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caroline Sep 10
babies struggle with object permanence
where are things they cannot see?
but adults also struggle with this
what is there to life without me?
caroline Aug 29
e-cigs and i-phones
every teen's downfall:
caroline Jun 20
the good ole days are here and now
the setting of our future nostalgia
and happy reminiscence

live life without looking back
so that one day
it’s worth turning around for
caroline Jun 3
i could be off in a foreign country
seeing beauty unimaginable
i could be by seas, or mountains, or fields
soaking up the amazement of this earth
which i get to be on for so little a time
but I’m not exploring or seeing such sights
instead I lie awake
typing on a small glowing screen
as I imagine where I should’ve been
caroline May 25
we sell songs of sadness
for 200k a pop
money can’t buy you happiness
but sorrow could buy you a lot
caroline May 19
I grew up believing
America was top tier
I thanked my lucky stars
to be brought up here

What was I saw as free
was just an illusion
Bigotry floods the streets
my heart sunk in confusion

I long for those younger days
while I wish I were Swiss
for I know now
ignorance is bliss
caroline Apr 6
4 plus 3 equals 8
1 times 1 is 2
because if you and me are false
then I don’t know what’s true
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