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NoctOwl Oct 22
Too much emotion
Too much time
For uninterested people
Too much feelings
Too much love
For an ungrateful person
The past will not come back
And you cannot force one's love
Is it about time,
To let go of the past?
How about this time,
We choose a different path?
NoctOwl Aug 2022
A bouquet
For you
Not of flowers
But of shrooms

Mario's favorite
To save the princess
Alice's secret
To defeat the queen

For the gods
And Home
For the Elves

My offer
Of Love
And eternal
NoctOwl Aug 2022
When the longingness
Strikes once again
And the "what ifs"
Seek more answers

I strengthen my resolve
Keep my head up high
And give a long sigh
This too, will pass by.
NoctOwl Jul 2022
There is this deception
That I always tend to believe
The past is great
The past is the golden age

But as I wonder,
What makes the present day?
Isn't lovely?
Isn't magnificent today?

And now I reflect,
And remember Your faithfulness
The present accumulates
The wonder of Your grace
He is faithful.
NoctOwl Mar 2022
Mag aral ka nang mabuti
habang ikaw ay estudyante
Nang sa iyong Paglaki
Maging mamamayan na mabuti

Oh may inuman
Sa akin ang pulutan
Ikaw kaibigan?
Toka mo ay alak naman

At sa aking pag-uwi
Ako ay napaluhod
Sa relasyon natin Ama
Minahal ako kahit walang ambag
NoctOwl Mar 2022
Dream catcher
For my haunting dreams
The gift I received
On Christmas Eve

At last, it is love!
I giggle and laugh
Until I fell asleep
With a little smirk

Still sleepy, stretching my arms
Why cannot I touch a hand?
Looking for you but cannot find
My recent nightmare, you become.
NoctOwl Oct 2021
It is new to me
To feel happy,
To celebrate.

It is a foreign thing
To laugh

Is this the new normal?
Experiencing heaven.
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