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She looked at life through a lens of light
Forgot about Fear
Running restless and radiant into the night
  Sep 3 Druzzayne Rika
And as I wait,
I ponder my worth,
and as a single piece in seven billion
I am aware, one less will not hurt
It won't matter, not to you and not to me
It will still be seven billion
and as powerless I feel
individually we are so less
but collectively we are the world.
AI writing verses
sometimes bit of curses,
sometimes senseless mess,
Funny, it is so good occasionally
you would not even know
just in a glance.
Their poetry have the length,
Their words may have immense strength,
But the one thing they lack,
of utmost importance, is an intent.
Dont see a point of AI bots writing poems when they don't have any independent thought or are we all the same as AI?
If I had wings the size of helicopter blades
I would circle the world over and look for you
If I owned bulbous sheen o'er Irish glades
tinged in bronze I would enhance, accrue
the worldly space of you, for I love you

If I were paper or some origami glue    
I would enfold your secrets inside my heart    
If I were a harbinger of love an Angel of hue
a Carvaggio masterpiece of light and dark  
I wouldn't need to travel far to be with you

If I knew the waltz I could dance to your music  
I would leave behind my celestial lair
If I knew you needed me, I would be quick
I'd turn back the time and fly through the air
land at your side because I do care

I'd circle the world for the ripple effect of  your smile,  
then enter your soul, just to bridge the last mile.
The moon was brilliant
Last night
And yet...
I caught you
At me
Jealous moon
Every inch of luxury
made up from someone
blood, sweat and tears
We are willing to pay
a fortune to their employers
who will not share the wealth fair
They struggle for daily alms,
they die in the scorching heat
the air conditioner works fairly well
thanks to them
welcome to modern slavery.
I wish the truth was kinder.
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