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Eloisa Aug 3
Best conversations
While the world is fast asleep
Dawn and the sunrise
I hate
Your lies
You spit at me, like venom, into my eyes
Blinding me from everything
And who I should be
You blind me and bond me with your words
That sure did win me

I hate
That you let me crumple at your feet
And used me as a stepping stool
Til I gave defeat

I hate
Your eyes that burned into me
Making all my words that slipped
Come with a twist
That hurt me

I hate
Your mouth that whispered words
That made my mind foggy
So everything I did
Was for the words you whispered into my pure ears

I hate
Your hands that touched my small shoulders
And picked me up to touch the clouds
But slammed me into the ground
And hit my face when no one was around

I hate
Your smile that fooled others
But fooled me as well

So here I am on the ground
Battered and beat
And my body slumped in defeat
Then the words set in of all you said to me
And I finally get it all now
Now that the blindness has disappeared
Throw back to 2016 when I was a little emotional ball of depression.
morseismyjam Jun 12
The kitchen table, dimly lit, at which
Sit I, with book propp’d up upon the edge,
And in my hand, a mug bedeck’d with owls,
To the brim fill’d with sweet cinnamon chai.
The room as warm as summer, walls protect.
And I look out at the surrounding black
Becoming lost deep in the rain and wind
Which whirls without, just like a dancer wild
Would swirl a ribbon round and round their head.
But i sit in my isle of warmth and light.
While they are locked outside, in  fath’mless dark.
another poem from highschool. We were studying iambic pentamiter.
Ritz Writes Mar 5
March is here it reminds me of
the colorful flowers owned by grandma
Tendered with care
Hark the chirping birds sing, music fill the air.
Season of spring and fling
Busy street, void of any danger
Met a stranger, shared a seat.
Still in touch,
small talks nothing to say much.

The journey and excitement
Of bygone days spend with a lover
They say,
Twenty was the time to explore.
Turning points and joints,
Each episodes connected through dots
Lesson and reason it taught.
March is here and all the nostalgic memories still evoke.

Will we ever be young again?
Season of Spring and Fling.
Emily Dec 2018
I am left to my own thoughts in the solitude of night time
You’re laying right besides me of course,
but the darkness drowns out your presence

I am reminded of all the nights I prayed for someone like you
Someone so safe, consistent, predictable

But here you are
and I am dreaming of stormy eyes and fiery lips

I guess even pain is better
than feeling nothing at all
Specs Nov 2018
Heartache is:

        your cologne on a stranger

        saying your name and I smile, but then I remember

        to our favorite song from that concert we went to

        to One Republic- they're your favorite band

        that I still check your horoscope when I laugh at mine

        your texts away

        at the dark ceiling, and remembering the last thing you told me

        I'll see you when I'm out, when I used to hope that that was the case

        how cold my hand is

        how happy everyone else is

        past our favorite McDonald's on State Street

        in the airport terminal where we once texted until 3:00 in the morning

        I'm over you, then seeing you and realizing how wrong I was.
This poem is a year old
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