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when the rain cries
no one notices

been bad for so long
sad for so long

no one notices.
Forced from ancestral lands,
Paradise lost, a life undone.
Deserts encroach, sands reclaim,
Hope's flicker extinguished, one by one.

Fleeing across hostile borders,
Seeking refuge in shadows' embrace.
Home transformed to a crucible of pain,
Twisted fate etched on each face.

Lines of sorrow etched deep in their palms,
No solace remains, no beauty to find.
Only despair's echo in the desolate winds,
A symphony of anguish left behind.
Life is like a hourglass,
Never even,
Always clicking out,
Never stable.
I want to get to it's top,
But the curves make me fall,
Down and beneath it all.
Wanna become like it's kind,
Narrow neck always pined.
But never attained in the hands,
While the thoughts turn into sands,
Is life all about running errands?
  May 8 Druzzayne Rika
I'll belong if I am me

But If I am anyone else
All I want is to fit in
I won't ever win

the game is twisted in design
And I am forbidden
To cross the drawn line.
  May 7 Druzzayne Rika
raced through the night
to arrive on time
had no choice
just went to sleep
and woke
to another place, in space.
Somethings, we do for protection.
Somethings, we do for satisfaction.
Somethings, we do for love.

Just depends upon the time we want to do it.

Somethings, we do for affect.
Somethings, we do out of respect.
Somethings, we simply do for us.

We know what motivates us.

We all move to our own personal beat.
And upon our own personal time.

It just us.
We might hate it.
We all answer to someone.
Even, those pushing their independence.
Can you dare to be anymore absurd
i wish to cry, but I had to laugh
what forced you to be so rough and tough
what made you be so huffed up?

I look at my smile, it is twisted
Frowned upon by onlookers, unfitted
Gruelsome fate, cruel some off late
Paraded, lamenting about the fate.
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