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Euphrosyne Feb 2020
It's your smile,
It gets to me every time.

It speaks to me,
It tells me that you're mine.

It's your smile,
It warms my heart
And brightens my day.

It's your smile,
I'll bask in it always.
If I can get in my way
It's always your smile diane always.
caroline Dec 2019
my sides fit your ridges
your edges align with mine
our picture looks to be the same
but you're a corner piece
and sadly,
so am I.
Makayla Jordan May 2019
i let him kiss my boo boos
i got this idea from another poem
Pete King Feb 2019
When we're intertwined I'm often quiet,
Though there's a hundred things that I could say.
I only stay silent because I'm sure.
That at least ninety-nine are clear as day.
taylor styles Nov 2018
i could lie in your bed forever with you
rest in your sleepy sighs
when you whisper light i love you’s into my neck
i know i want you forever
gray Nov 2018
roses are red
violets are blue
you may not know me
but I love you.

sunflowers are yellow
daisies are white
your whole being illuminates me
like a torch in the night.

hydrangeas are purple
orchids are green
I love your smile and your eyes
and everything in between.
my love comes in many colours, but it'll never be black and white.
This light in me is like no other.
It pushes against my heart until
I let it flow through my veins,
One drop at a time.
It goes to my fingertips,
Takes me on a journey through every crack and bend of your body.
It goes to my tongue,
Where I can say your name over and over
Until it’s all I want to say.
All I know how to say,
It goes to my brain,
Taking up every single spot of emptiness
Left by others before you,
Making you the only thing I ever think about.
But most importantly,
The light stays in my heart,
Making sure my veins never run out of this light called
This is about my current boyfriend. Thank god I found him.
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