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Lizzie Oct 4
I feel so cold, an empty soul...
This hurt in my chest growing bigger with each step..
There's no going back all hope lost,
was there ever any to start with?
Have I always been this harsh... this distant...
looking out for myself is all i've ever known...
It's been ingrained in my brain that there's nobody out there,
nobody's going to save me from drowning...
Nobody's gonna hear me screaming so desperately for help...
It's just me, myself, and I...
Like always...
Feeling real down and lonely tonight..
  Oct 3 Lizzie
I want you to watch
Watch me
Watch as I hurt
Watch as I abuse myself
‘Cause I don’t really care anymore
I’ll open my wrists
I’ll exhaust my heart
Burn out my mind
I’ll empty my stomach
I’ll tremble with weakness

I want to stumble and fall
I want you to catch me
Prove you care
Prove you’re there
Beg me to stop
Take the temptation from my hand
Share my burdens
Because I can’t bear them anymore
Not alone

Stay my hand
Take the blade
When I’m too weak to let it go
Tend to my wounds
Take away my chemicals
The ones I use to hide
Because you want to see me
Not my masks
Because you care
You want to care for me
You know I’m no longer capable

I want to be weak
I want to be ill
And I want you
To care
  Oct 3 Lizzie
Katja Pullinen
I want you to be proud of me.
I want to be your cup of winner.
I wanna be your summer afternoon.
I want you look at me with wisdom.
I want to be support for you
to holding you when you are falling.
I only wanna be a reason
of your real, beaty smile.
I want to be your tears and never falling
from your big, deep blue eyes.
I never want to be a reason of your crying.
I never want to be a reason of your pain.
I only want to be a reason of your smiling.
I want to be a reason, not a game.
  Oct 3 Lizzie
Elle Richard
I am alone.
With just some people I'm moving on.
Some talk less, some talk a lot.
I don't know if they are friends or not.

I am alone.
With some fears I'm moving on.
Some are scary, some are not.
I don't know if they are real or not.

I am alone.
With some deep wounds I'm moving on.
Some hurt more, some hurt less.
I don't know if they will heal or not

I am alone.
With a fake smile I'm moving on.
Sometimes looks good, sometimes not.
I don't know if it works or not.

I am alone.
With some burdens I'm moving on.
Some are huge, some are little.
I don't know if I will repay or not.

I am alone
With some secrets I'm moving on.
Some can save me, some can lead me to death.
I don't even know my remaining breaths.
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