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I try to make your place
in my overweight heart
as small as possible

and yet

you punched your way
through my chest
with only two words

(my angel)
When you set my body on fire
       it must be...
because every cell loathes you
       it must be...
because your rage is consuming
       it must be...
because hell lies between us
When I look into your eyes
my heart beats so fast
it makes me forget
that I don't love you
I know that
for one moment
tomorrow morning

I will have forgotten
this pain

tearing through me
like lightning
through a tree

but after that moment
I will be struck
all over again
I wrote this poem when I lost someone close to me. Yesterday marked one year since he's gone. I've never wanted anyone to read it before, but I feel ready to share it now. Holidays are hard when not everyone is around to celebrate with you. Sending a lot of love to those who miss someone this season<3
I see you in music
notes are steps
closer to you
press play and
we never pause
"music" and "you" can be read as the first words of the next line
Sometimes I can feel it
     when we're thinking the same thing
sometimes I can feel it
     when you're thinking about me
sometimes I can feel it
     when you're looking at me
sometimes I can feel it
     when you're watching me
sometimes I can feel it
     when you're there
sometimes I can feel it
     when you're not there

sometimes I don't feel anything at all
I wonder

if I make you trip
over my foot
into a canyon

will you understand
how I feel
when you smile at me?
I look at you
and the feeling in my chest
is a delightful pain

I look at you
and my heart jumps
it lunges for your throat
You kissed my hand
and your touch
sent sparks of life
through the dead land
hollowed out
in my chest
I want to reach for your
twists and curls and twirl
them around my fingers
Thinking about you
keeps me awake at night
and yet I can't sleep
if my last thought
isn't about you
You missed a piece
when you broke my heart
here it is
(it's yours anyway)

— The End —