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A place I find in the depths of my mind
It sits and ponders waiting for its time
To show the world it can really be
True happiness for all to see

Smiling towards every morning
Shining brightly the suns in my eyes
I can’t help but love this day
It’s a feeling I never want to go away

Poetry it speaks to the soul
Little words and conundrums that are told
Everyone’s peace and true feelings spoken
Feel my poetry like a token
Of gratitude I’m giving to you for listening

I’ve never been happy for this long and it’s quite a blissful feeling
Dedicated to the Poets
Niki Gray Jul 2019
Your power is limitless.
It threatens the insecure
exposing what they are not.
They come at you with hatred.

That hostility is theirs
to hold and carry not yours.
To hell with all the haters.
Rise and regain your power.
Trying something new.  To my children (Sydney and James) and everyone else out there remember you are limitless and capable of amazing things.
Brynn S Nov 2018
Those dark cold nights
The ones I held so dear
They dissipate as ends prove near
I was always blind
I fled from the silence
I ran to false profits
Those who gave me solace
A woman of straightedge
Narrowed by the path
Now holding fire
breath in the wrath
Lost in the found
I am poison
Fleeting through time
The hours conclude
The rasping grind
Run to the roses
For the thrones pierced your eyes
Darling of nature
Watch as all lies

With two eyes absent the third appears
I am the one to give you the stars
When you have the skies.
I am the one who will watch you sleep
And feel the miracle when you breathe.
I am the one who will block fire
In your obnoxious world.
I am the one to give you flowers
Even if you have bounty gardens.
I am the one who will make you happy
Even if you don't need me to.
I am the one who's willing to pain
herself & others for your happiness.
I am the one to see the pain in your eyes
And hate myself for it.
I am the one who caused them to you
Then vow to ease the pain.
I am the one who will dedicate herself
To your happiness
Until the last day
For my love, Khadiza Amiril.
Dawn of Lighten Nov 2015
Moved by the guiding hands of the wind,
While avoiding the living room box's trend.

Although fixate with this generation's iPad,
Or impulse to explore the Xbox's dungeon,
And glimpse the pages of the Forbe, the Facebook, and the likes.

Make time to be in the moment of solace,
A time to dream to explore ideals,
Like floating in nebula avoiding the all powerful black hole.

Navigating the void of the sense of inner torment,
Or charting the boundries of the next voyages of personal task.

One does need to depart from disparity of news,
Or lose sense of humanity by deprived reality TV,
For satirical movies like Idiocracy prophesied seem realized.

One does need to regroup in personal cocoon,
Meld by the silent melodies of beating chest,
Like metronome syncing the keys of the piano to Bach,
While breathing upon the horizon of rebirth,
And find your enshrouded foggy path by beacon of self enlightenment.
There are times a pure silence, and solitude seem necessary to clear filth of the worldly garbages! While enjoying the sweet scent of air, lounging in a coffee shop or book stores, and sip on a true Cuban coffee!   Honestly espresso has nothing on a proper Cuban coffee!

— The End —