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Oct 2021 · 626
The New Normal
NoctOwl Oct 2021
It is new to me
To feel happy,
To celebrate.

It is a foreign thing
To laugh

Is this the new normal?
Experiencing heaven.
Feb 2021 · 629
Moving Forward
NoctOwl Feb 2021
Sunset is your favorite
Lest you forget
The sun goes down
And let the moon takes its place  

You treasured your sleep
And enjoy a peaceful rest
Hoping that there will be
Another day to see

Dancing in the rain?
How great it is!
The rain drops
For it is too much for the clouds

For there is beauty
In letting go
And there is joy
In moving on
Mar 2020 · 310
NoctOwl Mar 2020
Andaming nag bago, noh?
Mga bagong mukha
Mga naalala ko na lamang sa mukha
Ano ba ulit ang iyong ngalan?

Marami na rin palang namaalam
Mga namalagi sa ibang lugar
Mga lumisan sa mundong ibabaw
Ikaw, saan ka na nananahan?

At itong mga dating maliliit na bata
Ngayon ay nagsilakihan na
Ang karamihan ay napariwara
At ang iilan ay hindi nawalan ng pag asa

Masyado siguro akong naging abala
Upang hindi mapuna
Kilala pa rin kaya ako
Ng komunidad na kinalakihan ko?
Mar 2020 · 207
NoctOwl Mar 2020
Here I long
For apologies from
The people
Who offended me

Here I ask
For explanations from
The people
Who treated me poorly

But deep inside
I know
The one
That needs to be sorry

Hence here I am
Asking for
I am sorry
Oct 2019 · 212
NoctOwl Oct 2019
'Cause I can' t understand why
But He said, "I am here"

And I asked how
Yet He said, "let me show you"

For in this suffering I long
Not for an answer but a companion
Jul 2019 · 1.1k
The Hardest One
NoctOwl Jul 2019
I forgive you
All who abandoned me
Left me alone
Forsaken me

I forgive you
Those who accused me
Made rumors
Slandered me

I forgive you
All who betrayed me
Left me hanging
Rejected me

And at last!
I forgive
the hardest one
I forgive you, myself
Nov 2018 · 3.1k
NoctOwl Nov 2018
There she is
Beautiful, as always
The one who left
The woman who abandoned me

Here I am
Grasping for air

And in that split moment
I ask myself
If Love were in my situation,
What would Love do?
Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.
Nov 2018 · 449
A Happy Birthday
NoctOwl Nov 2018
I hate this day
The 13th death anniversary
Of my beloved grandfather

I do not like this day
The day I backslided
Six years ago

I am learning to admire this day
For today is the day
Of small beginnings

I really love this day
My creator gave me life
Indeed, it is a happy birth day
Feb 2018 · 337
NoctOwl Feb 2018
I still remember
The days of loneliness
You found me and promised
That you will never leave me nor forsake me

I remember
The days of embracement
You let me be part of a community
And even become one of the leaders of it

I remember
The days of exploration
You sent me to different nations
For me to grow and experience You more

I remember
The days of rejoicing
You helped me to become a civil engineer
Despite my shortcomings

I remember
The days of failures
You did not grow tired of me
Even though everyone left me

I remember
The days of faithlessness
You still remain faithful
Because you cannot disown Yourself

I remember
The days of mourning
You were there to listen
To my never-ending self-pity

And now,
The days of deliverance
I remember You
The One who saves
Oct 2017 · 1.3k
NoctOwl Oct 2017
Kay bilis din ng panahon aking kaibigan
Tulad ng paglaho ng pangalan mo sa inbox ng cellphone na gamit ko
Na dati ay napupuyat upang makatext lamang ang isang tulad mo
Ngayon ay nagtatanong kung mayroon ka pa ba ng mga numero ko?

Kay dali nga siguro lumipas ang oras
Tulad ng chat box sa facebook na hindi na kita mahanap
Na noon ay laging nasa unahan at puno ng tawanan ang nilalaman
Ngayon ay tila nalulumbay at ayaw tumahan

Salamat sa lahat ng mga alala na ito aking mahal
Masaya akong ulit ulitin ito sa aking isipan
Huwag ka mag alala dahil ako ay hindi nangangamba
May langit pa naman, kung saan walang time limit ay makakapiling ka.
Sep 2017 · 1.1k
NoctOwl Sep 2017
Please give me
Just a little care
For I am lonely
I am lost
I feel despair
I grieve
because I feel grief
and I mourn
for reasons I do not know
I want some hugs
Even just a tap on the back
Where are you?
Where am i?
I am dying
My heart is dying
This emotion is so strong
I do not know
Everything is a struggle
Even breathing
Even lifting a finger
Even finishing this porlkmd./
Jul 2017 · 4.1k
Physics is You
NoctOwl Jul 2017
I love physics
And I know why
I love physics because
Physics is like you to love

When I look at you
You smile
The light from the sun
Helps you glow to my eyes

When you say something, I listen
I clearly hear your voice
And hear every single detail you say
Because when you speak
The other sounds cancel each other
So that your voice
Is the only sound I can hear

I love physics because
I can feel it on you
When I’m dazed and confused, you slap my face
It makes me calm
It’s the way you say to me
“I am here so don’t worry”
When it happens that we swap position
I’ll kiss you and show my love to you
In that way I can say
“Being sad doesn’t suit you”

When I am cold, you hug me
I hug you when you are cold too
These simple hugs mean
I love you and you love me too

I know you don’t want a selfish person
So I am persevering to change myself for you
My care for myself lessens
Now, I don’t know
Where I should put those cares that I take
Do you have any idea?
What if, I will put it all to you?
So every time my care for myself decreases
My care for you will increase

I love physics because
Physics makes me alive
Just the way you do
Because I can’t live without you

When we are far apart, I worry
But I know you are fine
Because when something bad happened to you
It will happen to me also
When your heart stop to beat
My heart will stop too
Because you know
My life is in series with you
When you are switched ‘on’
Then I will be ‘on’
When someone shut you ‘off’
My life will be turned ‘off’

I like you because
I don’t know why but
Everything is nicer with you
How much do you weigh?
I think you are heavier than me
Maybe that’s the reason why
I fell in love to you
As Albert Einstein said,
“Mass is a force alone”
So your force overcomes me

I guess I don’t know why I really love you
Why do I also love physics?
I think I love you. . .
I guess I love physics. . .
Because physics is you
Jul 2017 · 1.7k
Alabaster Box
NoctOwl Jul 2017
She came from a broken family
Which had nothing to eat
As an early age she discovered
She could offer her body for bread

Shame dominated her existence
As day after day she prostituted herself
Being good in her profession
She earned a reputation

One day she saw a Stranger
And she could not help but wonder
The Man had a way with people
And spoke words like salve to the soul

Several days had past
Yet He was all she could think about
She knew the Man had awakened something
Could it be Love?

When she heard that the Teacher was invited to a Pharisee’s house
She decided she would go just to see the Teacher
In her clothing she tucked an alabaster box
Then went quickly to the Pharisee’s house

There she witnessed how the Pharisee showed no respect
The Teacher received nothing upon entering the house
Neither handshake nor kiss, nor basin of water to clean the feet
Not even an oil to refresh His head

His humiliation so reminiscent of her own
The ******* could not help but throw herself to Him
There she began to kiss His feet
Washed it with her tears and wiped it with her hair

Soon the woman reached into her garment
From it revealed the alabaster box
From this box she pulled a flask of expensive perfume
And poured the fragrant oil on the feet of Jesus

Her perfume, her primary form of advertisement and shame, was now gone
Compelled by the Love she had never known until the present moment
She gave up the primary means of her occupation
The aroma once meant to allure now become an aroma of worship
inspired from chapter 4 of the book "Love Well" by Jamie George
Jul 2017 · 569
My Woman
NoctOwl Jul 2017
I am sorry.
You may have the beauty of a Greek goddess
And men worship your charm
But it is not enough

I am sorry.
You may have the voice of an angel
Especially when I hear you say Nixen
But my ears desire for more

I am sorry.
Yes I agree, your sweetness is intoxicating
And your affirmation gives me strength
But my soul longs for more

For I know you, woman, are just a poor imitation of Him
He, my Creator, is my worth
The One that I choose to pursue
And will make me a man ready to lead you, my woman.
Jul 2017 · 645
Quiet Time
NoctOwl Jul 2017
I am maintaining an FB account
Posting intellectual stuff only,
Things that stir the mind of my social-networking friends
By this, they will perceive me as a deep person

I am an usher in a Christian church
Giving my biggest effort to serve,
Accommodating and presentable as possible
For people to think that I am mature

I have my own network of friends
Where I can express hope, faith, and love
(In times of despair and grief, at least make it
sound that you are overcoming it)
To portray that I am reliable, independent, and a man of faith

But here in our secret place
Everything is authentic, real, and sincere
Sugarcoating exists no more
Vulnerability and honesty surely steal the show

The moment I lock the door and open the bible
And we start a conversation
I know for sure that I cannot fake it
What do you expect from Someone who can see your inner being?

This time, without a doubt, I am free
To tell everything without the fear of being judged
To argue without the feeling of being condemned
To cry and accept that I am desperate and needy

No wonder I love our time, in this secret place
A time for unbelief and faith
A time for loathing and worship
A time to be Nixen

— The End —