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  Jul 23 Lizzie
Javy Polanco
I was safe there
below the floor
where the rats ate and the roaches lived

Below where all the fights happened
Below all the bruises and scars
below all the lies

Where did it go?
  Jul 23 Lizzie
Travis Green
When I’m with you,
all my struggles and troubles
seem to wash away
in broad, deep, and rapid rivers.
I don’t want to ever be without you.
I need you in my world
so that I can feel
your profound tranquility.
Lizzie May 2
It's 1am and here I am laying in your bed,
                                                   wishing you were here,
                                                           ­                             instead;
  You're 2,593 miles from me....
Lizzie May 2
I'm sitting here, the rain soothing my thoughts.
You're miles away, I wonder if you're thinking of me too.
The rain falling with it's melodic pitter patter,
lulling me to peace.
It's 2am. i should be long asleep, Whereas your days just begun.
3 hour time difference does that.
  May 2 Lizzie
the wind is hitting my face
my heart is beating so fast out of my chest
i’m trying to catch my breath
i have sweat running down my spine all the way down to my legs

the waves are splashing me
more water on my damp body
can’t tell what is sweat and what is salt water

but i’m running and i’m running
by the beach
listening to my favorite music
going along with the beat

tell me,
what else am i supposed to feel except for freeness?
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