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Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2019
I will leave the darkness one day
Nothing to take me away
I am nothing that's worth saving
Can't be stopped from caving

A sense of justice discovered in destruction
Pain teaching specific instructions
Sadness gives tears to wash my conscience clean
One last time I return to the crime scene

They were not brave enough to face danger
Nothing is worth losing for a stranger
******* nothing to nobody
Surface is scratched and muddy

When you love me like a hero
Have the power to make me more than zero
All you need to rescue me
You own already
Day 17: Write a poem that employs a rhyme scheme
carmen Mar 2019
i can feel you in my kiss
salivating between my hips
crying out, "please take me home,"
i don't wanna be here, boy,
leave me alone

flakes of skin left under my nails
broken vessels from your hell
"promise you it'll be quick,
won't be too long now"
you make me sick

how can you call yourself a man?
my reputation doesn't mean that you can
i can taste your blood in my teeth
"piggy" scratched deep with my keys

shattered glass from waylie's metal pipe
scattered 'cross your car like stars tonight
paint drips down like blood from my thighs
you don't get to wink at me and lie

tried to hold my hand on the drive back
kiss my shotgun, daddy,
you like that?
ripping through my castle walls
***** stains and wrappers coat the hall

you'll get what's yours in due time
God never forgets to give me what's mine
made me feel like it was my fault
thought i could trust you,
but you stole it all away

i'll return the favor someday
no amount of sleeping around excuses u holding me hostage and ****** me
sleep well, dear, god never forgets
Ivan Lopez Feb 2019
Oh What Beauty
Oh what Magnificent Sky
Oh what privilege you give to the eye
A Hidden Beauty all take for granted
All but those who've seen the sky

Theres the sun, to warm our day
Theres the moon, to light the night
Theres the stars to tell us were not alone

Oh what beauty lies in the sky
Oh what power it also brings
The sun gives its glory in droughts
The moon brings the tides that wash out the plains
Its screaming winds to clean the day
Oh, what hidden beauty come from the sky
Stella Nov 2018
There's a ******* the street
Who walks with a different tune every other week

Everytime her eyes are sought under her thick raven bangs
Your guess is as good as mine, what filled those depths of pine

Pure ecstasy bleeding through
Lifeless clouds of avolition
Piercing daggers of ice ire

Her heart beats just like yours,
Her tears flow like ours
Her laughs crack like a long lost sister's

Yet above all, she is solely Miss cellaneous, and will always be to those who see only her eyes
carmen Oct 2018
you were a vision of god
in the trailer light
panting in my bare chest,
praying with all your might
said with no one on this earth
had you felt as free
as when you're lying flesh to flesh
under the sheets with me
in your arms, swear that i was found
blushing blue beauty queen
listening to the sound
of your boys footsteps
outside our bedroom door
wishing they were you in here
the man i was coming for
love u daddy but i love u more when u show me off to ur friends like that
make them know what they're missing, my fruit punch lips they could be kissing
carmen Aug 2018
i see you in the dark, my darling
waiting on edge in my front yard.
i float to you engulfed in flames
preparing for a bittersweet broken heart.

was it something that slipped
from my liquor stained red painted lips?
or casper herself casting a long shadow
on your barren sahara grey walls?

how long did you know that you'd leave me?
since the last time we made love
and you slipped back into the darkness
through my window without a parting kiss?
or did you know from the very beginning
with your white corvette crystal lies?

i remember the way you fought with me
in my bed, pushing me hard to the ground,
and my heart breaks with the death of the day
to think that i'll never hear your voice again
or your low groans or feel your fist wrapped
like a diamond necklace around my throat.

you haunt my dreams and i cannot sleep,
your shadow still waltzes around my room.
you're larger than life, my burnt out elvis.
they all told me you were a big time dealer.
siesta key was once your home, but now you ride
under the radar in your cool crimson beater.

prison called and your empire almost fell,
but you can't **** the king of floridia,
for he rules the dead straight from hell
without mercy; better take what you're dealt.

pretty kitty, always ocean blue and starry eyed,
baby's a god, heaven found in my cherry pie.
queen of hearts always knows what's on your mind;
i know you'll come around again and then you will be mine.
blue bonnie & her cool kid clyde
Ivan Lopez Jul 2018
In a veracious
Set of vividly words
I vicariously state

That you may fervently
admonish these
simplistic sentences

For within my complex
disguises of words
It alludes to this fact.
I just want to scream
and thats, that!
We try to hide our emotions out of courtesy for others. We try to understand them, our emotions that is. We give them complicated diagnosis when in reality all they want to do is air out. May you have fun saying this out loud as I did writing it down.
Ivan Lopez Jul 2018
Time is a gift
when you see it
you have seen yourself age

When you look back
you have seen your past
It does not wait,
nor does it stop

It flows, to reach your heart
to reach your soul,
to reach your wrath,
to take your spite

Time is a curse
wrapped as a gift
You have just enough
till you unwrap the box...

Now it's too late.
A present
Awaiting to be open
Michael King May 2018
Augment to me, exotic Lady rise;
just let me touch your spirit in the flesh,
support my pole, and I’ll withdraw my eyes,
this pain ascends the heart like reformed mesh.

In sight this stalwart climb becomes your test,
you smile, you know that this will be your last,
and so you start your groove at my behest,
and minister your hands upon my mast.

In stride, now stroke, just play your graceful hands,
you do it like so many times before.
So wilful, to adhere to my demands,
just let me guide my ship into your shore.

And so I go to my deck and I steer,
while in the crow’s nest you shout land is near.
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