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Zoe Mae 1h
Blades of grass add up
Planes and pastures stretch for miles
Giraffes graze the sky
Daily haiku challenge
Zoe Mae 1h
Either I'm a God awful writer
or this site has become completely absurd
My most popular "poem" as of late
Doesn't contain a single word
Zoe Mae 1h
How'd you know my head has space for rent?
Is it that obvious I walk around vacant?
Were you looking for one hemisphere or two?
Cuz you if you intend to take both, not sure what I'd do
I didn't ask for your inquiry
but do yourself a favor
This place is a dump
and you won't like your neighbor
Zoe Mae 16h
A tisket or casket
Got a question
May I ask it?
What exactly is a tisket?
It sounds kinda fun
Should I risk it?
Out of the two options
I would pick it
Zoe Mae 23h
Seems no matter what I write, it doesn't matter to anyone.
Zoe Mae 1d
Cheer up
Look up
Everything will be okay

Life's a gift
A silly game
Everyone loves to play

Stop worrying
Don't fret
It'll all make sense

Be positive
Stay open
Let down your defense

Just do it
Get motivated
Get your *** out of bed

Have some coffee
Watch the news
Get out of your head

Keep trying
Never quit
Nothing's easy
Don't you know?

You got to want it
It's in your hands
This is your only show
I tried to be optimistic. Thank you to the two people who took the time to read it.
Zoe Mae 1d
I was gonna hurt someone today
But I forgave myself
So everything's okay
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