The falter of her step
Will trigger a
Mini tsunami.
There still is
The sound of gravel hitting stone
Brick upon brick;
Beautiful noise, too.

She'll cause the world to
Stop and stare
Either way.

Anna Vigue Nov 2013

wind lashing
rain pouring
typhoon here with
little warning
heaven opens
up it's eye
houses torn
people die
earthquakes rupture
torn apart
family's mourning
breaking hearts
natures wrath
against mankind
lashing out
a monster sky
global warming
oceans death
oh what a world
oh what a mess

As extreme weather hits, I take time to reflect upon my impact on this world, and what I can do to help future generations survive.
GaryL Jan 2015

she said we could last forever
all she wanted was my hand to hold
love can change, just like weather
turning so windy and cold

sheets of rain soak to the core
lightning strikes us in the hearts
washing away the love we swore
this typhoon has torn us apart

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Earl Jane Jul 2015

                                                If you are a tree,

Bombarded by extreme winds,

                                            In the amidst of a typhoon,

                                                      ­                     I'll sacrifice to be your roots,
                                                          ­       To diminish your agony,

OH, I cannot manage seeing you suffer!

                             In carrying on in a big tragedy,
                                                        ­       With utmost throe alone ,

Let me be torn and broken into fragments,
                 And be cut in combating and holding for you,

That's how much I love and care,

                                          I wish you only knew...

                       © Earl Jane
                         ♥ E.J.C.S.

AmberLynne Apr 2014

I am a tempest,
     the most violent of
     winds whipping around
     without concern for any
     who surround me. 

I am a volcano,
     the lava of my emotions 
     exploding up and over
     to seep throughout
     every nook and crevice. 

I am a typhoon,
     my gale force winds
     showing mercy to
     neither sea nor land as
     I rip-roar over it all. 

And you…
     you are the halcyon tranquility
     I've been searching for
     all along, the serenity needed 
     to calm my frenzied turbulence
     with but a stroke of your lips,
     leaving me breathless and
     my winds settled at long last.

lolita Jun 2015

The wind will howl
at our agonizing fall,
The tides will lash at
their confinements;
and suddenly, inevitably
we will be torn apart

Tamera Pierce Apr 2016

Every sunrise brings a wave of hurt to wash over me like a typhoon.
Every sunset brings my regrets to come rest like bricks on my shoulders.
Threatening to snap  my spine in two.

Every doubt comes and shackles to my ankles.
I let the metallic taste melt into my blood stream and become part of me.

Every noise shatters my ear drums and sends shocks through my body.
They leave burns streaked across my body like tattoos.
Tattoos that won't wash off in the sink.
They won't fade with time.
Tattoos that remind me who I am.
...Or used to be.

Every blade of grass cuts my feet like words cut my back as you stuck each one in with precision.

Every car drives away with my hopes and dreams buckled in the back seat listening to the radio.
Singing every word like they can't hear me crying for them to return.

Every cloud rains on my mind like acid that pours from the bottle into his glass.
Like hatred onto the plate that she sniffs.

Every warmth I feel drowns in my sorrows like I drown in the typhoon that lays at my feet.
I will always have my tattoos.
a memory of myself.
...or used to be.

I find comfort in the news
Be it typhoons or drones
I feel like a 100 year old Camus
For he was a miserable little raccoon
Or should I say Morrissey?
But the bipolar king is lost at sea!
I think of Sylvia Plath and her oven
Incinerated in a jar or in a coffin?

I will mention roses in a second
But first, wear your veil
May I eat your cheeks?
I’m your psychopath with style

We bathed in herbs together
The pale breasts that shone
A reoccurring dream of two moons
I believe in reincarnation
bosoms, as the lunar eyes of an owl

Stars, rain, coffee, cigarettes and music
Few clichés, I forgot about your roses
One day I’ll strike the balance
between rhymes and passion

mac azanes Nov 2013

Warning and signals;
Are not enough.
For us to suffer less;
And Sleep at night,
At peace.

Your wind blows like a bullet train.
As it passed every town,
It leaves a devastating traced.
Roof's are like crumpled paper in the air.
Trees are like's matches sticks scattered in streets.

We are a country,
Of Hope,
And Happiness.
But in every tryst you visited,
You can't see a smiling face.

Broken Houses and families,
Is all that you can see.
for some of it's members and pieces,
Are still missing,
And not in place.

Bodies lies in streets.
Kids are crying,
Craving for some food to eat,
A place to sleep,
And a shelter for them to take a safe rest.

We will stand after this.
and clean the mess that you've left.
For tomorrow we all know,
That sun will shine in every heart,
Of every FILIPINO people that you've hurt.

Please pray for my countrymen whose lives are taken and families that has been broken.
Tahirih Boodhoo May 2015

Swirling in a typhoon
Never wanting to be still again
For i have never felt so alive
So captivated by this natural force
A rush
A truth
A powerful pull
A true love

I AM the divine centre of this typhoon
Consumed by its very existence
Wanting to forever dance along with him
To be entwined with him
This typhoon of love i call --
*my soulmate

10:38am Wednesday,  20th May,  2015.

Sigh. he has no name and no face
Zane Jul 2014

Storm after storm
Listen to the news
Be wary about the next one
Arriving in stilettos
With a red lipstick
And a winged eyeliner
Fated to destroy her path
1st landfall is your spine
2nd one is your heart
To travel towards your lungs
Gustiness will leave you breathless
Going to blow your mind
She's more destructive
Than you ever thought.

Pauline Russell Apr 2016

There's a typhoon a monsoon
Of catastrophic misery, agony, and doom
The pain keeps raining down
In my sorrow I will surely drown
An ocean of emotion and I can't swim
My soul's light is growing dim
The sky just keeps bleeding
My tolerance it's exceeding
In this inky blackness I am sinking
My soul keeps on shrinking
From this psychalgia there is no exception
There is no redemption
In this anguish
Is where I'll languish
In this tribulation I will suffer
There is no hope I will ever recover
In this desolation I will moan and wail
This despair is my last coffin nail

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