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Zoe Mae 6d
I need you to stay in your place
So I can drive off the cliff safe
Hold on to your seat
Say your final deceit
There's a tree heading straight for your face
Zoe Mae Sep 7
Metal, blood, and oil
plunged into the sea
Only at the hands of men
could this be
Beautiful things aren't here
for us to enjoy
Nor are they ours
to freely destroy
Yet to burn the world down
seems mankind's fate
Because of our love of money
and our nature to hate
Yes, we'll torch this innocent Earth to the ground
Till it's just another lifeless rock spinning around
And space won't remember us
neither will time
Our entire existence
an unspeakable crime
We don't deserve this place
and she doesn't deserve us
Our metal, blood, and oil
will turn her to dust
Zoe Mae Jun 12
I tried to write a poem everyone would like.
I struggled with it for years.
But every time I thought I had,
my words fell on deaf ears.

And so I sat, head in hands, and wondered what to write.
How could words that mean so much to me, to others not sound trite?

I tried to write a poem everyone would like.
I wasted many years.
But this wave of rage, I'm foaming in,
still crashes on deaf  ears
Zoe Mae Apr 2019
Each night we go to bed
With sheets made of ice and blankets of lead
Each night we try to sleep
With a wall at our backs built from secrets we keep
Each day we rise and then
We step onto the stage till it's bedtime again
Zoe Mae Mar 2019
For you I'd settle down
Maybe a little too low
Drag you to the ground
Drain your spirit slow
For you I'd rise above
Maybe a bit too high
Drag you by your love
Zoe Mae Feb 2019
I can't replace you
I can't erase you
Your prints are burned
Into my skin
The harder I scrub
The more you dig in
Zoe Mae Feb 2019
Eat my silence

Keep my words

Taste the violence

You've incurred
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