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ninacrizelle May 14
He was dark and steaming hot
Oh! Unique and authentic too
The type you’d chillout on a weekday after work
Or wake up to a sunday morning route

He was bitter... but oh so sweet!
His scent... I swear, nothing could beat!
Just one more cup please
One more sip to finish these load of sheets.

Ah yes! He was coffee.
For all the coffee drinkers out there. Your forever buddy in all emotions.
Chris Neilson Dec 2018
A  friend of a friend is now my friend
befriended to me to the very end
she always has an ear to lend
especially to me who's on the mend
placating anxiety to which I tend
many minutes with her I love to spend
her hand of friendship there to extend
she runs a cafe which I do commend
competitive pricing prevents overspend
moist scones with strawberry jam I recommend
making weekends existentially transcend
to be fake cousins we sometimes pretend
for a meeting place she's a godsend
when I feel my life descends towards a dead end
she wends my spirits to relentlessly ascend
her recipe for life has the perfect blend
now do the right thing and make this trend!
I'm only codding ya with the last line.
Arcassin B Jun 2018
By Arcassin Burnham

putting lives on the line for some dough.
poison air reach your lungs and theres
possibilities are endless with this world.
I just hope you see it one day when it
avenues in fire and people get lost.
everybody in a crisis and the weak gets
symbols and trauma turns your mind to
simple idiots when you worship a trump
or bush
Well take a look at what you've done,
Ain't pointing fingers,
No time to run,
Time stand and fight,
Got your whole life,
Circling the outer realms instead of
finding the inner,
Just don't plant no seeds if you love
being a sinner,
Life are on the lines to save weak people
like you and you,
We learn through and through,
That if we feed the demon everyday of
our lives , we could lose the juice,
The choice is up to you,
But I know what I'mma' do.
N O V A Apr 2018
i'm a combination
of sensitive
and savage.

        — N O V A | b l e n d
adept Apr 2018
My vision has been contorted.
All colors no longer blend
but rather stand out and by
themselves. All lives and
positions seem different from
the angles they are presented in .
RebelGirl Mar 2018
ask questions
dont be a *****
be nice
dont cry
speak up
drop the attitude
dont cuss it isnt lady like
dont spit
dont wear make-up
dont be that dumb
no one likes you
you wonder y u have no friends
i will just do it myself
people expect girls to have more confidence about themselves but shouldnt we understand y they dont when they have to blend in with society it is hard to be yourself and it is really bad when they **** themselves because people dont know when to let **** go
Harley Hucof Jan 2018
Moments create turbulence in my state of freedom
I have not yet learned to blend in around people

I get judged everywhere i turn
Chill son you are not the center of the universe

Paranoid some might say
But i know the debt i must pay

I have been promised a rebirth!
Keep it real, know your worth

I feel the Lack of connection as we convolve
Little by little my problems will be solved

The Ghost've been visiting me frequently
It's not you it's me, excuse my humility

The passenger fits in unseen
The path is clear

Words Of Harfouchism.
Son of Raurus falling sound
King of water all around
That fills the sky with dew

The fractals of these waters high
Climbing down to meet the tide
Sweetly in November rain

Eroded tongues that stick on out
To catch the falling endless spout
Even in still of winter blend

These rocks that climb up rung by rung
Forever climbing to the sun
To greet the morning light

The endless water ever falls
Enormous water-winged wall
Wetting all that pass on by
Nylee Oct 2017
listening to the winds
that are separating their ways,
just ahead of me

dividing over
with less force and velocity,
try to go wider

their touch lost midway
they blend be part air,
and sounds go dispersing

nothingness greets
as voices had no words,
no existence now.
Lara Oct 2017
I kissed his broken heart
and let our colours blend

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