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English Jam Jun 2019
I rise dandy and gay, darling
Carelessly waving away the past
Shining against the cruel light
I am washed and anew

I am a surging black tide
Strutting between smoky darkness
Wearing a harlequin dress
Bathing in the light of the dew

I am femme, and I am fatale
Follow me down the winding corridor
Twisting, snarling, enticing, enthralling
Into the land where flames brew
Lane Bohman Nov 2017
What can I do to get you alone?
Make my move,
play it cool

You know how it goes~

Wander the town,
(Wondering about;)

"Am I on your mind?
Wastin'my patience baby,
Please don't waste my time."

I ain't lookin for love,
I ain't lookin for trouble
just some time,
you and I
Talking under the covers.

Maybe some one on one?

to get to know you better?

Maybe between the sheets?

Make you moan
and get you..

Then we start to move,
then we get to groovin'.

Hips sync to the beat

Past the peak

We're still climbing

Nowhere left to go

This dance is all we've needed

Feel the rythym flow
We'll take the night
and share the fever.
Courting, teasing, intimacy
A Watoot Mar 2015
He's a world reknown pianist and
She's a respected ballerina;
Another one's a famous artist.
Everyone wanted a picture. An autograph.

A simple teenager turned into a super model and
A hunk in the beach; girls flock him.
Another one's singing in the comfort of her home.  
She turned into an internet sensation.
Everybody wants to be like them.
No.  Everyone wants to be them.

And here I am, passing by the familiar streets.
And here I am, listening to my own thoughts.
And here I am, a girl unnoticed.
*Here I am, just another face in the crowd.
Criss Jami May 2014
What I do is a vacancy with
A disposition made just for me and it's
In a position that they can't see, you see
In deep blue seas
There's the place where a vacation is free for me

And then you dream in peace

So call me maybe the ghost protocol where most of those photos of all the things I do
Are used as prototypes, baby so-called clues of my new call to move where-
In everywhere and wherever and with whomever and whenever which
Is whosoever or whoever's whichever of whatever, for all of you
Whether the weather's a typhoon in-
Cluding the SoCal blues but
This isn't all I do
It's just that it's my call of duty
On a mission for all of what's true
But without bailing, balling or brawling in her suit
And then failing, falling, bawling and calling and then crawling in pursuit

Like some other subliminal, minimal flukes
'Cause it's done much better than those "lyrical, miracle, spiritual, individual and criminal" dudes
Or bitter, fritter critiques with the use of twitters
In order to refute the fullest of all hippo-critical fools and critters sitting and fitting
Itching to switch to snitching about this glitch
Which is hitched to renewing, stitching and gluing our fitches to truth and
And yes without twitching to their witch's magical, musical flute

Then in lieu of the altitude of the attitude rude of my pirate-like crew's mood
Whether longitude or latitude and more than impractical platitudes
I'm not as irate as I seem al-
Though it ensues that right on cue in due
Time with an aptitude of gratitude and exactitude in
Solitude throughout fortitude or servitude, to allude what you elude and dude
To intrude what you conclude with certitude in an interview interlude and now
Then out of you, under coveralls to view the overall outerlude
I rate the magnitudes of the habitudes it seems you take for granted in dreams and all types of things

And though my soul is a hologram
Hollow weight and zero grams
Hero traits with a villain glam I'm
The man of love and that of
One of the toughest clams above
Or below, I should say
Like Poseidon
Oh baby we ride on
Or sail on, should I say
The ghost of Poseidon

Then in lieu of the attitude of my pirate-like crew
I'm not as irate as I seem or
Even irritated as they deem nor
Norse, Thor or a heart of granite
I rate the things we take for granted, granted far asleep
Stereo-hyped in dreams with all heights of wings and

Although my soul is a hologram
Hollow weight and zero grams
Hero traits with the chill of a villain vibe or glam I'm
The anti-hero, champion of love and that of
One of the toughest clams clamping it above
Or below, I should say
Like Poseidon
Oh baby we're riding
Or sailing, I should say and it's

It's the ghost of Poseidon that's
That's trailed night and day
The ghost of Poseidon that's
That's trailed night and day 'cause
They say, I did it my way then they're
On my tail right away
On my tail right away
jerely May 2014
Your eyes that reflects on a sunlight
Were breezing of the air
Relaxed the calmness of your hair
Smoothly aroused by the gentleness of your hands
To the tip of your tongue
To the bittersweet taste of the deluxe eye chocolate.
Your memories could spread by its viral virus
Were thousands of people could catch a cold
Because you are like a hashtag that could be trending all over the world
And that's because of your beauty
that will never die.
May 10, 2014

— The End —