storekeeper?
Really? God, please start interfering.

My thoughts like a machine gun,
“No, no, no…” I’m captive by this kidnapper,
But We say “No,” to “No” – revolution begun.

Together, We make a plan to conquer,
Shake off this annoying stupor.
Into the darkness like a spelunker.

I can’t lie, it was dark,
But over time, the struggle will taper,
Because a blaze comes from a spark.
Allesha Eman Aug 2019
I float in the wind,
Bask in the glowing sun
And hope to meet the sky
But time becomes reality
And my dreams disappear
But before then you’ll save me
You’ll bring me to the clear
And the future, uncertain
Waits at the corner
With a letter from a lost one
And a message from my fears
Telling me to climb the mountains
The ones I walked around
To feel the air sharpen
As I get higher from the ground
And channel my past
Wait for you there
So you can turn back time
And I can reappear
Joyce Jul 2019
the walls that protect you
are the same walls that imprison you
yes you're safe...
but safe exactly from what?
Desire Apr 2019
There is purpose for your pain,
and progression after perseverance.
You need only to be patient and
keep pushing through the process...

endure | persevere | conquer

"you are more than a conqueror"
J Apr 2019
I came and
I saw her;
she laughed,
and I was
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