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Warm, sheltered frame, tender heart
Little girl delightedly arrive the world
Bright and joyful, safe and secure, she believed
As men bow down and pray to the She lord. 

Her home filled with love and faith
Brilliantly safeguarded her wholeness
Curiously pondered on the world outside the home
Would be bright and joyful, safe and secure
As men bow down and pray to the She lord. 

Stepped outside her blessed shield
Got entangled in the scary ropes
The beautiful world suddenly played a cruel role
Whenever she ran, many watched her go
Many minds, eyes, strength shackled her soul
Once the safe and the secure world
Became the unguarded, unheard, and unsaid hall
Still, men bow down and pray to the She Lord. 

Many touched her and go
Play with her extant  and throw
Bruised heart, wounded skin
She kept herself dragging, seeking her home
They failed to feel love, passion, and peace
Courage and devotion dwelling within
Still, men bow down and pray to the She Lord. 

Men worship Lord Durga with the feel
but don’t succeed to see her essence in every being
Daughter, mother, wife, friend, colleague
Every girl carries Durga in their will
And men bow down and pray the idol She.
In India we observe Navratri for nine days where we pray and worship Lord Durga considered to be the Goddess of love and courage.Here, the irony is people bow before the idols but fail to acknowledge the presence of Durga that resides in every girl and subject her to embarrassment and fear.
After all this.
I was only meant to die.

not even a speck of dust,
in this entire universe,
I am an indistinct part of the dark night sky
A writer writes for themselves
An author writes for the world
A poet writes for those who cannot speak
In the mirror i find myself how did i come to be?
since when did my reflection
take over what makes me.

Who is this crude impostor who uses my eyes to see,
who is this kindred spirit that screams inside of she.

I turn myself from the mirror from her who's trapped within,
but find a wall in front of me and reflected a wicked grin.
just a late night fantasy, I hope everyone is enjoying spooktober x
Shattered dreams,
Splattered streams,
Souls lost forever,
Never have I ever,
Imagined that life was not held dear,
A mother and a wife’s rarest tear,
Chernobyl’s sweet children gone,
Borders crossed, never drawn,
9/11’s forgotten brothers and fathers,
Orphaned toddlers,
Roam NYC,
Here, I stand in solidarity,
Never forget Chernobyl and 9/11,
May the trees of heaven,
Bless the victims,
Peace be with you dear inflicted
Never forget the victims of Chernobyl and 9/11...RIP. Life is lost easily; please cherish it. Hannah Baker RIP too.
#The Jay Asher/Hannah Baker vibes
With love, Skylar 🤍
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