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NoctOwl Aug 2022
When the longingness
Strikes once again
And the "what ifs"
Seek more answers

I strengthen my resolve
Keep my head up high
And give a long sigh
This too, will pass by.
Heavy Hearted Nov 2020
Tightly I cling; -

Rebecca's promise to me,

Reminding myself :

Even now,  'You are Free'.
Long Shadow by Twin Limb
Shadiya Zubair Aug 2020
Days are getting longer
Hopes are getting bleak
But don't let them, let you down
Because remember "this too shall pass"

We, in the midst of chaos
But bear with all of them
by giving a shot of smile
Because remember "this too shall pass"

Refrain from cursing the days
Live in each season as it passes
by doing what you love
Because remember "this too shall pass"
🍁We are in the midst of chaos.Each and everyone are cursing the days.But this is just a part of life.It depends on how humans adapt to this very situation. When it's a good time, enjoy each and every moment, if it's bad, be patient. Sometimes we have to undergo the worst to get the best.🍁

"This too shall pass away" a Persian adage which is apt for every moment of our life.

"How much it expresses and how chastening in the hour of pride and how consoling it is in the depths of affliction"
-Abraham Lincoln
About the adage🌿
Aver May 2020
like walking on eggshells
walking on shards of glass
broken window pane
i leaned too far out this time

afraid of every moment
that every breath
will be the one to break me open

of spilling over and out
like blood on a new carpet
there's no cleaning this mess

i convince myself it's just my dreaming
but even in sleep i am awake
there is no pretending
there are some roads we simply must take

i may not like this one
i may hate this path with every ounce of meaning
every once of life i have left
but i guess that's why life is funny
it's not always about the journey
nor the destination
its not about choosing a path
not about the road less taken
it's about continuing down that road
taking each step in this dark alley
not because i want to
not because i have to
but because that's life
to keep going
to keep going
until you are you again
until i am me again
i'll keep going
i know soon
i'll find that path
that feels a little more like home
keep going
Seconds, minutes, hours, days...

You can get over it. Tick, tick.

Days, weeks, months, years...

You're in a different place. Ring, ring.

Decades, centuries, millennium, eons...

We're all the same! Toll, toll.

— The End —