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lolita Jun 2015
Your twilight moons
white irises, that flicker
within the nights confines
clasp at the velvet darkness
pulling the stars into orbit
obtaining galaxies of their own
feeding a universal luster
eclipsing at the sight of dawn
lolita Jun 2015
Reach for me with talons
Scrape at the bare flesh
reveal the wasteland beneath
Devour the sandy ruins
pull the curtains of dawn
Fill me with your expectations
Watch me grow out of nothing
into a towering model of choice
lolita Jun 2015
the horizon is slipping away,
together we float in endless skies,
our boats swimming in waves of heat,
with only tides to drag us back to reality
the rain hides our fears of tomorrow,
washing away the sins of the day
your smile killing any words on my lips
as we dance towards the sun
lolita Jun 2015
I can't seem to center
my thoughts anymore
I'm lost between whether
I'm alive or dead,
I'm not sure which one
I would prefer.
I feel like hell tonight
lolita Jun 2015
I've given into temptation
allowed you to curl your fingers
around my throat, tormenting
me with serpent eyes, born from
lust, demons and all things hellish
I inhale poisonous smoke from
your scent, slender frames that entice
the soul into destructions doorway
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