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Apr 2019 · 267
The Fates
Elizabeth Apr 2019
Came at five the fates for tea
I set five cups, five plates, five chairs
I asked why and they didn't answer
I asked why and they just laughed
They leave at six, they will come tomorrow
I wash four cups, four plates, oh dear
They will come tomorrow but no for tea
They will say goodbye to me
This one is not finished, i probably will rewrite it at some point but i didn't want to forget the idea, so here, tell me what you think and what you would change, have a good day!
Aug 2016 · 453
Elizabeth Aug 2016
sometimes it scare me that my choices are biased by the way how i bear pain, and when im in a dark place, sometime i take the desicion that will cause me more pain, i dont know why, i dont know how, i just do it for myself, without a second  thought, it scare me that sometiomes i think i dont know how to live
May 2016 · 471
What is life
Elizabeth May 2016
What kind of life is this?
When all day we are surrounded by death,
And crazines, and fear, and worries,
We are surrounded by people ghosts,
By broken people, or masked people,
Full people dont exist, they are a myth,
How are we supposed to live like this,
Like nothing its going to get right, like
Always something wrong its going to happen and **** us more...
What kind of life is this?
Why are we so broken, so rotten,
We live like this, every day and keep going,
Some of us dont, some of us just keep brething, some are fightin better wars, or worse, so much worse, but we keep going..
I think i would never understand us.
Today a friend of mine isnt here anymore
Mar 2016 · 313
Elizabeth Mar 2016
im blonde, tall, and thin,
have large fingers, and curly hair,
big mouth, and small feets

i walk like someone is going to **** me,
and speak like nobody is listening

i like to think, and like silence,
and small talks

i need coffe, and mate, and chocolate to survive a week
if im left alone i feel depressed, but if im with people i feel sick
i like confy clothes, and staying at home, or a friends house
and like alcohol when i sad or smoke when im stressed

i dont think im good people
i dont think high of me
i like to see other people lives
and like to give advice about thingh i dont know

i like snakes, and dogs and butterflys
i feel fear and have anxiety attacks very often but i don talk about it with anyone
im not good to live
i dont think i can live for too much
but there are things that i would love to see
Mar 2016 · 312
**our silence**
Elizabeth Mar 2016
I like silence,
but not the silence when you do not want to talk,
I like the silence of the morning, when I feel people sleep, the birds flapping their wings and the sound of the branches to move,
I like the silence of the night, when the dogs move slow and crickets make noise,
I like the silence of your eyes when you're reading something you like,
or when we are so comfortable you do not need to talk,
I like the silence of our company,
and the sounds of our distance
Elizabeth Mar 2016
lovelessnes leaves me shaking so hard
it cost alot to get me together again,
all the shallow feelings,
all the empty shadows,
i can see them all in your eyes.

the fear of loss,
the anxiety of the unknow,
the concern to be loved and respected,
the worry to keep your ego.

if you are paying attention you will notice,
all of them are fears, scars, bad things,
i can see them all in your eyes,
in the form you shake your hands,
in the way you speak to me. much i would love to vanish your worries,
to see you grow and bloom,
to see you whole...

but you are not mine to interrupt the way you live,
you are not mine to repair,
you are part of this life,
and the part of life you let get in,

sorry i like to worry,
i like to worry about you,
about de future, about our future,
i just would like to know if there is something to save,
or if you would like to be saved.
im a little rusty at english, write me if you think of something to improve :)
Jul 2015 · 569
Elizabeth Jul 2015
I'm still in the same cage that I was some years ago, I'm started to wonder if I would be able to scape someday
Jul 2015 · 298
Scared of what
Elizabeth Jul 2015
I'm just so sick of people, I mean not the world nor animals nor air nor sea nor grass, just people but again in night I found myself scared of them.
I'm thinking that our is maybe the only one that can hate or be afraid of our own kind.
Just how terrible we are that we are afraid of ourselves?
I sleep but don't dram at night, I'm afraid about so much and I care about so little but again, the things that I do care are things that I can't protect, that thought scare me the most.
Jun 2015 · 931
Elizabeth Jun 2015
Today I met an angel,
She broke my heart,
And I was left here thinking
that maybe she was not an angel.
This happens when I wake up early
Feb 2015 · 373
anxiety in the house
Elizabeth Feb 2015
I'm just here alone trembling all the way to midnight
the ghosts have left me alone
the people have left me alone
alone with my thoughts, it's too much
i am scared, scared of my decisions, my thought and life
it is too much, i am just a girl, i repeat these too much lately
but it isn't true, i am just afraid of responsibility
i think, but im not sure,
i am always freaked out
everybody can leave me alone
and when i am alone nothing good comes
Feb 2015 · 409
my house
Elizabeth Feb 2015
My house is full of people
I have never seen them,
But they are there.
I hear their footsteps,
their voices in the dark,
I hear them talking in the mornings and afternoons,
they have never talked to me,
they have never answered to me,
I started to wonder...if they hate me.
Part of what I think in the mornings in my house, people now a days rarely talk to each other and it's sad
Feb 2015 · 1.3k
my valentine
Elizabeth Feb 2015
I'm in love , really
I'm in love with the sound of my voice
I can spend hours talking and listening

I'm in love with the way I walk
With the way my hair moves

I'm in love with my reflect
when you look at me in the morning
When you look at me in the night

I'm in love with the me that you love
Feb 2015 · 775
when you where gone
Elizabeth Feb 2015
You are dead now
for real, not a dream
forever like eternity
because you were

i will miss you
like the breath you cant have
like the wind you cant feel
like the laughs we cant share

its a fact that trouble me that one day you were here for me
and that night before going to sleep weren't
when that call freeze my entire body in confusion
when the sound of my voice refuse to leave my throat

now how I'm suppose to live without you
knowing that everybody can just disappear
i will remember you forever
in my skin and mind

but you are not here
and im alone
to my beloved friend Amanda
Feb 2015 · 407
Our world
Elizabeth Feb 2015
We all know in our very inside
that the world that we know is going to end,
there is the people that dont want to see it
and there is the people who embrace it with sadness

magical world that we want to live
why cant we be good
why cant we be safe

that urge to destroy everything we have
that need to cut and suffocate
we will never end
we are going to end everything with our hands
till nothing remains

— The End —