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Deep Sangani Mar 2018
He locked her in the room
Locked her childhood with it too
Locked her laughter and silliness
All together just with his ‘manliness’

Tell me, oh tell me,
What so did the little girl do?
That you have to dig out her purity
and exchange it with insecurity?
Raise your voice//
Brent Kincaid Oct 2017
It always makes me wake up when it hits;
When a rivulet of sweat runs between my ****.
I wake up thinking some bug is walking there
Because it tickles my manly bit of chest hair.
Guys are built much different than the rest.
We are not supposed to have issues with our chest.
But here I am trying to get some sleep
Suddenly aware my cleavage is too deep.

Stuff is happening backwards that should not
What we supposed to do with this mess we’ve got?
Something’s got the world all upside down.
God must be a freaky circus clown.
Regardless of some nasty radio rants
I have no problem with women wearing pants.
And in life today as I have always seen
The woman is often the boss, big and mean.

And I have heard, in current affairs and state
That men can even, in time, learn to lactate.
But this one situation in which I have *******
Threatens to unhinge and drive me a bit loopy.
I guess, with time, I will someday get accustomed.
And I know some old ideas need to be jettisoned.
But I never expected that this would be a year
For me to go get fitted for an absorbent brassiere.
Francie Lynch May 2017
Some drive big cars,
Brag of deep scars
To prove they have big ******;
Some grow goatees,
Axe down huge trees,
Or chew on edible *******.
Real men, I've heard, eat Wheaties,
Enjoy lap dance stripteases,
Build towers with their empties,
The bravado is relentless.

Kim Jong Un,
Thinks his long
In his munchkin hands.
He does private battle
With his androgynous name;
While playing with lead soldiers;
Unsheathing a stainless sabre,
Lighting up his candles,
To show he's macho manly.
And I know androgynous names, like Francie.
ryan Mar 2016
To be a man, is to be made not of
Glass or plastic, fragile or manufacturered
Like these young boys plucking
Away at keyboards day to day, acquiring
Vanishing trophies; a man is made of
Steel and stained wood, screws and twine
Make up his joints and bark is his skin.

To be a man is not smell of lysol or
Carpets, but if sawdust and oil, leather and
Soil, for a man is shelter.
When boys pitch canvas tents
In sand, a man plants logs on sturdy
Ground in which his family can reside, his back
The roof under which it is dry and safe.

To be a man is not to bake your mind with flashes
Of light and thunderous noise, but
To create, to be dynamic and soulful, imbuing
Himself into his creation;
To be man is to help and be helpful, to share and
Collect wisdom from others, to better

One day a Man will be honoured to take you
Home, to care for you until the
End of his days.
One day, that man will be me.
David N Juboor Dec 2015
Back home,
There is a boy
With red hair, freckles,
And eyes the shade of blue
His mother calls "lady killers."

He's colorblind;
At least enough to believe
In jellyfish.
His father builds houses
With a rib-less heart
The boy calls home.

His mother,
Sews trust with her spine.
And thirty years later
They still find love
In the lonely isles of
The local Laneco.

His teacher says
He needs a pen pal,
So after school
He writes to me:

"Hi, how are you."
"I'm fine, thanks, and you?"

And then he asks me
What it's like to be
"Grown up"
And just how many
Stars I've scarred
With nothing but the rusty
Edge of my name.

So I fold the
Envelope of this
Crinkled heart into a letter
Of tattered Bibles
From hotel drawers of
Lost loves and dead friends
And find the courage
To tell him what
Being a man means.

I tell him:
We call it growing up
Because boulders
Always roll down.
It's refusing CPR
For every time you drown
In your own pride.

It's loving a girl
For every time she tried.

Tried to
Convince your tunnel vision
That her body is not a cave.
That respecting a woman
Is more important
Than how well you pave
Your parking lot heart.

Shallow like a baking pan.

This is an apology.

For every man
Who ever thought a woman's body
Is the only temple worth praying to.
Making four leaf clovers
From petals of roses
Trying to get lucky.

I know it's not lovely,
To kiss someone who
Is so constantly
Full of *******.

And I'll admit it.
I'm not yet
Where I need to be
But I thank God
That I'm no longer
Where I use to

See I'm used to
Smoking way too many
*** scenes to know that
There is not enough
Alcohol in the world
To ever clear my mind.

And I have caused way
Too many Prozac commercials
To know that there is
No effective dosage
For this disorder
Of indecency.

To know that it is
No measure of good health
To be well adjusted
To a sick society
Of mechanical men
Always worried about
Who and when they're going
To plug into.

So I tell him:

You are not a robot,
A computer, or a program.
And your choices are the only
Thing that will ever make you a man.

So strap up your boots,
Bury the ashes,
Shake the dust,
And dandelion your
Heart in every
Direction of home.

But most importantly,
Go easy on the ladies;

The older I get and
More I learn about myself
The more I'm writing
With my eraser
Than with anything else.
Thanks to Anis Mojgani, Andrea Gibson, and Krishnamurti.
Oscar Mann Oct 2015
I know a man
Who loves to hear himself roar
Because he believes a man becomes a Man
Not through subtlety but through force
That a man becomes interesting
When he’s seen and heard
So he moves heaven and earth
To be seen and to be heard

The importance of being important
Is the core value in his life
The pillar of his existence
The creed that defines his strive
The struggle of man to become Man
And to be the center of the earth
A life defined by importance
To be seen and to be heard
David Jul 2015
With out stretched arms aimed at the sky, i danced with the clouds

singing her memory in my head

tears strewn across my face

the tattered bandages of time, erased


like milk cartons,

but no signs to hold her place

no burial grounds but the white walls and too bright lights,

a symphony of disinfectant, and medical waste bins

and me with my muscles

me with my logic

me with my ****** sense of what makes a man.

stand strong they tell you

don’t cry they tell you

be found they’ll say

just know, just know
Beatrice Prior Dec 2014
Let's get down to business,
To defeat the bad ones,
Did they send me daughters?
When I asked for sons...

You're the saddest bunch I ever met,
But you can bet before we're through,
Miss, I'll make a man, out of you...

Tranquil as a forest,
But on fire within,
Once you find your centre,
You're sure to win,

You're a spineless, pale, pathetic lot,
And you haven't got a clue,
Somehow I'll make a man, out of you,

I'm never gonna catch my breath,
Say good-bye to those who knew me,
Boy, I was a fool in school for cutting gym,
This guy's got me scared to death,
I hope he doesn't see right through me,
Now I wish I really knew how to swim!

To be a man,
You must be as swift as the coursing river,
To be a man,
Need all the forces like a great typhoon,

To be a man,
Need all the strength of the raging fire,
Be mysterious as the dark side of the moon!

Time is racing towards us,
As the bad ones arrive,
Heed my every order,
And you might survive,

You're unsuited for the rage of war,
So pack up, go home, you're through,
How could I make a man, out of you?

To be a man,
You must be as swift as the coursing river,
To be a man,
Need all the forces like a great typhoon,

To be a man,
Need all the strength of the raging fire,
Be mysterious as the dark side of the moon!
From Tobias to Tris before her first wrestling match against Peter,
as well as before the big battle against the Erudite.
Inspired By Mulan.

— The End —