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Tyler Atherton Sep 2018
My Teenage years;
Teenage years with people saying 'sit down and shut up'
Teenage years with no one caring
Teenage years with physical abuse
Teenage years with razor blades
Teenage years with no mother
Teenage years with bottles of pills
Teenage years with ****** assualt
Teenage years with suicide attempts
Teenage years with no reason to live
Teenage years spent pining for what was lost.

© Copyright Tyler Atherton
Scarlett Dec 2018
I sold my soul
for those bony hands
and you stomped on it
for a couple grams
I found you again today.
In a box
I almost threw you away,
you know?

Buried in a bunch.
A mess of high school calculus
And little lost ideas.

Purple words,
Dead words. Love words now withered, Like bandages about a corpse.

You can't heal the dead ya know.

I guess even the richest king
Must end up in a tomb.
Mouth agape in frozen complaint.
Covered sadly, with golden futility.
By those who knew him so little.

But, it spoke as it always did
Simply and impossible to ignore.
Like sand in the eyes.
Like your eyes.

Reminding me of old foot prints.

Reminding me of me
When love was so singular,
Easy and yet.....

It oiled my rusty smile
To kiss you good bye

Found a 20 year old love letter from my now ex wife. Melancholly at 3:41 AM.
Aaron LaLux Oct 2018
Gotta wash my socks,
just another random thought,
that and I’d like to return,
almost everything I’ve ever bought,

at a hotel in Melbourne,
Pegasus is what it’s called,
online searching for a good time,
wanting a real woman but still messaging these fake girls,

oh yeah and it’s my birthday,
not that that matters now,
because all that means is that my timeline is littered,
with well wishes from friends that I don’t even see anymore,

all this plus I feel like a *****,
like I sold my soul for some toys and attention,
and now the only time I feel anything at all,
is when I get an alert that I’ve gotten a mention,

and I’m 30+,
but still posting on my ****** Teenage Instagram,
still searching for some validation from strangers,
still not giving myself enough credit for who I am,

and where does that leave us now,
now that everything’s been laid on the table,
here in at this place in time,
between birth and death where we rest right in the middle,

no riddles,
yet everything feels like a mystery,
and I’ve got over 50 messages to reply to,
but I don’t want to reply to a single one of these,

I just want to log off and go climb a tree,
I just want to get lost in the green of it’s leaves,
I just want to feel something other than nothing,
I just want to not want a thing,

but I do want,
and right now one of my wants is to wash my socks,
because I’ve been living out of a backpack for too long,
and people think I’m living it up but really this reality really *****,

because I have no home and no friends,
a Self Isolationist that’s alone on his birthday,
writing to you like you still care at all,
when I doubt you ever even did in the first place,


I’ve gotta go because I’ve gotta wash my socks,
just another random thought,
that and I’d like to return,
almost everything I’ve ever bought,

at a hotel in Melbourne,
Pegasus is what it’s called,
online searching for a good time,
wanting a real woman but still messaging these fake girls…

∆ LaLux ∆

Melbourne, Australia
October 2018
Hailey Rose Sep 2018
She’s the popular girl at school
who everyone longs to be.
They know her very well.
Or do they actually?

She chose to wear a sweatshirt today
that could fully cover up
all the bruises her boyfriend left
that are brand new this month.

She comes to school with a bright smile,
but it’s only just for show
because behind that smile is a frown,
and no one will ever know.

Everyone thinks she has it all,
but little do they understand
how severely wrong they are,
for her life is a wasteland.

She hides the hurt and hides the pain,
hiding her tears that pour like rain.
She wears a thousand faces,
all to hide her own.

Getting home she runs to the bathroom
stepping on top of that box.
She observes the numbers slowly going up
and then coming to a stop.

She hears them say, “You’re model material!”
“With that bikini body of yours!”
She shakes her head in denial,
leaning on the sink ready to hurl.

A waterfall of tears ready to fall
as she looks into the mirror.
Swallowing hard, she closes her eyes
and forces a smile to improvise.

Soon dinner is ready
and her parents set the table.
She drags herself to her chair,
looks down at her meal and stares.

Moving the fork back and forth,
not taking a single bite
because of how miserable she is with herself,
"Why am I so revolting?" she thought.
So she kisses her parents goodnight.

Walking up the stairs,
her stomach is a roaring lion.
She sighs, walking into her bedroom,
turning off her lights.

She’s learned to hold all her feelings in
until late at night,
and uses her hand to cover her mouth
so no one hears her cries.
Samuel Hoffmann Mar 2018
From my perspective the world is flat
because I've never been to space,
and love seems like a stupid idea
having only ever kissed my mom's face.

A college degree just seems wasteful,
but I don’t have one yet.
And coffee seems so distasteful,
but that's true, don't fret.

My world doesn't have unicorns
or cotton candy clouds.
Extremely fantasized love movies
plague young teenage crowds.

I know I sometimes seem all together,
please trust me when I say thats not true.
I take a shower, brush my teeth,
And go to bed broken and blue.

I know I might seem stoic,
and yes, most times, that's true.
But honestly, I do love many things,
one of which is you.
MOHAMED Mar 2018
Before his teen age
turns the pages he dies
a life through years
of neglect for the frail
bony frame drowsy feet
dark sunken eyes
wandering the street
craving white pure
pleasures and dreams
sores moon crater arms
tributaries of ****
star marks parched skin
dry bloodied screams
of glorious pills injecting
intoxicated stuffs
forbidden fruits
trappings of worldly heaven
addictive octane ecstasy
tiger terminator of
a young man flourishing
now depleted sad
youth corrupted by a love
pursued but lost
eyes vacant trailed tears
pleading please forgive
me mom and dad
A life lost through drug addiction.
sammy Jun 2018
i sit with my legs uncrossing on the toilet seat, 7th period
smells of puberty
of wasted ambition and scathing regret of everything
of whispered secrets and sore thighs, ***** dripping out between your lips into the bowl
of tortured angst, of pulling your skin taut and drawing the blade against you over and over, for trusting someone like him
of hope that the next day will be better than today (it isn't)
of high school.
written in 2018
Joseph Miller Jun 2017
Remember the night
you first saw
all the stars
reaching out to you
a circle of friends
dancing in the light
by a breezy fire
flames bend
and lick the bottom
of an iron ***
full of magic potion
spilling over your lips
down your wrists
and arms raised high
to feel, to show
life is here
down by the roots
of trees so tall
you must fly
to see the top
and fly we will
as we run through the forest
laughing out loud
we leave behind
a place and time
where nothing is real
zero Jul 2018
'They're just a teen' gets dropped on the daily.
Like the added couple of letters at the end
determine whether our feelings are valued
or not.
They only ever tell us they're here for us
when someone offs themselves on the train
tracks next to the school. Call this number
if you feel down.
Teenage years are the time to find out who
you are, and maybe I am a depressed mess,
but us Gen Z kids are doing our best to make
sure us sad'ens feel alright.
Sometimes we don't feel alright, and, so what,
if it is just down to hormones and periods,
and Max's muscly shoulders or Louise's
brown eyes.
We are allowed to feel like ****. Cos Teenage
years are the time where we find out life isn't
like animated movies;
that bad guys are defeated and the hero wins;
cos, in the end, sometimes we're our own saboteurs.
And we find out,
sometimes that's okay;  to knock ourselves down will
make us build ourselves up in the grand scheme of
things; I sure as hell know I hate how I feel most days,
and I'm sure most teenagers do.

I'm just a teen;
but I have a loud voice, terrible jokes and
a **** economy to grow into,
and I'm allowed to be mad and cry
and I'm allowed to feel like ****
and want to die
because in the end, I know it'll all
be fine.
Married or alone with wine.
Sometimes life is ****,
and that's okay;
and to me,
that is the teenage dream.
A little mood for July;
Teens explored.

Jack Jun 2018
Need drugs for my composure just can't seem to stay sober
Need closure to stay sober oh what overexposure
Dilated pupils and blood shot eyes the voices are mean she calls out and cries
Bars of white powder, crisp and cut clean
Coated with fentanyl just not for the eye to  see
A band-aid with a bow tie or a fix with a twist
I can't count the days sober
Oh what overexposure

Jamie Riley May 2018
I see the boy I used to be
not in a dream but on the street.

He walks alone without a beat
or rhythm in his feet.

He kicks a stone.
His mobile phone is glued to his cheek.

He seems the very model of
a troubled teenage tearaway.

Nothings lead to nothings, lead
to nothing honest he can say.

He knows what others think he is
and he’s terrified.

He thinks enough to know that he was
born lost.

He doesn’t toil his wits,
unwind a coil of ignorance
or dabble in some dissonance.

He speaks with recycled bits
of other people’s words.

He likes to quote celebrities
who like to speak in major keys,
who comfort him like family
and apathy.

He knows their faces
better than his own.

He remains featureless
but will cast the first stone.
Angela Liyanto Oct 2018
As I was standing under the dropping rain,
I talked to a girl
& light as corked nades
She spoke softly
And I
hummed and awkward
To her love for poetry
where her eyes smiled with her speech…
Nowhere else could I find more of a love sweet thing.
We talked for two minutes under the drizzle
While we waited for the rustic buses to come
to pick up our tidy loads
I thanked her
She smiled like how Kindness would have smiled
I beat curses
& thought I near found a lover to be loved
But she said good-bye
And in my sunken mood
the pale cloud drops sank into my shoes.
Would love your feedback <3
Purcy Flaherty Feb 2018
No sweeter flower could give such a vacant stair in the grass on the bank and it hurt in the sun, when everything had so much meaning to the world that we spoke.
Touching her skin thought the man how to fly to the girl with the beautiful arms, but flying was lying for with his hands held aloft he fell to the floor like a stone.
Now should he have given his wide open arms and grasped so tightly these leaves, when the flowers were lost and the petals were dreams that were blown in the cool autumn winds.
Touching her skin thought the man how to fly to the girl with the beautiful arms, but wanting to escape he held up both hands and said I’ve both feet on the ground today sensibly.
Senselessly the birds and the bees, they sung their song on and on!
Wrote this over 30 years ago
XyL0S Jun 2018





It does...
Sylph May 9
Teenage love
Is when
your just so in love
the idea
of being in love

And quote on quote
¨that feeling you think is love
is just a mixture
of Lust
And attraction when your a teenager¨
Tbh i dont want to believe its true even though a part of me knows it is in a way
I want to prove that statement wrong but what if its just fact?
We learn to love, correct? Through out life and none of us are positive what love is or how to explain it
So....Why cant you learn to love someone you like a lot but as a teenager? part of me knows the answer but maybe if someone else said it, i could believe or accept it might be true..,
Doubts **** everything... And i like what i have right maybe i dont want to know the answer... maybe im happy being confused..maybe
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