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See the beauty in everything
Rise above the madness
There is always hope
Find the joy and gladness
Those dark clouds will disappear
And the sun will shine again
Put your heart into everything
Those jubilant moments will appear my friend
Always find your strength
And stay on the move
You have it in you
Just find your inner groove
Continue to do your thing
Keep your spirits up
Move in a forward motion
Until you have reached for the top
Keep your eyes
On your dream
No matter how hard
The battle may seem
Just hang in there
Believe that you can do it
Have that intense enthusiasm
Make yourself legit
Everyday is a gift
That has already been given
We get another chance to better ourselves
We must stay driven
Take things one step at a time
As one makes a move for the gate
Learn to carry yourself better
And always have faith
We will surge
And lift ourselves up again
The darkness cannot last forever
The phoenix shall rise my friend
Have that strong will
In order to find your purpose
Always rise upward
And stay on course
Keep moving forward
Do not ever look back
Pick yourself upward
Just get back on track
Think grand thoughts
Envision yourself getting sharper
Find your strength and courage
In order for your days to be brighter
Still carry on
Find the energy in you
To continue to learn
Keep pushing on through
It all comes from within
Knowledge is power
Educate your mind
Be the one to prosper
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