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Rose Jul 26
Round dim corner
The blood left me
A ghostly delusion
Was only love crouching
I wept inconsolably
When I saw you in your father's eyes
Rose Jun 6
I lied at your feet, a skinned hare
Too vulnerable and a hair too soft
You were a butcher
Not in the way you remember
Rended the flesh from me
Proud shroud, the face of a hog
A bellicose, famelicose swine
Not in costume, but in character.
Rose May 24
I remember the beach
Tossing in the sea
Senses confined and kicking

Searching for breath
Caught hanging downward
Face to face with the floor

Posiedon's got me by the toe
The ocean's filling my nose
And they call this drowning
Rose Apr 27
It may not mean much to you
but it does to me
The late, quiet of this little street
Privacy like time becomes commodity
As lost as El Dorado
Harder to find than Atlantis
Hidden in the deep blue swirlin' sea
The solace in silence, bares the true and priceless treasure
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