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when clouds
are small
patches of
these quilted
cumuli only
high pressure
from the
seven seas
if this
summer breeze
wilts with
a shower
then their
dusky hours
till dawn
sequestered thus
in alabaster
a note on caution
spit dancer
swear to me
your queendom
how come
her sheets
clung to

get away from me mother
can you not see
that we have
what mother
we can barely
hear you

roll up your sleeve mother
hide the snot from underneath
what have you done mother
will you womb
ever escape me
answer me

come child
from under your defenses
what are these but painful memories
relax my son lay on the tides

what mother



answer me


how much love
an love chucker
NoctOwl Jul 2017
She came from a broken family
Which had nothing to eat
As an early age she discovered
She could offer her body for bread

Shame dominated her existence
As day after day she prostituted herself
Being good in her profession
She earned a reputation

One day she saw a Stranger
And she could not help but wonder
The Man had a way with people
And spoke words like salve to the soul

Several days had past
Yet He was all she could think about
She knew the Man had awakened something
Could it be Love?

When she heard that the Teacher was invited to a Pharisee’s house
She decided she would go just to see the Teacher
In her clothing she tucked an alabaster box
Then went quickly to the Pharisee’s house

There she witnessed how the Pharisee showed no respect
The Teacher received nothing upon entering the house
Neither handshake nor kiss, nor basin of water to clean the feet
Not even an oil to refresh His head

His humiliation so reminiscent of her own
The ******* could not help but throw herself to Him
There she began to kiss His feet
Washed it with her tears and wiped it with her hair

Soon the woman reached into her garment
From it revealed the alabaster box
From this box she pulled a flask of expensive perfume
And poured the fragrant oil on the feet of Jesus

Her perfume, her primary form of advertisement and shame, was now gone
Compelled by the Love she had never known until the present moment
She gave up the primary means of her occupation
The aroma once meant to allure now become an aroma of worship
inspired from chapter 4 of the book "Love Well" by Jamie George
Ma Cherie Sep 2016
Church bells ring of voices silenced
a darkened Moon is hanging low
crickets stop to hear the empty
as loving waters overflow

As angels call in voices singing
notify my heart goodbye
as deafened ears are opened up
no more tears are left to cry

Dying leaves, a crimson carpet
indigo ink at levied banks
waters flood my aching heartbeat
raising hands to you in thanks

Cloaking eyes, I'm in the shadows
petitioning  you another dance
whispering the coming reaper
if only I could have a chance

Softly come draped in darkness
ebony casts a ghostly glow
lovely bones in alabaster
putting on a secret show

Taking off the heavy waiting
holding down my paper heart
a poets voice cannot be silenced
by ticking hands you pushed apart

Silver tears they fall in quiet
in rivers taken right or wrong
releasing me & painful weighting
and sing me as I come along

Violins they speak so mellow
calling me as I go home
morning comes a glowing ember
left for you an Earthly loam

As the leaves outside are falling
and thickened air bids me farewell
whispering of my departure
& secrets I may never tell
although in this...
you mustn't dwell

Waving you off
in slow motion
blinking lashes bid adieu
darkened cloakroom,
veiling... hiding
memories of loving you

the only love
I  really wanted
the one I never... really knew.

Cherie Nolan © 2016
Just about love, loss and Fall, truly inspired by many things including the attack in New York.
Spenser Bennett Apr 2016
I brought the mountain to the north
You brought my world to a quiet halt
You are breaking my fourth
I stare through the wall

This is my defeat
Shall I fall, a broken, empty shell
The sword lies bloodied, unsheathed.
You fell from  heaven only to bring me hell

We're moving further
Further away from perpetual motion
Drifting towards the bottom corners
Of these uncharted churning oceans

Set my soul alight
I will follow you down
Heart rending slight
Slow comprehension  of fury and sound

You were never quiet
I just couldn't seem to ascertain
How you screamed through the night
As I dragged my mountain, dreading the night you sang

Sanguine devotion to the one great commotion,
Quarantined joy, in this helpless slow motion
Disaster. We won't know our hearts until we tear ourselves apart.
Alabaster skin torn asunder, to reveal broadcasted surrender to the dark
red dragon Jan 2016
when I speak I speak
only of love.
when I breathe I breathe in the
curiosity of sin.
when I exhale --I exhale the
beauty of living.

as I wander in the darkness of life
I seek out the

when in doubt
I somehow find that the
darkness and light

even the best fall down,
the stars shine even
when they don't want to,
so why can't I.

life is full of wonders,
I will find them one by one,
hundreds of hundreds,
I will find why life
is worthwhile.
K Balachandran Nov 2015
IN the divine frenzy of that moment,
when they met each other first, as predicted,
she pulled him down over her,for eons together,
on the marble step they just passed each other.
Both froze, trapped in a time wrap,
within a moment as a sculpture in alabaster.

A somnambulist sculpturer,with a wild imagination,
claimed it as his master piece, oblivious of the facts!

The cosmos is only a thought,like a flowing river reaching
to the ocean of eternity, if you would remember.
Every imagination, at a point becomes real, memory,
happenings, gains and loss all look the same as one goes on.
Every one passing the steps up and down, invariably is amazed,
wonder still, who this marble couple are, what story they'd tell.
The circle, is bound to get completed, a million years after,perhaps,
                                                  ­      2
Two butterflies, flying around the sculpture, to see if there is a drop
of nectar anywhere,find it on the lips joined,in a kiss eternal,
as they taste it together, they did remember a day in the life of universe,

A wise silver owl, watching this divine pantomime, flies up,
enlightenment strikes hard;on that zen moment, all fall in place!
Love look so good on you;
Like, an alabaster offering
At the feet of a deity.
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