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Jan 24 · 100
Katy Jan 24
Silence speaks v o l u m e s

It's just not what you want to h e a r
Jan 24 · 365
Going Back
Katy Jan 24
It's exhausting
going back
to a place
you've come
to hate
Jan 23 · 337
The Absence of Her
Katy Jan 23
There have been so many times
I've almost given in to loving you again

But then I remember you love her

And only love me in the absence of her
Jan 22 · 164
So You're Smoking Again
Katy Jan 22
Some of us have demons we thought we exorcised
The truth is they just went into hiding and became dormant

Well, mine has come back out to play
Wreaking his havoc through my entire body

The nicotine is the safest way I can ward him off
While I try to figure out how to get rid of him completely
Jan 16 · 274
Storm of Destruction
Katy Jan 16
Often times I'm too much
But in a sense still not enough

I'd like to say I'm a work in progress
To cut myself a little slack

But in all honesty I'm a mess
And I guess that's why they call me a storm to be reckoned with
I tend to be more destructive than I am constructive
Katy Jan 14
We both have this need for attention - to be loved
Being alone absolutely terrifies us
Yet we're content being alone together

He understands rules and knows how he should behave and so do I
However, we both falter at times - we can be a bit too much for some

I have sat and wondered endlessly about these things trying to figure out how we could be nearly the same
With the answer in front of me the entire time

Our pasts have shaped us
Both of us were left behind by the people we loved the most
We trusted them and they tossed us aside
The trauma of being thrown away and withered down made us who we are
*Finley is my dog*
Katy Jan 9
Is your bed as cold and lonely as mine?

Or are you content with how you left things?
Katy Jan 8
I bleed in pastels
To mimic the beauty of sunsets
Jan 8 · 439
Left Bleeding
Katy Jan 8
I will keep trying
Until you shoot me down enough times
To bleed out all the hope I have left
Jan 8 · 160
It Goes On
Katy Jan 8
The sun is coming up
Just like it always does
Like it always has

Long before you
Long before me
Long before us

And tonight the sun will set
Just like always
I don't know why I'm still surprised
But I always am
It goes on even if "we" died
Jan 6 · 87
Untitled XXI
Katy Jan 6
I wear this crown of thorns
To mask the insecurities that lie beneath my skin

And I'm scorned for being so abrasive
Pricking the fingertips that reach to touch me

But it's a daunting task to let anyone in
And believe you won't get hurt
After the cruelty I've endured
Jan 5 · 96
Untitled XX
Katy Jan 5
The first drag I ever took of a cigarette left the taste of ash in my mouth
And a burning in my throat all the way to my lungs
Until I coughed so much I felt sick
That's how I feel being in the same room breathing the same air as you
Jan 5 · 119
WARNING: Broken Glass
Katy Jan 5
My feelings etch the page
With each tear that falls from my face

The pictures form
From the blood pooling out of the cuts on my hands

How was I supposed to know you would break me?
Or that my own pieces would cut me?

I just wanted to put them back together
So I didn't feel so empty
So I could be whole again
Jan 5 · 140
The Chaos Within
Katy Jan 5
I write to make sense of the chaos in my head
Trying to speak the words only leaves them on the tip of my tongue
For if they left my lips and floated to someone else's ears
I'm almost certain there would be a crusade of my bones
Instead of a compassionate understanding of my soul

— The End —