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Katy Jan 8
I bleed in pastels
To mimic the beauty of sunsets
Galbraith Frase Dec 2017
Purple and gradient
Notice the track of confusion?
Pressured and impatient
A path of endless conclusions

Bulletproof smirks and laughter
Triggering words of slumber
Sympathetic type of daughter
Less chances of buried happily ever afters

Unfinished sentences
Unspoken truths
Lack of confidence
Damaged youth

Tolerance of taking advantage
Scalps of pure insanities
Risking the removal of its personal privilege,
Her outer-space speaks Anxiety

Double jointed decision
Doctor's orders to always take permission,
Tied tongue to clasp the farewell
But formal speeches did not seem to go well

Alphabet traces drifted to the hole of her skull,
Plum lips bruised with a violet and violent scar,
For the surroundings became capably dull,
Everyone is forever ready to **** an innocent heart
Anxiety attacking but totally fine :)

— The End —