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I S A A C Dec 2021
my mind is going to explode
not sure how much longer I can stay on this rope
my arms, legs, and hands are giving up
my days blend into weeks, there is no living up
no laughter-filled dawns or innocent wrongs
all so mundane, just a playing pawn
in a losing game, just losing weight
it's depressing this depression, I wish I invested but now I am stressing
they say it's a blessing which is distressing because I feel like I am suppressing
underneath the weight of academics, surprised I made it through 12
first-year almost broke me and second year is not discerning
my mind is going to explode
the candle won't stop burning
my cup is overflowed
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2020
What the soul longs for?

It's all up to you.
Acknowledge a journey so far with a simple fact, the people who stay close into your life has similar value like yours. Value as such is, how you see the things what they are, what reflects who you are. Value is a way how you response when time puts you to the tests. Core values are what defines you, and it's the true identity, not the name or whatever. When you find the people with similar resonance, even in silence or miles away, that instance, souls converse as a one spirit and the rest will be history. Yes, once you feel that authentic vibe, you will never go beyond it's alignment even when time goes on and on. It has long been testified, listen closely embrace life.

Thanks for the concern.
Genre: Prose
Theme: The Journey
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2020
Death would make a dark valentine
I'll join your hand with mine
Midnight strikes
Our skin will meet
Over a road made with sheets

Together we will take it slow
Taken by shadows that are forever kept
Water's slowly rising
Instead I'm learning to swim
In our beliefs
Treading with limbs

Splinters thoughts
Negative energy
Scattered about too many places to see
Pressure wracks my consciousness with unuttered questions
Mix of doubt and adoration broken into sections

Ruins moment with cold insecurity
Fights desperation
Winning barely
Aroma of chocolate wafts through the air
Breathe clarity and briefly my senses are thankfully aware

I slowly blend surroundings until it's all a blur
Table decked with items you prefer
To show you how much your love means to me
All that shows is the success we'll never be
Written 2-7-20
Druzzayne Rika Dec 2019
I am seeing the colours
Mixing and blending
Without outline
All lines blurred
I can't see you
Red, orange and blue.
Shiv Pratap Pal Nov 2019
We need a Cleanser
To clean the Air
To clean the Water
To clean the Atmosphere
To clean the Soil

We need a Cleanser
To clean the Minds
To clean the Thoughts
To clean the Hearts
To clean the Souls

We also need a Blender
To Blend all these properly
And transform the world
Into a better place to live in
With Peace, Harmony and Luxury
Do  you also feel the need of these??  Please Let me know.
ninacrizelle May 2019
He was dark and steaming hot
Oh! Unique and authentic too
The type you’d chillout on a weekday after work
Or wake up to a sunday morning route

He was bitter... but oh so sweet!
His scent... I swear, nothing could beat!
Just one more cup please
One more sip to finish these load of sheets.

Ah yes! He was coffee.
For all the coffee drinkers out there. Your forever buddy in all emotions.
Arcassin B Jun 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

putting lives on the line for some dough.
poison air reach your lungs and theres
possibilities are endless with this world.
I just hope you see it one day when it
avenues in fire and people get lost.
everybody in a crisis and the weak gets
symbols and trauma turns your mind to
simple idiots when you worship a trump
or bush
Well take a look at what you've done,
Ain't pointing fingers,
No time to run,
Time stand and fight,
Got your whole life,
Circling the outer realms instead of
finding the inner,
Just don't plant no seeds if you love
being a sinner,
Life are on the lines to save weak people
like you and you,
We learn through and through,
That if we feed the demon everyday of
our lives , we could lose the juice,
The choice is up to you,
But I know what I'mma' do.
N O V A Apr 2018
i'm a combination
of sensitive
and savage.

        — N O V A | b l e n d
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