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pearson Mar 2016
It was a huge step
To our new life
We just wanted
To not have to strive

And i climbed on
To the mountain top
I was really scared
But we made it up

The sights were beautiful
I was in awe
It was so wonderful
And then we dropped

It was so fast
In over our heads
We were falling
And we didnt know how
story of my life lol: don't know what I'm doing then all of a sudden I'm falling and tripping
pearson Feb 2016
He hid
While they screamed

He fled
While they bled

He ducked
When they were swung at

But he came back
When they were fine.

She hid
When he wanted her

She fled
When they were chased

She ducked
When he sought her cover

But she came back
To watch his pain.
The story of two people. One of them loves the other but the other hates. Can you tell?
pearson Feb 2016
The little lightning girl
Went to go and see
If the little thunder boy
Wanted to come out and play

But the little thunder boy
Shunned her away

For the little lightning girl
Was a lovebird in flight
pearson Jul 2015
There's this really great girl
But for all I know,
She is gone long past the time
That the clock reads

Deep into the alley way
I say, she's got quite a smile
But you know when you don't that you can't stop moving
Because to her, Miserable is more like it

If she wanted to,
She'd be the heir to the throne
If I knew she could,
She'd walk this world on her own
But you know when you don't that you can't stop moving
Because to her, Miserable is more like it

Miserable is more like it, for her

Written for my friend who used to be on here but isn't anymore . . . I know she would understand though
pearson Apr 2015
There's a war raging around me
It's strong and big and tough
And I can't hold it back anymore
I'm really not that tough

I have to scream, to let it out
Until they all come and stare
And all I see is red and
I can't scream enough anymore, you don't have to care

Stay away from the shouts
And silent battle cries
It doesn't matter who they are
But I need to find myself inside

I might be that warrior
Or maybe that crying soul floating through the air
I'm really trying to figure me out
It's really hard to know cause I just got trampled by a mare

Clinging to the wall, I slide on through
A sword fight here, a fallen one there
It's really hard to not throw up
But I must keep on, for everyone must dare

To try and be in war is just so unfair
I can't find myself, my journey that's ahead
Everything is rushing by so, "Wait!"
I really wish I would've stayed in bed

But now I'm free
Nothing can get in my way
I'm free!
I can walk up all these paths and say,

I want to hear the crowd go wild
I want to hear them scream
Like the poor soul I once was
But now I've gotten better and I don't dream
pearson Apr 2015
Breathing without oxygen
Is very comparable to me without you

This unknown universe
In which you don't exist
Is a terrible, horrible, no good place

Stumbling through the heavens
With no where to stay
I feel a lot like Mary and Joeseph
When baby Jesus came to earth, but I'm without the other part of me

To infinity and beyond I'll walk
To the end of the universe
I'll walk each day and ev'ry night
Until I see your face
Right now I miss you very much

And I haven't seen you since
That damp dark night in a quiet room
And after that, zap!
No more you, no more me, no more "us" at all
There was only me, but you were gone,
So half of me was too
About the love I've never had.
pearson Apr 2015
All the time lately
I see my friends sad and crying
Feels like there's nothing I can do
But really, I'm trying!

They wrote poems about sadness,
About loss, about love,
And here I am writing a poem about them
While they are watched over from above

I want them to know
That I have sadness, too
But all of my depressing poems
Are red and grey and tan and blue

So please, dear friends, stop
Writing about sadness, loyalty, and stuff
The wall that you've built around yourself
Is made of nothing no more, it's not buff

All of your feelings have come spilling out
Bout family ties, friendship lies,
And many more to date
These troubles and bubbles are not mine

So please, dear friends, put down your device
Look me in the eyes, and know I am right
That your poems are great, they truly are,
But hold a lot of sadness and trouble and night

So bring out the happiness and calm mood and sun
I would really like to read some happy poems
(For one)
And it would really be great if you'd

Look me in the eyes, and tell me you're not afraid
The last line is probably the most meaningful . . .
pearson Apr 2015
She smiles
My little Opi
And then the clouds
All go away

She smiles
My beautiful child
And the snow
Starts to melt today

She laughs
My wonderful Opi
And gray
Turns to "Yay!"
For all those little lonely souls out there.
pearson Apr 2015
Smile white
So bright tonight
And I love the way you move

Happy times
Oh, silly smiles
And ev'rything turns okay

I know
I know it
I know it's gonna be all right

I know
I know it
I know that we will sleep sound'ly tonight
For my brother
pearson Apr 2015
A spot of blue
A pint of red
A swirl of yellow
Now all is said

This artist paints
Some dots here, some lines there
Pretty sure this painting
Should include a horse or mare

And then after the painting is finished
It is quite a prize to restore
And then the horse flies off the page
It is not made of paint anymore

The painter climbs onto the horses back
And pulls on the reins tight
The pair runs off, away from life
And into the sunlight
Just a short, inspirational poem to brighten your day!
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