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Lizzie Apr 2021
It would look like a beautiful sunset, the blissful hues melting together as the night comes alive.
It would look like the stars, burning brighter than the sun as they twinkle in his eyes whenever he looks at me.
It would look like little messages from him to let me know that I cross his mind throughout the day.
It would look like those small gestures to let me know that he still cares.
It would look like little get away adventures with just us and nature for a little while.
It would look like waking up in the morning and being happy to see me lying there next to him.
It would look like him not being afraid or embarrassed to show me off and scream it to the world that I'm his.
It would look like no more uncertainty or heartbreak, no more insecurity or fear that I'll be left behind again.
  It would look like pure unwavering love.
Lizzie Mar 2021
I don't like what I see
when I look in the mirror,
this whole situation seems way too familiar.
All I see are broken eyes
and a shattered mind,
too scared to leave it all behind.
Even if it's to be set free,
no I can't look inside:
where I have these thoughts.
Lizzie Mar 2021
I don't need you to tell me I'm beautiful, I need you to show me I am cause words can only go so far before the wrong one's leave a scar.
   I'm not proud of the way I look, I hate everything about myself, I'm so insecure and I know that, I acknowledge it.
  But just this once I want your action not words to show me how beautiful I am to you.
Lizzie Mar 2021
How can one have such sadness in her eyes, the kind that pierces the soul and grips the heart.
   How can the light and laughter dissipate, leaving behind the remains of being broken so many times before, like all the  life and joy went away leaving this cold empty shell filled with so much anger and hurt.
    How can i look in the reflection and see these eyes staring back at me.
  Mar 2021 Lizzie
Lilly F
it seems like we love all the same things,
besides each other

Lizzie Mar 2021
Here I am feeling hopeless, drowning in my own tears and despair while you're laying in the other room on your phone without a care.
  You don't know how I feel cause every time I try to tell you what is real you ******* off like it's no big deal.
  But I'm tired of trying I'm tired of fighting, I've lost the twinkle making my eyes shine so brightly.
  I'm sorry if I'm disappointing, trust me I'm really trying.
  I'm sorry I'm not what you were wanting, it's why my face has become so haunting.
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