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Rose 3d
The traumatic start
That broke my heart and made me
Give up on it all
When I was born my mother tried to **** me off on my uncle. I wish I could be close with her but it's hard when you were never wanted, and you never wanted to be born.
Rose Apr 8
Fat man of my past
Eyes the past of my future
He cant find better
Sad little people who can't let go, who think they're so important that they deserve retribution once you've decided to stop tolerating their *******. What a little *****.
Rose Apr 1
Here the garden walls rise to the hip
Beyond them the sky is endless
A haze in this stillness fogs my sight
A mist that caught some benevolent light
Blood red roses, full and ripe
Seem to waltz along the tree line
A dream I had that reminds me of a Thomas Kinkade painting
Rose Mar 31
My living price
Equal to nothing
Unworthy to be
Where cancer feeds
Unworthy to be
Where death comes free
What does that say of me
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