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ryn Dec 2015
•not all
of us were born
with the gift of health
•not all were born into a
bassinet  fashioned out of
gold•but all of us here, be-
stowed with a treasure tro-
ve of literary wealth•an e-
ndowment to last a life-
time, that never gets
old•one must
take it
and s-
oar to
er hei-
such  a
boon •
let  the
ness of
our ink
the  em-
ptiest of
nights •
let the p-
ce   in  our
words over-

of the
silver spoon
Concrete Poem 24 of 30

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ryn Nov 2015
     *(              |                      •    ||    )
   (   •|               |                )
(          |||     •  |  )
\   |        |   //
\ || •   | //
•       ••     ••
•like clockwork,
  her day would begin
•pressures of life like no
one could imagine•toting the
crushing weight upon her tiny shou-
lders•responsibilities and expectations that
would overwhelm before she falters•she'd ***-
ble as she groans her duress•her skin would crack
to release pent up stress•then there would come a day
•her exhausted veins would rupture and then give way
•she has the most terrible temper•but we would still flock
to her•
why?*........when time and again she offers us strife•

simply because she provides,
she gives us life•
Concrete Poem 12 of 30

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ryn Nov 2015
arms point
to the sky•
a gesture
                           frozen in                 eter-
                                 nity•un-                fazed as
                                   the clouds                whisper a
        lie•                 rumours of                 rain that
  never               came quickly•            prickles
protrude             menacingly            •threaten-
ing all who          would stray         too close•      
baseless            gossip that   masquerade    
as pleasant-   ry•to deviate me from      
the path i chose•still i stand            
here...duelling the sun          
•in a land scorched            
ing for hope
when there's 
really none•
here i stand...
lonely and
Concrete Poem 11 of 30

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ryn Dec 2015
•i found truth
in a saying i read•that we
start dying the day we were born
•not from life inflicted wounds from
which we've bled•not from illness or
disease that would have us torn •we
only live and breathe upon borrowed
sand•because we age; because we are
but mortal•it's only up to ourselves to
be mediocre or grand• what we'll be at
the end is consequential• it'll matter not
if we won popularity polls• or what riches
over which we covet and fuss•when asked, "for
whom does the bell toll?"
•look in the mirror for it tolls

                                          ­    for no one...
                                                          ­            but for us
Concrete Poem 26 of 30

Inspired by Metallica's "For Whom the Bell Tolls".

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ryn Dec 2015
/                                  /             /           /    /           /    /
/             /                       //          /        / /        /
/           /     /    /             /                       /        /       /    /
//               /        /     ••        /               /    / /
/      /           /      •••   /                 /   /
/            /         •lift me up over-          /             /
/      /    head•for i only seek to shelter    /      //
          you•from the sun who'd scorch you red          /
•from monsoon rains that'll chill you blue•you
may at times think i'm cumbersome to carry•when
the winds of change put you in all kinds of weather•
but i can collapse and fold... i stow away easy•keep me
close and i will spring to your aid... whenever, wherever•
such           is my           pro-   ••   mise           to...           you•
•                   •                  •       ••      •                  •                   •
•••            cta-                   
•••          ble                 

soon you'll find my words to be true•
that i'd forever be your brolly
For my family.

Concrete Poem 22 of 30

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ryn Dec 2015
•a long time
ago in a galaxy far away
•the saga continues with fancy
new droids•characters in outland-
ish costumes put on display•impo-
ssible new crafts that  dart and slice
through vacuumed voids•armed to
■■■■   the teeth with impressive weapons•   ■■■■
■■■■■   spectacular battles between gargan-   ■■■■■
■■■■■   tuan cruisers• never ending fight b-   ■■■■■
■■■■■   etween opposing factions•where d-   ■■■■■
■■■■■   ark and light wield fantastic sabers•   ■■■■■
■■■■■   oh i love it... i love it!  the day draws   ■■■■■
■■■■■   near • where my childhood pangs...   ■■■■■
■■■■■   would begin to smart•in a week, the   ■■■■■
■■■■■   long anticipated day would be here•
■■■■■   where the sith in my veins meets the   ■■■■■
■■■■■                     jedi in my heart•                     ■■■■■
■■■■■                                                      ­                  ■■■■■
■■■■■■                                   ­                                  ■■■■■■
■■■■■■■                                                                   ■■■■■■■
IIIIIIIIIIIIIII             ­                                             IIIIIIIIIIIIIII
Concrete Poem 28 of 30

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ryn Nov 2015
•atop the mast billows
my wind-tossed rag•grinning skull embla-
zoned proud•the starkness of black upon my flag
•piercing the encroaching sea mist and shroud•her-
ald the sight of the jolly roger • instilling trepidation
in all who sail through my turf • fuelled by the thirst
to pillage and plunder•others before, have sunk into
graves beneath the surf•my salt encrusted timber
creaks                   a frightening low                growl•
my hull                       would pum-                     mel thro-
ugh the opposing waves•    my sails bloat full trapping
winds that howl•my       deck bears the screams
of a thousan-            d slaves•know
me, seafarers... i am no legend but
truth•avast! seafarers, i am the tale
that looms•believe me, seafarers for i
am ca-        pable         of all         things

•••                                                 ­        •••
  uncouth                                                 •fear me,
seafarers for                                            i am your
doom•you could                                 sail the seas with
the world's most                    skillful of crew•
you cannot deny the
heavy hand of fate•be-
cause once my vessel comes
within view                             •you would
know for certain                                that it's already
•••••••                                       •••••••
•••••                                               •••••

*too late•
Concrete Poem 17 of 30

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ryn Nov 2015
Hear ye!
Hear ye!
Oh how I love concrete poetry!
Itching to write and sculpt and mould.
Twiddle my thumbs as I thought to myself silently.
Reckon I'd render my musings in italics and in bold!

Hear ye!
Hear ye!
30 days of concrete, wouldn't you fancy?!
These poems, they come in various shapes.
Would you consider them "poetic eye candy"?
If I fashioned poems to look like grapes!

Hear ye!
Hear ye!
Awashed with excitement!
I can't wait to share!
Fantastical, delicious and ultimately succulent!
A wonderful spread of such wordy fare!

Hear ye!
Hear ye!*
When is this... GREAT BIG AFFAIR?
On the morrow, I'll dish out the first serving!
Do tune in if you so do care...
30 days of concrete! The shape fest is beginning!
Greetings! I will be posting a concrete poem each day for the next 30 days. It's a huge undertaking and I'm really pumped up about it! Stay tuned... :)
ryn Nov 2015
            sing to
                   me a  song
                           so melodious...
                               •one of  sweet so-
                                    unding timbre•let it
                                        ••   capture and numb
                                           ••             me senseless•
                                            ••        ­          take me to a
                                             ••                ­       place and
                                             ••              ­             time so
                                              ••                               fami-
                                            ••             ­                    lia-
                                           ••               ­                   r•
where fond       ••                      
memories linger free•fr-                                  
om all worldly constraints•                                    
where our ears can see•the                                      
passing bliss in heaven's                                      
godly paint•                                      
Concrete Poem 16 of 30

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ryn Nov 2015
ple band•   •••••   •convert-
in a sim-                   •                      ing the
mortality                                                   wishful
silver•im-               ­                                            to   the
on gold or                                                                suppo-
mounted                                                                     sed•we
nd•a rock                                                                      have co-
pilling sa-                                                                     me  full
reats of s-                                                                     circle  •
ing the th-                                                                stars we'-
ther•beat-                                                  ­         ve forged
forth toge-                                              and coun-
journey                                    ted•make
   shall we           reality out
of fable•

Read clockwise.

Concrete Poem 14 of 30

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