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I never knew relationships come with an expiry date,
past that everything goes stale
and what to do with it,
how do I know,
that this Titanic will not sink
  May 29 Druzzayne Rika
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i d o n t k n o w h e r
here comes the midnight
or the dark morning.
Am I blind to my own truth
that I do not see what you do
what people see when they look,
who am I even fooling,
Or am I the biggest fool?
How to quantify my worth?

by how people value me,
or by the contribution I made in my eternity,
or all the intentions hidden from you,
by my every thoughts I have ever had,
or can I by my social media presence,
or by counting tears when I die.

Am I even worthy enough?

I may look tough
but I do not know
what you think of me
or you and your worth
do not matter to me at all?

Do you know your worth?

Am I asking the wrong questions?
but I do not seem to care,
not at present when I am in trance
I was always born to die,
I have done less than what roses do
in their lifetime.

Am I worthless in the face of world?
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