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jǫrð Aug 26
She said
Women don't
sit at the head
of the table

At first I was
Taken aback
By the covert

To know that
She worked in
Human resources
Was laughable

I could have
Screamed or
Wept for her
Ignorance, instead

I sat glaring
At the fool
That she had
Placed there

And when his
Demise began
I realized the
Truth in her words

She was an incapable leader.
The History: Projection
jǫrð Jul 22
How, I thought,
Had I ever dreamt

Once upon a time,
When I knew not his

Free from embrace,
Assimilated by

To revel in
Egyptian cottons


How he burns me
From the inside

I crave him, so,
My sleeping

The heat in his belly
And beneath his

And I wake him
When the need

To fill me once more
With his morning
The History: I would always say I need to sleep alone or else I can't rest. It turns out, I just needed to feel safe. I never want to be alone again.
jǫrð Jul 22
Those come before
Were training wheels
And those after
A lesson in purpose

And now, I can say
There is love, where
Only despair and
Disdain once grew

Soul mates can mean
Many things, perhaps,
And I'm sorry if
This applies to you:

We could have been
But you were never
Quite ready for
More than just yourself
The History: Better love by Hozier
jǫrð Jul 16
He was the rising sun
Left his warmth in our bed

Early in the morning

& When I returned
I lie on his side dreaming

Of golden rays
And orange sunrise
The History: Master Blake left his warmth in my bed when he rose up early this morning.
jǫrð Jul 14
I do this to myself
Accept fights I could never win

Search for ways to disprove
What I've sought all of my days

Hurl myself into the ring
A luchador with something to prove

The fight rages on
And I lose my will

In fear and self doubt
I sabotage my win

Allowing the opponent that is my mind
To deliver that last fateful blow
The History: I stayed up late and compared myself to everything you could want in a woman. I break my own heart over and over again until you grow tired and leave.
jǫrð Jul 11
Burgundy walls
And bamboo
Light fixtures

A glass table
With two chairs
Just you and I

You brought me
Literature and
Coconut macarons

I'm not
Quite sure what it was
That I brought to you
The History: I wish I had known earlier, what love you bring. I should have tasted it in the pastries. Your love filled that place and I didn't even recognize it. I try so hard to make it up, but I feel I've missed a golden opportunity.
jǫrð Jul 9
In sanguine devotion
I give this body
for your
until my river
runs dry
until my soil
grows barren
until my sky
turns ashen
until my blaze
fades to ember
The History: Praise be
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