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Elizabeth Apr 2019
Came at five the fates for tea
I set five cups, five plates, five chairs
I asked why and they didn't answer
I asked why and they just laughed
They leave at six, they will come tomorrow
I wash four cups, four plates, oh dear
They will come tomorrow but no for tea
They will say goodbye to me
This one is not finished, i probably will rewrite it at some point but i didn't want to forget the idea, so here, tell me what you think and what you would change, have a good day!
Elizabeth Aug 2016
sometimes it scare me that my choices are biased by the way how i bear pain, and when im in a dark place, sometime i take the desicion that will cause me more pain, i dont know why, i dont know how, i just do it for myself, without a second  thought, it scare me that sometiomes i think i dont know how to live
  Aug 2016 Elizabeth
Anonymous Freak
I'm having tea with Life,
And his band of Disappointments.
They dine at my expense,
And they're a hungry bunch of guests.

Tea turned into Supper,
Where the Disappointments drank
My finest wine,
And Life wiped his cruel mouth
On my tablecloth.

You can't have supper without dessert,
So they ate up more of my
Food for thought.
And if you stay for dessert,
You may as well spend the night.
So they did
And burgled my pantry of hopes
For a midnight snack.

One night was lovely,
So Life cackled, "Why not stay two?"
And two turned to a week,
And a week turned into
My sickeningly merry guests
Moving into my dreams,
And inviting in Doubt,
To live with them too,
And of course
Pay no rent.

So I watch my chaotic household
Of a skull,
Where Life has made himself at home
And brought all of his friends.
I stare dully at my ruined
Dining room of thought,
Which they have dominated.
And look wearily for a spare idea
In my raided cupboards.

I've never been one
To evict friends,
So I suppose they're here to stay.
But learn a lesson from me,
And don't ever
Have Life over for tea.
  May 2016 Elizabeth
The opposite of love isn't hate
It's indifference.

It is leaving right before dawn
Opening my eyes as we kiss
Burning your letters
Collecting your tears
Ignoring your calls

Letting my feeling flow in the air
And never reaching you

Allowing you to believe I might hold your hand one day

The opposite of love is me.
  May 2016 Elizabeth
Michael Blonski
I throw stones
at the ancient brick
just to pass the time

Pretending these
shadows are my friends
dancing along
parking space lines

The air is stale
smelling of gasoline and
cheap perfume
I'm throwing stones
while thinking of you

What will you become?
A question I heard when
I was younger
I wish to change
my response
now that I'm older

I wish to become
human in a world
designed to make me
feel small

Stand tall in  
time and space
and never again
listen to
anyone at
Elizabeth May 2016
What kind of life is this?
When all day we are surrounded by death,
And crazines, and fear, and worries,
We are surrounded by people ghosts,
By broken people, or masked people,
Full people dont exist, they are a myth,
How are we supposed to live like this,
Like nothing its going to get right, like
Always something wrong its going to happen and **** us more...
What kind of life is this?
Why are we so broken, so rotten,
We live like this, every day and keep going,
Some of us dont, some of us just keep brething, some are fightin better wars, or worse, so much worse, but we keep going..
I think i would never understand us.
Today a friend of mine isnt here anymore
  May 2016 Elizabeth

ship on water
ship in flame
ship in tempest
broken sail
all in chaos lost was i
tossed and turned
with every gale

through the night
my soul did spin
through the typhoon's
heart i flew
when at last i did begin
seeking refuge
safe in You

bright You broke
through tattered cloud
Star of Witness
Star of Light
there in You i was empow'red
stilling ev'ry devil's

on Your course
i then was stayed
glowing like the noonday sun
like a beacon then arrayed
my shining light


(C) 4/28/2016
The rythmn of this poem
based on
Jesus Lover of My Soul
(Fernando Ortega version)

It's 6am and I must start
getting ready for my classes

For those who don't know
I am going to Camp Wellness
If i am not on site, this is why

Take care everyone!

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