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babe stirs
safety a wild call
lost to night

blood ties shunned
explosions blurring

diesel spillage

breaking walls
of sleeping

carnivorous plants
insects torn to

by those lost
removed from

passing pause
brisk breeze
grants space

as dawn
organized abuse
of every kind
impacts generations
of innocent
until dawn
of awareness
and one
to break
  Oct 8 Druzzayne Rika
Wet paint!
Well it is.
Obviously I'll try
The sign was right
stuck to my hand
the colour green
I facepalm!
  Oct 7 Druzzayne Rika
and this is how we waste our days
refreshing a page
for a notification that we know will never come
Rhythms and beats touch our hearts,
music turns us into believers
as it helps us bear the everyday pain,
In the song we find our prayers,
and the hope remains...
The festival of Durga Puja in India, where we worship the goddess Durga as embodiment of power destroying evil. Hope we are also able to overcome all evil from our world too.
I am the embers
In the fireplace of your heart
My fire has made you warm
In the eternal after glow you mark

Your surface is so smooth and worn
A delight to my finger's touch
I really come alive deep inside
When the rush becomes too much

In darkness we see so clear
As I caress the small of back
Liberated from our fears
There is no loving that we lack

By dawn the spooning's heat
is all that will remain
Let me be your chimney sweep
And we will burn again
  Oct 5 Druzzayne Rika
Punching the numbers
I get the feeling of being lost
In the sequence of the memories
I feel my feet touch the ground
So when I open my bag
There is emotional side of me
Flickering in the dark.

Down in the pitch black
I look for the tiny spark
In the stories of old age
I look forward to happy times
And then I pull up myself
Found that I can stand
for a while more for a start.

The dark clouds clear and move
The sun makes the way
When mountains stand in path
From a valley it shines
And I know in truth
Darkness guides to
The road of eternal light
When no other lamps make you sway
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