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Zoe Mae Jun 9
Tears rain onto


Words are blurs best left


They mean plenty on their

Zoe Mae May 22
Disappointed disillusioned
and disheartened
This ain't what they said
it would be
They promised one day at a time and you're free
Free to hurt
Free to suffer
Free to die of doldrum days
Free to wither away
And watch all you love decay
I get to feel
Forced to face what's real
Instead of melting in a
citrus peel
And I have to do it everyday
No reprieve
No relief
Just more errands and grief
I want to quit being clean
Start to fray at the seam
There's a corner out there
I've seen it in dreams
Only addicts will know what
I mean
Zoe Mae Apr 23
Tired of hiding
I'm sick from the drafts
Time to go outside
Taste sunshine and laugh
Had enough of erasing
I keep murdering words
Time to release them
So they'll soar with the birds
And if no earthling likes them
If no one shows love
It's their apathy that's the problem
Not what I'm made of
My past may not be pretty
My future unseen
Because I come from where I'm going
And I'm lost somewhere between
Zoe Mae Apr 3
I can't find inspiration anymore
Even when I look up
The Moon, the stars, the universe
None of it's enough
It's not the things I'm looking at
but the lens through which I see
I found a black and blue kaleidoscope
Now all I see is
Zoe Mae Feb 24
Sometimes the Moon is just
the Moon
Stars simply stars
They're just reliable objects
They just are
And birds are just birds
They're pretty
They fly
Often words are just words
They're witty
They lie
And colors are just granted
Sort of like you and I
Until each pretty petal
just withers and dies
Zoe Mae Feb 7
I will get nowhere faster than you
Just look at the yellow lights I'm blowing through
Yes, for a moment it seems you have the edge
But you drive with your heart instead of your head
I saw that no u-turn coming for miles
You cut me off, and I was all smiles
In reality we both have nowhere to get to
But I'm gonna get there faster than you
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