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Dec 2019 · 170
caroline Dec 2019
my sides fit your ridges
your edges align with mine
our picture looks to be the same
but you're a corner piece
and sadly,
so am I.
caroline Nov 2019
men: put out fires
women: clean everything
Nov 2019 · 802
spontaneous combustion
caroline Nov 2019
you’re the mentos to my coke
you make me all bubbly
and open me up
but boy you can make me explode
Aug 2019 · 491
new world order
caroline Aug 2019
e-cigs and i-phones
every teen's downfall:
Jul 2019 · 141
caroline Jul 2019
the sky cried the day I left town
its rain drops like tears bringing me down
but if I must leave you
and go far away
at least I’ll have left
on a rainy day
Jun 2019 · 442
good ole days
caroline Jun 2019
the good ole days are here and now
the setting of our future nostalgia
and happy reminiscence

live life without looking back
so that one day
it’s worth turning around for
Jun 2019 · 172
in the now
caroline Jun 2019
i could be off in a foreign country
seeing beauty unimaginable
i could be by seas, or mountains, or fields
soaking up the amazement of this earth
which i get to be on for so little a time
but I’m not exploring or seeing such sights
instead I lie awake
typing on a small glowing screen
as I imagine where I should’ve been
May 2019 · 242
caroline May 2019
we sell songs of sadness
for 200k a pop
money can’t buy you happiness
but sorrow could buy you a lot
May 2019 · 292
caroline May 2019
I grew up believing
America was top tier
I thanked my lucky stars
to be brought up here

What was I saw as free
was just an illusion
Bigotry floods the streets
my heart sunk in confusion

I long for those younger days
while I wish I were Swiss
for I know now
ignorance is bliss
May 2019 · 437
bluetooth time machine
caroline May 2019
time is a man made construct
yet here I am
in the age of snapchat and iron man
the dinosaurs are long gone
the plague has left us too
the warfare of north and south
is all in the rear view
we’ve flown past the moon
and left the braids behind
if I had a bluetooth time machine
what else might I find?
May 2019 · 56
caroline May 2019
just do it
don’t sweat it
keep going
life is a race
and you’re in to win
but life can be tough
and running is hard
life isn’t a Nike ad
so sometimes
just don’t
Apr 2019 · 8.2k
math whiz
caroline Apr 2019
4 plus 3 equals 8
1 times 1 is 2
because if you and me are false
then I don’t know what’s true
Mar 2019 · 641
caroline Mar 2019
i stutter & stammer
& silently stare
all of my words turn into thin air
my wit befalls me
my prose is long gone
everything seemingly right- now wrong
i do not have the words to speak
so instead i sit and write
because at the sight of you
i’ve become tongue tied
Mar 2019 · 899
caroline Mar 2019
before the world burned
cities vanished
water rose
and the air became too thick to breathe
it was a nice place
but to most  
not nice enough to fight for
Mar 2019 · 131
caroline Mar 2019
she was the lowest of the low
as if rock bottom had a basement
a glass half empty shattered on the floor
dirt under the dirt under the feet of society
but when i looked at her
i had to look up
Mar 2019 · 24
caroline Mar 2019
before she met him
the love and light of her life
her daily inspiration
she had herself
and that was good too
Feb 2019 · 58
caroline Feb 2019
even if you dance weird
dance like no ones watching
because if they are
they’re the weird one
Feb 2019 · 36
caroline Feb 2019
fastest is not always best
sometimes speed can be illegal
slower can be good
you won’t care about your schedule
with a dent in your hood
Jan 2019 · 588
caroline Jan 2019
my expectations are set at the stars
so I prepare for the long haul
but the higher I get
the farther it seems
and the harder, it seems, I’ll fall
Jan 2019 · 778
caroline Jan 2019
if pictures are worth thousands of words
then I have read I library
my eyes roll
with the constant scroll
of social media staring
Jan 2019 · 201
caroline Jan 2019
I haven’t decided
Whether I like change.
I suppose it’s nice
Dollars would’ve been better.
Jan 2019 · 124
caroline Jan 2019
if ideas are lightbulbs,
my house is dark.
if ideas are fires,
mine has lost a spark.
if ideas are paintings,
my canvas is blank.
if ideas are boats,
mine just sank.
Dec 2018 · 363
caroline Dec 2018

Dec 2018 · 384
don’t blink
caroline Dec 2018
they say, “don’t blink.
life will pass you by.”
but I’ll need to blink sometime
my eyes are getting dry.
Dec 2018 · 1.6k
caroline Dec 2018
I tried to write
So I picked up a pencil
But put nothing down
For it was missing a point
Dec 2018 · 810
price tag
caroline Dec 2018
your smile, priceless.
your humor, divine.
but as for your temper,
that’ll be 75.99.
Dec 2018 · 1.4k
social media
caroline Dec 2018
“Social media is taking over our lives,”
she tweeted angrily.
Dec 2018 · 836
caroline Dec 2018
people tell me i talk fast
i disagree
maybe you think slow
did ya catch that?
didn't think so
Dec 2018 · 1.4k
caroline Dec 2018
Noses are hard to pick
With mouths I can be chewsy
Better eyes are hard to spot
Because my favorite face is you-sie

— The End —