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Annie Sep 2019
All of my life has been a search
For things I could not see
For matters founding in my heart
For things that I could be
I sold my home and life
For principiality
But everything was worth the price
And Im remorselessly

Yet I wonder now and then
Whenever I am asked again
What I have answered once
Though I walked freely down that path
And there is no regret
and yet
I wonder what I felt inside
What caused my mind to set
This way along the past
What craving caused my vast
Amount of ruthlessness

I lost my time, with no remorse,
And all of my appeal
The breaking clocks may have been worse
But still, I could'nt feel
Nor understand
what Ive been searching for

And when I carried on my way
I lost myself in forlorn days
Where I found something new
I never had been searching for
And yet I felt that something grew
Inside of me
That let me fear
The things about to come

For I got lost,
found by someone,
Something that changed my mind
I didnt want to lose that fast
Nor leave it all behind

And for the first time I did fight
I changed the clockwork of my mind
I chose a place, a time a side
And wonder about all my life
About decisions, thoughts and creeds
I owned in future pasts
For any deed
I would regret
And yet
I wonder
What have happened
to my heart
Emmanuella Nov 2018
The scientist moved from table to table, beaker to beaker. She adjusted her goggles on her nose and sniffed, turning a vial on its head, tipping its content into another.
She stood back and with frantic, excited gleams playing in her eyes observed the mixture fizz, fizzle, pop, sizzle and flow over.
She hmmed and this is where I stepped in, asking her, what it is she was doing. What experiment was she carrying out? What question she was attempting to answer.

She, beginning an attempt anew, picked up a vial containing a sweet-scented liquid and stepped up to her table again.
“I’m trying to see...dear. I’m trying to see...”
“See what?”
“The balance. What is the right amount...” She breathed this last sentence under her breath like it was a question more to herself than an answer to me.
“The right amount of what?”
At this, she turned to me.

“Of Love.” She said.
“For you either love too much or too little.
Or you either receive too much love or too little love. And in each case, it leaves a dreadful feeling in one's stomach.
This cannot be healthy. It isn’t. So I must find out this equation, solve this puzzle for it is so perplexing.”
She turned back to her vials and beakers, murmuring under her breath all the while. “It is so is so perplexing...”
"And what amount of love will you give, and what amount of love will you receive that does not amount to a dreadful feeling?"
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2018
I was on the way to pick her up,
was just about to cross a slippery *****
on the front yard of my in-laws’ home.
Forget how long it took me to cross,
Huh, I had to solve a riddle.
A Moon pops up halfway through,
right in my way, it just won’t move.

I said I don’t need any horoscope,
already married, I am not a groom!
She goes, I too don’t fancy fussing about.
The riddle I got is only an easy-peasy one.
Just tell me your W duo—Where and When
did you take your first breath?
I laugh, isn't it the mum who can tell best,
who saw it first when I was born
but I can't go back and ask her,
she won’t show up
unless I return home, picking her up.

I said to the moon, o dear,
never did I say you got a scar,
that a spot on your face is cute, fair,
is only a cool shadow of one’s
deep-rooted fine lock of hair!

I then ran to the expert scientist.
He said it’s all vibrating but knows not
where the heck, if ever the spin might stop.
Again I ran to knock on the Sufi’s door.
He seemed to know why I went there,
And said in a deep voice, “as far as I know,
you don’t have a sister-in-law!”

Again the moon asks, in a heavy tone
“Tell me the truth,” before it's too long,
I said you’re in my way,
“I am not asking for an acre of moon.
Spare me a digit gap if you could.”

Unlike how the lands on earth, she tells,
keep changing the hands,
owning the ultimate plot is still one’s dream.
But no space is left unmeasured in space.
You miss by a hairbreadth, no matter how tiny,
and you might as well miss it by the eternity.

So zero space can I spare says the moon
This is it, the dead end, no more room to move.
Still, even a closed circle can’t be close,
the smallest atom is not the smallest to be closed.
The constant spin inside it constantly finds
ever more space to move on, because the root
pi is cracked open, spills out a new decimal,
though none can pinpoint, in this finest loophole
the sky can sway and earth finds a mouth to jingle!
Future is more digital. In the last stanza, a complicated dilemma solves for me. Since the subject matter is that there is one perfect circle though it's vividly complex to discover. The Motion continues even from the ultimate end of the tiniest particle. Because the closed circle is somehow open for something. But this subtlest opening angle is transcended cannot be located. Just as the never ending pi decimals denote its enduring open range without projecting a pattern is a juxtaposed example.

Juxtaposition conveys a lot of meanings in natural science. For instance, the inverse of phi golden ratio 1.618 is 0.618 they are same but utterly two different Numbers. I find it as a sign that the closed circle also can open without actually opening to the mass.
Nicholas Fonte Apr 2018
I wonder what is in those eyes
They have never given me lies
But they do hide behind a pair of glasses
It's like she is wearing a mask
To persuade others off her task
But she is finished with her experiment
Now it is time to reveal
What she had to conceal
The feelings she found in the results
Hussein Dekmak Mar 2018
I searched for God in extravagant churches, temples, and mosques, but no trace of Him was found!
I searched for Him at the gatherings of the rich, but he was not present!
I searched for Him at the palaces of the greatest kings, but he was not there!

I found God in the droplets of water that quench the thirst of many.
I found Him in the trees that nurture human kind with their bountiful fruits.
I found Him in the radiance of the sun that illuminates the whole Universe.
I found Him in air particles that give life to a human being with every breath.

I found God in the murmur of my mother’s prayer.
I found Him in the holy dish which feeds a hungry stomach.
I found Him in the eyes of the homeless that convey thousands of untold stories.
I found Him in the sacred tears of innocent souls that are wailing for justice.

I found God in minds that think, breath, and act with kindness.
I found Him in the charitable hands that donate, and expect nothing in return.
I found Him in the silent heart of a suffering person that exudes patience
I found God in the tireless eyes of a scientist researching cures for diseases!

Hussein Dekmak
Edited 2
E over c2 Mar 2018
A modern day Renaissance Man
Is a scientist who can feel without a theory
Who can theorise without feeling

Seperate,  his emotions and logic lie
But together when needed again

Crafting himself a world that is both beautiful
And efficient

So Einstein's violin let light be made constant
So Hawking's humour let black holes be radiant
So Leonardo's paintings let machines be made

So let my words
My notes
My voice
Lead to the latter
Onto the new
A dedication to the art of science, and a prayer for the future.
Jayantee Khare Aug 2017


invented "nothing"
This is how
turned into
Just kidding!! :))
NoctOwl Jul 2017
I love physics
And I know why
I love physics because
Physics is like you to love

When I look at you
You smile
The light from the sun
Helps you glow to my eyes

When you say something, I listen
I clearly hear your voice
And hear every single detail you say
Because when you speak
The other sounds cancel each other
So that your voice
Is the only sound I can hear

I love physics because
I can feel it on you
When I’m dazed and confused, you slap my face
It makes me calm
It’s the way you say to me
“I am here so don’t worry”
When it happens that we swap position
I’ll kiss you and show my love to you
In that way I can say
“Being sad doesn’t suit you”

When I am cold, you hug me
I hug you when you are cold too
These simple hugs mean
I love you and you love me too

I know you don’t want a selfish person
So I am persevering to change myself for you
My care for myself lessens
Now, I don’t know
Where I should put those cares that I take
Do you have any idea?
What if, I will put it all to you?
So every time my care for myself decreases
My care for you will increase

I love physics because
Physics makes me alive
Just the way you do
Because I can’t live without you

When we are far apart, I worry
But I know you are fine
Because when something bad happened to you
It will happen to me also
When your heart stop to beat
My heart will stop too
Because you know
My life is in series with you
When you are switched ‘on’
Then I will be ‘on’
When someone shut you ‘off’
My life will be turned ‘off’

I like you because
I don’t know why but
Everything is nicer with you
How much do you weigh?
I think you are heavier than me
Maybe that’s the reason why
I fell in love to you
As Albert Einstein said,
“Mass is a force alone”
So your force overcomes me

I guess I don’t know why I really love you
Why do I also love physics?
I think I love you. . .
I guess I love physics. . .
Because physics is you
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