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Katy Dec 2020
I always thought of you as my Summer
Warm and welcoming
With longer days
But you’ve proven to be more of a Winter
Cold and distant
Bringing lonely nights
Katy Dec 2020
I’m drunk right now
And it is seemingly frowned upon
To tell you I still love you since I’m intoxicated

But it’s the only time
I’m not afraid to admit it
To myself and the world

Now’s not the best time
To tell you any of that
So I won’t
Katy Dec 2020
I believe some days are better than others
That there’s a bright future ahead of us

I believe love conquers any of the biggest obstacles in front of you
Whether that love comes from you or someone else

That even though you may be broken now
It won’t be this way forever

I believe there’s ten times more good in the world than there is evil
That there is good in you
Katy Nov 2020
I know I’m alive
Because my heart is beating
And my skin is warm
But am I living?
Katy Nov 2020
3 hours
All it took was 3 hours
For me to wish I had more time with you
And I’ve spent the last 24 hours
Wondering if you felt the spark too
Katy Jul 2020
It’s painful to think
This whole time I was happy
I was on cloud nine

While you were not
Each day you were in complete hell

I don’t know where I went wrong
Or what I could’ve done to have you soaring with me

Although us ending has wrecked my world
I am happy to know that you’re better
I’m sorry if any of your pain was my fault
Katy Jun 2020
There’s this continental drift
Between who I am
And who you want me to be

It’s putting doubts in my head
Keeping me from the things that make me happy

The mask I’ve fabricated for your comfort
Is suffocating me

But you just watch
While I struggle to breathe
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