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Luna Maria Oct 24
both appealing but addicting
and will give you a
painful death.
Keiri Aug 20
Simple beauty is often complicated.
One who tries too hard isn't pretty.
But where exacly is it stated.
What defines beauty?

One is appealing to the eye.
But can be rotten inside.
It can all be one big lie.
One doesn't care and doesn't try.

One can be visually unappealing.
But a beauty within.
In the end, that one would win.
But one is sad, it's a sin.

Simple beauty is simple and short.
True and honest, yet humble.
One cares and repells the wrong sort.
It's the one that'll make you stumble.
Äŧül Oct 2016
When I First Met The Angel,
She Was Very Much Youthful,
Carry She Did An Invisible Title,
Yes The Title Of The Most Beautiful,
But Now The Charm Has Just Faded,
All Her Love Was Everything But Real,
She's Immortal But Of Course Immoral,
Now Know About Her Grey Escapades.
Angel Remembered – Part 4/7

HP Poem #1192
©Atul Kaushal
Joyce Jan 2016
Your words keeps
me thinking.
I can feel every line
I'm reading.
Sometimes I hold
my breath so appealing.
When you can write
straight to someone's soul
and find your heart
is beating faster.
So fragile like
nothing else matters.
This feeling is what
I get when it's you
I'm reading.
Thank you... # Timothy # Ryn
Katie Nicole Aug 2014
nothing can surpass
the beauty and the glamor
of* pure confidence
Peter Watkins Aug 2014
A risk
with the sweetness
of fresh flowers.
So infectious...
Hope you enjoyed - Peter

— The End —