Life was meant for you to live
Just do not throw it all away
You have a great chance to achieve
Do not ever be lead astray
You have the ability in you
Get out there and make it happen
Put your two feet to the ground
It is your chance to enlighten
Progress is still progress
No matter how slow
Just hang in there
There is so much more in store
Do not lose hope
Believe that you can
Put your heart into everything
That should be your master plan
The voices are always there
And the words have been spoken
We are there to listen for understanding
In order to make our own destinations
With every presentation
We seek clarity
We get a grasp of the story
In order to avoid ambiguity
Just keep it moving
And stay on course
You will eventually get where you need to be
Utilize that reliable source
There may be a bump in the road
A bit of treacherous terrain
In spite of all that
There is more knowledge for you to gain
With each brand new day
We start all over again
There are new tasks to tackle
That is the plan my friend
There is yet another opportunity
To blossom and breakthrough
Continue to ride that wave
Be the best at what you do
How bad do you want it?
Always lift yourself up
Be about your business
Continue to rise to the top
It is simply all up to you
Be the one who charges harder
Just go for that gold
Empower yourself and make your world brighter
The choice is always yours
Always try a little harder
Just keep on studying
Make yourself better
You can be a great student
Put forth a little more effort
Have a can-do attitude
Take flight and be great
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