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caroline Dec 2019
my sides fit your ridges
your edges align with mine
our picture looks to be the same
but you're a corner piece
and sadly,
so am I.
caroline Nov 2019
men: put out fires
women: clean everything
caroline Nov 2019
you’re the mentos to my coke
you make me all bubbly
and open me up
but boy you can make me explode
caroline Aug 2019
e-cigs and i-phones
every teen's downfall:
caroline Jul 2019
the sky cried the day I left town
its rain drops like tears bringing me down
but if I must leave you
and go far away
at least I’ll have left
on a rainy day
caroline Jun 2019
the good ole days are here and now
the setting of our future nostalgia
and happy reminiscence

live life without looking back
so that one day
it’s worth turning around for
caroline May 2019
we sell songs of sadness
for 200k a pop
money can’t buy you happiness
but sorrow could buy you a lot
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